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~ Day 4 ~ The Tour of Dungeon Wrong ... They Were Right!!!

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Queen Mum, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. <font color=00008B>When they named the dungeon WRONG ... THEY WERE RIGHT!!!!

    The tour group gathered together at the entrance of dungeon Wrong and prepared for battle. We were told that the prison of dungeon Wrong was an underground complex maze riddled with locked gates and traps of all kinds. The ancient prisoners once trapped and tortured were long gone, but their vengeful spirits and the guards who watched over them still lurked below.


    At that point we had the feeling that every turn in this maze of Wrong would lead us to our deaths but we forged ahead.

    We cautiously entered the tunnel and it didn’t take long for the first attack to come. Lizardmen surround the group with such swiftness that it appeared as though their tails arrived before their heads. The leaders and healers stood their positions as the tour members tackled the lizardmen and with great might they swept the floor with the hides of these foul smelling beasts.


    We continued onward to find our way to the next level and before us was a sparkle gate which tempted us to enter …. Yes we did enter … and immediately realized we were in big trouble!!


    We don't know where they came from, but all around us were brigands. This newbiefied player got hit and took off running like a paragon rabbit after fresh carrots. Reaching a corner ... I hit the hiding skill - it worked!


    This maze of Wrong not only has twists and turns but teleporters and magic sparkle gates that can land you right in the middle of a battle against the evil beings. As the group cleared the places we continued onward to explore the cells and find our way either to a new level or the way out ….


    Then it happened we entered the cell with the archmage who promptly tore into us like we were his buffet dinner.

    Standing outside the jail cell this newbiefied player watched in horror as OooOooOoo's were rising in the air over our heads. The smell of death surrounded us!

    With a vengeance the group attacked once more and brought the evil archmage to his demise. Suddenly, another archmage appeared in the hallway outside the cell with me. My heart began to beat faster.

    Having no chance with defense, I only had the hope that hiding would work against such a powerful mage and that the group would not be locked in the cell like caged rats.


    The group did manage to work their way out into the hall and fortunately my feet took off without a second thought. Hearing the cries of battle once again and the sounds of resurrections I feared the archmage was winning.

    Then it went dead quiet – Nothing!! It seemed to be over. I decided to stay hidden and wait. Surely all would be well.

    Slowly the group headed towards the spot where I was hidden. Truly battle worn, and yet there was a glow of pride on their faces.


    It was time for a well deserved bottle of ale or two and pan of cookies, so we headed back to the front of the dungeon Wrong to reminisce of all we had seen and achieved. We had lots of fun and it was great to play with players from many different guilds like KVP, KHV, HOG, HELP, NUTS, MoFo, MOO, COP, PAS, MYTHIC, and those I missed to write down!


    Special thanks to Whispering Rose Radio for their help and co-sponsorship, and to all the healers/rezzers and guides for a wonderful time!!