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Creature Feature #13: The peculiar Ki-Rin

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Elyssar, Aug 2, 2001.

  1. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    When first introduced, the ki-rin was met with a strange mixture of awe and revulsion.



    Native to the Ki-rin Passage in Ilshenar, these interesting, good-aligned creatures can only be tamed by male characters. They will attack anyone or anything with negative karma on sight, whether it is a dread lord or a poison elemental. The ki-rin requires the same taming as a nightmare, 95.1. However, it is considerably weaker than a nightmare. They melee far less, lack a breath weapon, and seem to exhaust their ~200 mana supply fairly quickly. However, ki-rin, like unicorns, are highly trainable and can vastly better themselves to increase melee and magic attacks, as well as resist.

    Ki-rins drop the same loot as a nightmare, 250-300 gold, gems, scrolls, arrows, a potion. I am not sure if they give meat or hides. Unicorns do not, so I assume they do not, either. Ki-rins have a special power to help their riders when health drops to below 1/3. They sometimes summon a lightning bolt to smite the attacker, though there is no surefire way to make it work.

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  2. Puppy

    Puppy Guest

    The kirin can be pretty tough. My tamer rides one usually and even a freshly tamed kirin can take on a daemon with vetting. They have better magic and seem to have more mana than a mare, though of course they have much wimpier melee. Still, they're fairly unusual so I like riding a kirin to set me apart from the million-and-one mares at the bank. :)

    If the wild kirin wanders out of its little room in Ilshenar, it will attack the elementals that spawn nearby. My most recent kirin (the sadly deceased Deathsong) killed who knows how many earth eles before I found him and tamed him--I'd assumed the kirin spawn was blocked since the room was empty for so long. He was an especially tough little critter, probably due to all that training he got before I tamed him.

    Stupid lasers!
  3. You forgot to mention that the ki-rin is responsible for the vast destruction of the whole population of Sosaria, for it wrecks havoc among the male tamers who dare to ride it (ouch.....). /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif


    <font color=blue>"I try to get away from the Tamers' Forum, but they keep dragging me back in!"</center>
  4. Blakhart

    Blakhart Guest

    It reminds me of the time that I saw my cousin really piss off his sister's poney, Wildfire. You know, after that really scary seventies song. He happened to be sitting on it's back at the time, and started digging in his heels and yelling at the poor beast. Let me tell you, I had seen lots of photos of bucking broncos and rodeo riders when I was young, but no one had ever impressed upon me the sheer speed and height to which a pony can jump when really pushed. It gathered itself once, dropped about 6 inches, then with a vertical jump that was easily two feet, commenced to come back down with my cousin in that "Oh so painful" position. The pony, wanting to make sure that the offensive little brat on his back was going to be gone, leapt into the air once again.

    Needless to say, my cousin's only words for about the next two days were something along the lines of: "Meep!!!" He sounded very much like Beaker from the muppet show. That is what I think of every time I see the Ki-rin running full out in 3D. Hilarious, but also deadly. People just underestimate them too often. My well trained Ki rin will sometimes surprise me with combos like, flamestrike, flamestrike, poison, flamestrike, pause, bless on himself, explode from the pause, lightning. Just nasty little . He protected me in fel the other day, only because I was on a rescue mission for my friend. I was dismounted by a bola, did not know that anyone actually used them in pvp, and this fencer came after me. I hit my peacemake macro, hit my Peekaboo kill macro, rubbed my magic ring-invis, then my other magic ring-tele, and watched as this dexer tried to cure, heal, recall, hide and run all at once from my little orange beastie. Mind you, he did nearly kill my brave lad, he seemed to be using dp, but it just wasn't enough. If he had lasted a minute longer, peek would have died. He just needs some more training to keep his master safe.

    All in all, I like the Ki-rins.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Great choice for Creature Feature #13 Elly! 'Cause the Ki-rin is one eerie looking beasty!

  6. Shaman

    Shaman Guest

    On Sonoma, the twinks all ride mares, since it is well known the Kirin is weak and pathetic *wink*.

    Although it is sometimes evident that 'real' tamers sometimes love their kirin a little too much.


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  7. Bethoven

    Bethoven Guest

    I took my 2 kirins and a frenzied down into shame yesterday to see if all 3 could take a kraken. At first they were whooping its butt... but then they ran out of mana and I couldn't heal them as fast as the kraken could to damage. I ended up loosing one kirin and my frenzied, and ended up having my mare kill the kraken to save the last kirin.

    These were still fresh tamed kirin so this was their first training excersize... maybe a little to tough for a first outing. I will have to try deamons or something next time.

  8. Xiombarg

    Xiombarg Guest

    Has anyone tried to pit a ki-rin or unicorn against the savages? I know that the savages take out mares and dragons/wyrms in a matter of a few hits, but does anyone know how these "lesser" tameables fare against the savages?

    Xiombarg of Lake Superior
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  9. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    Unicorns and ki-rins are good aligned creatures and can slay the savages pretty quickly. My dearly departed unicorn Oath was a pro at it. She ate them for dinner...until an ice fiend and half the ice dungeon ate her. Unicorns, ki-rin, and frenzied ostards can all slay savages with just a bandage or two, sometimes not even that.

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  10. Deboarah

    Deboarah Guest

    Couple savage's made short work of my unicorn Thunder one night after making short work of a friend then almost myself. Not real sure what happened except when all was said and done I couldnt save him.

    <font color=red>Deboarah [Chaotic Princess, PRC] GM Tamer</font color=red>
    <font color=blue>Mikal [CloudWalker, SRS] GM Warrior</font color=blue>
    <font color=green>Prism [Dragon's Forge, SRS] GM Smith/Carpenter</font color=green>
    Workerdude [Axe Master, SRS] GM Miner
    <font color=red>Jack [Serpents Bane, SRS] GM Fisherman</font color=red>
  11. Xiombarg

    Xiombarg Guest

    Thanks Elyssar, I'll give it a shot. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Xiombarg of Lake Superior
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  12. Elyssar

    Elyssar Guest

    Depends on the savages you fought, Deboarah. I haven't tried a uni on a shaman or ridgeback rider, so I don't know about them. I do know a shaman killed my fencer pretty easily, but he has very low resist so that was the cause of that. (That and me forgetting that I actually need to run and heal sometimes...oops.) Unicorns and ki-rin had no problem with the first normal savages that were introduced, though. Mordanna had a picture of her unicorn taking on several at one time. Some ki-rin and unicorns have low spell resist, so if you had a shaman in the mix that could be part of it. And those ridgeback riders have some mean melee...

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    99.0 carto...the tension is mounting!
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  13. Deboarah

    Deboarah Guest

    I had a ridgeback rider in the mix that night not sure about shaman though

    <font color=red>Deboarah [Chaotic Princess, PRC] GM Tamer</font color=red>
    <font color=blue>Mikal [CloudWalker, SRS] GM Warrior</font color=blue>
    <font color=green>Prism [Dragon's Forge, SRS] GM Smith/Carpenter</font color=green>
    Workerdude [Axe Master, SRS] GM Miner
    <font color=red>Jack [Serpents Bane, SRS] GM Fisherman</font color=red>
  14. WindKeeper4

    WindKeeper4 Guest

    unis can kirins can take on shamans, but and notice the but they must have a very very good amount of resist in order to hold through the spell barage. with very good resist they won't need vet against the shamans, but with poor resist they will.

    anyway heres a haiku:

    creature of the Light
    noble of stature and of soul
    reaper of the Dark

    <center><font color=4876FF>All Life is Balance, as Fire.... so Ice....</font color=4876FF></center>
  15. sfbuck

    sfbuck Guest

    I bought a ki-rin but haven't ridden it much. It does look pretty cool, but that bouncing up and down gets annoying, so I ride my frenzied more.

    Does anyone know how good a ki-rin's melee can get? What's the best way to train one: what should I pit it against first?
  16. Bethoven

    Bethoven Guest

    not a kraken thats for sure /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif.... I would try ele's (earth, air, fire, water) at first till you get a feel for what they can handle. If your vet skill is pretty high, I'd go for deamons.

  17. Traaaknok

    Traaaknok Guest

    An untrained ki'rin can take a blood elemental, but you should be very sure of your vetting abilities, and also try not to have anything else around. Due to the awfully low damage it deals when untrained, though, it's going to take a while.

    I had to use 50 bandages myself (at grandmaster vet and lore) while my dragon usually needs 5 (mostly for assuring me, that he's not going to take serious damage, than for real need).
  18. Arathin

    Arathin Guest

    Ahhh..the Kirin. My first mount after my frenzied. I bought (yes...bought, i'm not good enough to tame them..not too far off though) my first kirin quite a long while ago..and he was really good...however, a friend of mine persuaded me to come to the lich lord spawn in fire with him. Needless to say, we all ended up dead...but my kirin was still fighting to the end when even my Friends loyal mare had fallen. *sniffs sadly* I really liked that kirin...

    Arathin Terrel-Fighter Thief, and Hired sword-Knights of Aldemier
    Eldarn Terrel- Tamer Mage, and Tiro of the Custodes Fati
  19. Vasago

    Vasago Guest

    Indeed the Ki-Rin is a peculiar looking creature. My fascination with the Ki-Rin is partly why I chose to make a male tamer to take on Siege Perilous, as I already know and control the unicorn with Rya.

    Unfortunatly I found out afterwards, that Siege Perilous did not get Ilshenar, because of the special rules there, and thereby no spawn of Unicorns and Ki-Rins /php-bin/shared/images/icons/sad.gif.
    I do hope it will be implemented some time though, as I would like to be able to try the Ki-Rin as a mount there! -Otherwise I guess I'll just have to start a third tamer on another shard /php-bin/shared/images/icons/crazy.gif.

  20. MenoK

    MenoK Guest

    The best way I found to boost the ki-rins weak initial melee is to tame a drake and let both fight for a few hours - if You do it on a boat You are even able to train veterinary although I prefer doing it in town to give the people a bit entertainment :) .

    Later ki-rins need heavy resist training. To gain resist I usually kill daemons and lichs with it.

    After endless hours of killing daemons and lichs and other easy creatures I let my ki-rin fight against a dragon and it did quite well for a so called 'weak' creature. It took nearly 40 bandages until the dragon finally dropped but my ki-rin started with 3% mana and the dragon I killed really loved his breath weapon that can be really devastating to a ki-rin because of its low max. health.

    MenoK - Crafter, Europa
    MenoC - Fencer/Swordsman, Europa
    Meno - Scribe/Mage, Europa
    KoneM - GM Tamer/Ranger/Fisher/Mage, Europa
  21. Raphalon

    Raphalon Guest

    LOL... thanks Macis... :)

  22. rhwbullhead

    rhwbullhead Guest

    I like training Kirin-ons on the White Wyrm. I'd go there first with my dragon or WW and make sure all the other spawn is cleared. Then I come back with my Kirin and the Dragon. I keep the dragon around for emergencies: someone lures some ice eles over orthe WW respawns too quickly. My only problem is my connection is terrible. I end up with a decently trained Kirin and then I die as a result of connection issues.
  23. Falcon225

    Falcon225 Guest

    My old (now deceased) Kirin took out titans/demons easily,, this was from fresh,,, in fact ive never seen a cyclops taken out so damn fast! it was as fast if not faster than 2 drags on one, took under 3 secs to get the cyclops to half hp with its magery hehe

    What goin on in the world today,,
    People fighting, fueding, looting its ok,
    Let it go,
    Let it flow,
    Let the good times roll.
  24. Ahab Farland

    Ahab Farland Guest

    my new krin i am training down in shame level 4 elder gazer room :} the only complaint i have is they dump the mana load too dam fast. but with vet they kill them. and it seams the training with the gazers is helping his restit might take him against a cyclops worrior to see if he can take one

    *ah not another trap*
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    GEHAD, 4xGM fencer/ Archer
    Ahab farland, GM bard, GM fishermen, GM archer
    Grimlin Farland, True Thunter
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My kirin "X" was actually pretty good. I never fought anything that bad, but it saved my life by killing lots of rats in ish the one time i went there, and it once teleported to kill a few orcs in t2a. The end came when i ran out of regs at the elder gazers, and midst my stride a dread spider poisoned me- thus that was the end for me. "X" then had to battle a poisonous spider and a elder gazer, and it was way to much for him to handle :(. I miss my kirin because its more fun to train then a mare, and they can do so many cool things. One day when i was about to log out in del inn, one of every orc type (mage, lord, reg, bomber, scout, chopper) were in my way. After I invised, my kirin had killed every single one, losing about a quarter of its health (mainly from the bomber).

    Now I wait for silver steeds.


    That's the last time I go to a UO BBQ...
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ehmn? silver steeds? i thought they were an old idea they decided not to use anyway.. part of some good/evil system.. something like a mare.. just not the same colour.. thats what i thought anyhow..
    hmm... to not be ot.. i like kirin.. they are well behaved.. they dont attack everything in sight.. they may have a reputation for being weaker but how much weaker are they really? good magic resist options good magical ability.. (hmm.. now i think i sound like i'm selling a car) And if you dont walk too swiftly in uotd they look good (well its not the kirin that looks bad when riding swiftly.. its the animation.. and the rider s position should be further to ahead..) hmm.. didnt really contribute.. but had a question
  27. Ahab Farland

    Ahab Farland Guest

    whell i decided to see how whell he could take on a few dull copper elles so i goto shame level 2. and go into the cave i was like good only 3 of them so i invis and dis mount and then i give the kill comand. he dives in and starts to fight all 3 of them i run up reddy to start to vet if needed. to my suprise he is taking little to no dmg from 3 of these things. :} but all of a sudion 3 more spawn 2 target me and one targets my stead i invis and they then target my pet. whell i pop out and start to vet because after 3 mins they finly get him to 1/2 life. whell he is killin them left and right but more spawn real fast. after about a hour of this i decide it had enought so i start to ebolt the dulls i am at 89 evil and 98 magery
    i start to ebolt these thing to death saving enought mana for a recall. I tryed to get him to follow but bein in fel he is havein trouble pushin threw them. now i am gettin scared i did not want to lose him. i finly used all but 3 bp and i have to resort to fs'in. in the end i have to start to lure alot of the newly spawned elles out of the cave then run back in. and repeat finly after 1 hour and 45 mins of fighting i finly get him to safty. (in all i whent thew 97 ebolts and 100 fs's) now that is sad when you run out of combat regs to try and save you pet.

    but i ant going to lose a pet i am beginin to love because he is the under dog in the riding magic castin creachers. plus i am havein why too much fun trainin him he is gettin kick but restit and his str is movein

    *ah not another trap*
    <a target="_blank" href=http://uo.stratics.com/thb/>[​IMG]</a>
    Great Lakes, Farland Clan
    Gehad Farland, Mage, Tamer
    Tink, Super Mule
    GEHAD, 4xGM fencer/ Archer
    Ahab farland, GM bard, GM fishermen, GM archer
    Grimlin Farland, True Thunter
  28. Ki-rin Lee

    Ki-rin Lee Guest

    I personally am big on ki-rins. I have owned one for about a week now, same age as my tamer character. It Has Killed Countless elder gazers and has helped out greatly while fighting ogre lords. It also Faired well against a blood, as long as the creature is being vetted, it fights quite well. It was my first pet, and it listens extremely well for 70/87 taming/lore. They are nothing to bark at.
  29. onan

    onan Guest

    ilshenar is coming to siege perilous. it will have fel rules applied.

    The larger the landmass of knowledge, the greater the shoreline of wonder.
  30. I have a Ki-rin named Ki :).
    Anyhow I asked a friend if she'd help me train it. Seeing how she had negative karma, and Ki kilt her twice already, she agreed.

    She whacked Ki with a Mace and ran. Ki responded with a para, teleport, Flamestrike, melee combo. It left me laughing and stunned, my friend dead and stunned, and Ki just stood there.

    Since then I have used Ki to kill a few Demons, but do to its lesser Hit points, I tend to favor my mare.
  31. whoa, someone dug around...
  32. Molicious

    Molicious Guest

    I thought Ely posted some LBR pics LOL oh well..........
  33. John_Locke

    John_Locke Guest

    Was looking for a good place to post this and thought this would keep it immortal.

    Finally managed to tame my first Ki-Rin today.
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Congrats.. now .. remember to use the kirin. Most people forget that part /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif
  35. Kaopectate

    Kaopectate Guest

    I went and got a Ki-rin when was looking for a way to beat on the savages. I was all excited running to ilsh to destroy those thorn in my taming ridge back sides. I got there quickly dismounted and ordered the ki-rin to attack. It absolutely refused to attack any savages I tried. Keep in mind I tamed this one myself so control was not an issue, it just flat refused. Anyone else run into this?
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    very odd, my kirin, loves to attack savages lol, he simply cant get enough of them :p. one thing i notice is they have a harder time with riders, as they heal a lot of damage and kirins dont put enough out, except for magic of coursce, hehe maybe soon he'll be a lot strong and my cook will be richer from all the berries :p
  37. Just wondering if there were any changes post AOS when it comes to the requirements to owning and mounting a Ki-Rin (Lore/Tame) Im not interested in taming it, but using one....
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I hate the new look of the kirin vs the old one. BRING BACK THE OLD LOOK!!!!!!

    ps: call me crazy but I just bought me a pre patch meat eating kiring for 1MIL! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You are Crazy.. well you asked me to call you crazy

    No sane person would want a kirin.. ofcourse.. it would be an even further insane person who would have a sig showing his char riding a ki-rin called Arkimedes.. lucky me its not me *looks at sig* .. nm

    Btw a good thing to add to the feature

    Prior to some date in december 2001 ki-rin ate meat.. then came the ki-rin/unicorn [diet]nerf of 2001 (perhaps aided by the rumour of the taste of human flesh) and now new ki-rin eat fruit..

    Theres no difference in abilities between a meat eater ki-rin and any other pre aos kirin (both have max health on this date in 2004) but in many ways the meat eaters are more.. handy? convenient? Meat is plenty, alot of things carry the potential of being dinner..

    With uo:lord blackthorns revenge the 2d version of the ki-rin mutated from the old red/brownish horse to a sorta 3d like appearance.. after the well known 3d kirin was run over by a balron horde or something.. using older clients people can however see their kirin in its old appearance thus new pictures do surface where the kirin look like a horse (much to the relief of the ki-rin rights people who dislike the ki-rin looking like a torture victim)

    The ki-rins ability to call down lightning from the sky has been expanded to be functional outside ilhenar to everywhere, the burned fields of malas, the deserts of felucca, the forests in tram, everywhere the danger of the elemental forces could prove real for those who dare attack a ki-rins rider

    Something like that.. should keep the entry up to date..
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Post deleted by Lord_Chaos
  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Huh? Thought i made it happen? The threads are intended to be filled with info about the species, anything people know.. not constantly changing the original post but adding new posts with new info.. i think..

    Lol i even doubt ely could edit the original post if she wanted to, i bet mods suffer the same limitations there with their old posts

    [adding:] Hehe was me saying something in a bad way not you, i phrased my post you commented to as if i wanted something done so no worry
  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I wasn't talking about that...odd, seems that the last post can be fully deleted.

    Anyway it could just be added up, pasted in a new thread, update URL and thats it...not saying anyone should do so, just saying its possible.

    As I said it doesn't matter anyhow.
  43. Kaeros

    Kaeros Guest

    My mare kills savages pretty easily when taming ridgebacks north of the castle at that collection of ponds.

    Now he used to get beaten down pretty quick but ever since either AoS or when they added followers in, not sure which, he's been killing savages pretty easy, I sic him on riders, they do a fair amount of damage to him because of the stomp attack but that's easily vetted.
  44. Britney

    Britney Guest

    Ki-rins definately need a revamp. Their damage is spread way too thin. I think its 70/10/10/10. Maybe if they had it 70/30 ir something. The elemental resists are pretty low too.
  45. PizzaDude

    PizzaDude Guest

    I killed a load of Sphynx last night with my Ki-Rin, and he's only GM Wrestling!

    Had to vet like crazy. But for the kill, I averaged about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes per Sphynx.

    The training I used for my Ki-Rin's melee after it bonded was:
    1.) ~25-38 Melee: Regular Animals (Horses, Cows, Deer, ect).
    2.) ~38-63 Melee: Corpsers, Gazers, Gazer Larva in Covetous, and Polar Bears.
    3.) ~63-85 Melee: Effrets in Fire Dungeon, and Titans and Cyclopses.
    4.) ~85-90ish Melee: OgreLords, Arctic OgreLords, and Elder Gazers.
    5.) ~90s-100 Melee: Bloods, OgreLords &amp; Arctic OgreLords, Sphynx, Etherial Warriors, and Rotting Corpses.