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crafting scrappers

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by hanuman, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. hanuman

    hanuman Guest

    I have read here that your magery skill has an effect on the extras you get when crafting scrappers. I have also read that a later publish took away this effect. What is the current situation. Also if magery skill does have an effect is it based on your "real" skill or skill with any item bonuses. I have GM inscription and 115.5 magery. I could hold one of my +magery scrappers while crafting if this increases the frequency of extra stats.
    So far I have made 3 scrappers with 2 bonus stats:
    mr1 and lrc 13
    magery+12 lrc 12
    eval int+10 lrc 12
    (I'd be curious what these are worth these days. I don't see any like these for sale so I can't judge the price)

    has anyone ever gotten 3 extra stats?
  2. The very best Scrapper's I made has 3 mods: +10 Magery, +5 Int and 13% LRC (might be 14%, not sure and can't be bothered to check. I made another Scrapper's with 3 mods aswell but that was Eval, Resist and Int, so nowherenear as desirable.
    Those 3 books you made are pretty nice aswell. Specially the one with LRC and MR should fetch a nice price, up to 30mil maybe even more with some luck.

    To answer your question: The higher your magery skill the better your chance for more and higher intensity mods. Theoreticly you can craft a 3 mod book with max intensity mods at only GM magery but you'll have a much better chance to do so at Legendary skill.