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[EM Event] Sleuths on the trail of MURDER - April 21st Edition

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Exmortis, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. It definitely was time to bury Farley! Miri had rebuked that it was a travesty that the body had been left so long. Rei just held his nose. His body had bloated and little buzzards circled around it. Although the smell was unbearable we still needed to find some clue as to what happened.


    His riding crop had been picked up and his body had been moved again. With his new position, Miri pointed out the blood stained tines of a pitchfork that had previously been obscured by Farley’s small body.


    Queen Elf Sandy took a closer look. “Yes, this is Farley’s blood” She confirmed.

    While PSYCHO had agreed he also pointed out that a blow to the head could have been the method. He picked up Farley’s riding helm and showed everyone the large dent in the side.

    Forrest was thoughtful. “I am telling you it is the stable hand.” He snapped his fingers. “What’s his name? Ah yes Colt”

    Daniel agreed that there was a possibility but we needed motive still. Surely Harold must have seen something. So we trudged over the muddy track and found Harold.


    As we approached, Queen Mum commented that the sleazy bookie was missing. I turned around and looked. Sure enough he was gone. Maybe Harold knew where he was.


    Harold was his usual slightly egocentric self. We asked him a few questions but he was reluctant to say anything he had not already told us. He seemed to think either Xarra of Tara knew something as they were very close to the late Farley. We decided to speak with both of them.

    Tara had last been seen in Jhelom at the farm. She had been sitting in the shade of a small hut. When we arrived there Tara was missing. This seemed a bit suspicious.

    Did she run off? Was she abducted? Maybe she knew too much. We looked to see if there had been any struggle when someone noticed her Diary.

    “Read it” Said Daniel. He grinned “after all we are learning to be spies and she will never know.”

    Oh the thought of reading another’s Diary made me anxious. I wanted to. I was curious. But a nagging feeling kept telling me it was wrong. I opened the book.

    March 10
    Dear Diary
    During my riding session with Farley in the paddock today, he mentioned that Colt Walker had a crush on me. Well that was not surprising. We both are very good with animals. Colt is very gentle and cares tenderly.

    That was not the most amazing thing he told me. He let slip that Marrianne has been lacing sugar with some Alchemy then feeding them to the horses before the races. This arcane sugar cube makes the horses run like the wind. So you see dear diary it has nothing to do with Farley’s horsemanship. Min really is the better equestrian.

    Still, even though he isn’t the world’s foremost jockey, our time riding together has been most pleasant. I will miss him when he leaves for Tokuno.

    There were other entries as well talking about our investigation.


    Daniel was shocked. “Marrianne lacing Sugar cubes?”

    Miri and Rei decided we should go talk to Marrianne and Colt. They had some explaining to do. Everyone wanted to know more about these sugar cubes.

    We head back toward the blacksmith in Brit knowing Colt was usually near the paddock. As we approached we heard a loud scream. “HELP PLEASE HELP ME!”

    It was Colt and he sounded terrified. Marrianne forgotten we rushed to the paddock.

    A tall dark Stallion was rearing up and Colt could not get it under control. Another skittish horse was running wildly around and around. Two more were fighting each other in the corner. We grabbed our weapons and prepared a few spells and jumped over the wooden fence.


    “I can not control them cried Colt. “ I wish Tara were here. Oh no that is Lil Mins horse and her father’s is that one. How will I tell her?”


    Kali, Jade and Immy tried to speak to the horses but when that failed and the horse bucked at them, they had no choice. A battle was on. Hatshepsut, Charly don’t Surf and Vitamin did not want the horses too close. They struck at them with their unique magic. Clym’s trusted pet ran into the fray as well. He was not going to lose Clym this time.


    Moxxi and Nora lured one away on its own. They tried hard to subdue it but it was futile. The horse seemed to be spitting fire. The rage in its eyes put fear in my heart. I was not a fighter. I was learning to be as the shadows, a safer place than this fight. Moxxi and Princess Poison came to my aide and took care of the frenzied beast.


    Colt looked sad. “My horses… well not mine… they are Min’s, Marianne’s, oh and that one was Farley’s. They got into that bag over there. Then I just could not control them.

    “Why, why, why” Colt said over and over. What would cause them to act like this?”

    Clym frowned, “Maybe the sugar cubes you feed them?”


    “Yeah Potion enhanced sugar cubes”, remarked PHYCHO.

    “Call a horse coroner!” demanded Clym.

    There were eight horses in all. Someone pulled out his skinning knife. I cringed.
    Forrest said, “We might be able to see if they have eaten any sugar or if they have been poisoned by looking into them. Bear with it for a bit.”

    Sure enough sugar cubes like the ones we had spotted on the ground were in there stomachs.

    Rei had enough. “You killed Farley!” Moxxi agreed “Turn Yourself in!”


    “I have told you I do not feed the horses sugar. We should let Marrianne know. She was at the blacksmith taking care of her account” stated Colt.

    Rei did not want to let Colt out of his sight but figured if he was with us he would not get away. Since it was close everyone walked up to the Blacksmith. Marrianne was just coming out the door when we arrived. She looked at us and extended her hand. We spoke to here but she did not seem to know anything that we had not already heard from her.


    Ku’uipo decided to take a different approach. ” Your Horses are all dead. They ate bad sugar did you know that?”

    Marrianne’s eyes widened. “I… I… I Knew about the sugar. Farley and I used it to get out of debt. My Horses are dead! I am ruined!”


    Colt looked totally disgusted. He shook his head. “I was loyal to you! I can never trust you again! Come someone must tell Lil Min. She will be devastated. Who among us is brave enough to tell her?”

    Moxxi frowned and shook his head.

    “Not me” said Charly don’t Surf.

    “Clym will do it” volunteered Miri. “He is the oldest.”


    “Last I saw her she said she was going to the vet in Brit. Said she trusted him more than ours.”

    We all walked into Brit and head toward the vet. Sure enough L’il Min was at the entrance to the clinic. A sugar cube was at her feet.


    “Hello Min, said several of the group. Sad news, your horse died. It was strung out on Sugar!”

    Min stared off into space in a daze.

    “Why are you here Min?” Colt asked in a soothing voice.

    She turned to him and sniffed, “My Horse. He was wild. Then I saw some strange sugar cubes on the ground. I picked one up and came here. No one would give a thoroughbred sugar. When the horses ate them they got surely. Tara was not around to quiet them. I can not believe Marrianne allowed this.”


    Colt said something in Mins ear then turned to the group. I have yet to see Farley. I think it is time he was buried. Min needs to go to the Inn and have some tea.


    The group all agreed to go back to Farley and bring him to the graveyard. When they arrived Forrest pointed to the pitchfork. “Colt, isn’t that your pitchfork?”


    Colt looked at the pitchfork he still held in his hand. “This here in my hand is my pitchfork. Although, that pitchfork does look a lot like mine. It must be from the same Tinker’s shop.”

    “Let’s take him to the cemtery. T’aint ever bin to a cemtery afore. Lead the way. Farley was my acquaintance. I will carry him.”


    At the cemetery, Colt took charge.


    He sought out the grave digger and grounds keeper. Forrest and Ku’uipo each grabbed a shovel and helped dig. No one knew Farley well so the eulogy consisted of “Poor Farley. Hims bin dead so long. He is sure ripe now.” Before long Farley was gone. Colt headed to Brit to console L’il Min.


    It was at this time that Daniel decided we should talk to our last few suspects. Although it seemed to me that Marrianne might be the perpetrator, Daniel reminded us we needed all the evidence.


    Without Tara to speak with, we decided to talk to Xarra. We were sure she would be in Trinsic.


    Someone reminded us that she had said something about going to the Theater and long gloves. Queen Mum remembered that there was a small stage near the Trinsic dock so we all head down.

    Xarra sat on a bench near the front of the stage. She looked up and raised her brows.


    Sighing deeply she said, “Hello everyone. I have a date with Cayne tonight. Yes he is in the play at the theater tonight. He is perfect to play Farley. He is very charming. Marrianne does not think he is but what does she know she married an old stodgy.

    Marrianne is just a gold digger. Oh I know some people think I am but it is not my fault men give me things.

    Please the show will start soon. Go talk to Farriot. He knows Marrianne better than I do. Off you go.”

    With that we had been dismissed. We did find out one thing though. The bookie Cayne was rehearsing for a show about Farley and hitting on Farley’s old girlfriend.

    Lord Farriot was about to mount his horse, a fine Stallion. Not a retired race horse. He waved to us and in a very cheery tone bid us hello.


    “Oh Hi!! you here for another fox hunt? I used to hunt with Farley. I miss it. Yes we were friends. About time you figured it out. You have to gather the right evidence. You know Lil Min really had a crush on him. But who would take her seriously. Jaqui never would go foxing with me.”

    Julie asked “Do you know anything about the sugar?”

    Lord Farriot seemed confused “What about sugar? I do not feed the thoroughbreds ask Colt. You know if Farley knew about the sugar, maybe he was blackmailing Marrianne. Oh I would not put it past Farley to stoop to extortion.”

    There were a lot of possibilities so we head back to the RBG hall to debate the possible motives and accessibility. It was a long night.


    After some brief discussion of what was discovered and how things were tying together Queen Elf Sandy pointed out an obvious yet overlooked perspective … there were no female friends of Farley around the battle in the horse pen …. Possibly a big lead into who actually slew the champion!


    Daniel then informed us that we would have some extra time to gather more information before meeting with him again...


    and with that he bid us all goodnight as we slowly went to our home to ponder the clues before us and get some well needed rest.

    ~ Shadow Riter