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[EM Fel Event] Thieves to the Rescue!

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Pacific EM Feed, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. July 3, 2013
    6:00 pmto7:00 pm
    Tomoko was lying on a mound of pillows in a pool of sunlight. After being imprisoned for so long in the cold underground, the warmth of the sunlight was a luxury she couldn't get enough of. She looked at the blood red crystal she recently 'picked up', and it it sparkled and shone in it's own pool of sunlight. It seemed to like the warmth as much as she did. Tomoko smiled, stretched and closed her tried eyes....
    Tomoko's eyes popped open. That sounded like a heart beat. She looked around and scented the air. Nothing. No one was here. She closed her eyes again thinking it was only her imagination and began to drift off into sleep..
    Tomoko flew upright and began flinging open doors, tearing down curtains, looking in chests and cabinets. Someone had to be hiding! Where?? She found no one...
    This time she happened to be looking at the crystal when she heard the sound. Inside the crystal she had seen something move - perhaps a heart beating?? With a yowl she grabbed the crystal flung it out an open window.
    A beggar boy heard a strange sound and went to investigate. What did he find? A blood red crystal in the shape of a heart. He quickly sold it to merchant who purchased items from questionable sources.
    A customer came in to the merchant's shop and heard a sound and turned toward it. A blood red crystal. The woman purchased the crystal and left the shop. A thief had watched the transaction and now followed the woman to her home.
    The thief snuck into the house when all were asleep. He found the crystal and now it was his. This crystal would fetch him a tidy sum.
    As the crystal continued to change hands, news of it reached Aydenn Glenn. Aydenn decided that getting this crystal back might work out well for him. It might keep him out of jail - and get him a lot of gold. Buying it was out of the question, so that meant getting help from those in the Thieves Guild....
    Thieves and cutthroats needed! Send a blue representative to the EM Hall/Brit Councilors Hall Wed (7/3) 6pm PST.
    Chat channel EM-Event will be used.

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