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Crimson Dragons Banished!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Morpheus Mardox, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Morpheus Mardox

    Morpheus Mardox UO Chesapeake News Manager
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jul 20, 2008
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    Crimson Dragons Banished!

    In a major call to arms the Chesapeake shard united under the banner of Lord Casca this eve to face the evil which has plagued our lands of late. Word traveled the realm this afternoon that an appearance by Lord Casca was to take place. Knights, Wizards, Miltia, and Citizens from far and wide gathered outside the Empath Abbey in Yew to catch a glimpse of the recently proclaimed king and his latest address of the public. Much to the surprise of the over seventy in attendance the King confirmed he and his advisors had located the portal from which the evil that we now know as the Crimson Flight had emerged. Beckoning the masses gathered, King Casca led the group through a moongate east to the Yew Crypts.


    Adventurers found themselves outside the crypts where yet another moongate had been unleashed directing the massive forces into an undiscovered dungeon level. Dark and damp with the smell of evil and death in the air, the brave forces of Lord Casca ventured forth as the sounds of beasts from the depths soon echoed from within. Rounding what seemed like a never ending passageway the groups first resistance was met with swift and decisive justice. Blood lined the walls as Titans, Blood Elementals, Reptiles met there demise in grand fashion.
    Reaching the passageways conclusion, Two large molten steel doors stood in the path of those who seeked victory. With beast, arms, and spell at the ready the barrier was opened unleashing an evil this realm has not seen since the defeat of the Void Shadow. Balrons, Shadow Fiends, Liches and other forms of despicable existance spilled into the cavernous halls leveling all in thier paths. The wake of injured combatants and dead bodies littered the dimly lit hall as forces scrambled to reassemble and match the foes ongoing charge.


    After what can only be desribed as a bloody war, the last Balron was fallen as the King stood before what he deemed the root of our shards evil prescense, the portal from which they came. Examining the large crystal like bloodstone King Casca began his process of destroying the portal. In the last moments before it's collapse the King could be heard chanting the mantra for its dismissal and shouting "Begone!" And with a brilliant flash of light the crystal shattered into what seemed to be thousands of shards and fragments covering the room in its glorious destruction. Adventurers gathered shards of the portal as momentos of the communities victory. The King then requested the groups prescense back at the Empath Abbey.


    It was here on this date in shard history that the king did declare victory over the evil that has plagued the lands. The machinations of evil and thier minions had been driven back to from which they came. His majesty assured the people that his promise had been kept in defense of the realm and our trust he hoped he had earned in the process. Hailing all who took part in the battle he was shocked as the appearance of the Crimson Dragon "Syrax" stopped him midsentence. Bewildering the crowd with its might , Syrax challenged the crowd beckoning for any who dare to think they possessed the power to banish the Crimson Flight!


    Cowardice emerged as the gathered crowd soon noticed our Lord Casca had beat feet out of area in an apparent move to save himself from the wrath of Syrax! Heroic warriors and many others stood firm, determined to see the last of the Crimson Flight this very eve. As if to taunt those who challenged it, the creature known as Syrax toyed with those in attendance assuring them they were of no concequence to it or his minions reciting that the power of "Puny Mortals' were no match for thier might.


    Catching what must have been a dismaying figure from its past the enormous beast called out to one in the crowd. You there! he growled! as the citizen or at least what we thought to be a citizen Fayaxion stood upright and addressed the Crimson. "This cannot be" it shouted in disbelief as Fayaxion ingored its calls angering the beast. The two bantered back and forth before Fayaxion soon emerged as the Platinum Dragon in mortal form! The majestic creature beautiful and strong, unlike any beast this realm has ever seen dwarfed the Crimson with its might declaring this realm safe from those who wish it harm, and with a stroke of its will the Crimson Syrax was banished to another worldly realm in a flash of light and flame alike.


    The Platinum Dragon Fayaxion soon vanished as quickly as he arrived leaving the crowd stunned from what they had just witnessed. Those gathered pondered Casca's disappearance as they look to the future and it's next adventure......
  2. Emma Silvermane

    Emma Silvermane Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    Hey Dood .. Wheres My Commissions... U Even Used The Messed Up One Where My Dumb Self Had The Plattie Highlighted Like A Doof.

    :) Good Write Up Once Again As Always.

  3. Sebrina

    Sebrina Guest

    This is such an excellent article and good news for the shard. :thumbup: - make that two thumbs!

    You have my vote for reporter of the year! :scholar:

    "WOOT, - can't touch this."