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[EM News] Britannian High Council Speeches [Part 2]: Elladan. Ta'lin. Valek.

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Britannian High Council Speeches Part 2: Elladan. Ta'lin. Valek.
    WarderDragon and Lynne of Magincia.

    The High Council Candidate Speeches continued the following evening.

    You can view the details below.

    Theresa the Fool attended the event dressed in the armor of Captain Jenkins.

    I am told Jenkins arrived a moments later dressed in a Fools Cap. I found this rather ...appropriate.

    Elladan the Lightsworn.

    Profession: Paladin of the Knights of Virtue[KtV].
    Associations: Trinsic. The Knights of Virtue. House Faeryn.

    - Calls himself the Peoples Representative.
    - His first goal is to bring life back to the Crown Cities and Villages.
    - His second is to perpetuate the traditions and celebrations of the people. To preseve its histories and lore.
    - His third goal would be to restore the Bell of Courage, the Book of Truth and the Candle of Love to their rightful Castles. To again be points of Pilgrimage for the Virtuous.

    - Lynne asked if he would travel to hear out the people. Their opinions and concerns. He answered: Yes.

    Verdict: True Britannian.

    Ta'lin Birdsong the High Plains Drifter.

    Professon: Boura Tamer.

    - Ta'lin seemed nervous and kept his speech brief.
    - His focus was on the Enviroment. On Conservationism. He was concerned about the overgrown Wildlife. Uncared for and unattended.
    - He also said something needs to be done about these Chickens. (Response: Boiling Cauldrons. It seems he has a plan to eliminate his competition.)
    - He is supportive of all Britannia Allies and the Border Kingdoms.

    Verdict: Conservationist.

    Valek Typhoon the Privateer.

    Profession: Merchant and Privateer.
    Associations: Magincia. The New Magincian Trading Co. The Sea Witch Tavern.

    - Valek was rather ...pointed about his stance on the Independent Kingdoms. That their desire for self-rule should be upheld.
    - He then threw a Glass Dagger to the ground. The tip managed to lodge itself in the marble. You might remember such weapons were used in the assassination of the previous High Council under Lord Francesco.
    - He announced that the Council needed to be based on respect. The last Council was weak. It lost the support of the people. And when our darkest hour came ...it crumbled.

    - Circe swooned.
    - Lynne held her breath.
    - Jenkins is said to had fidgeted. Nervous.

    - Valek kicked the weapon back up in his hand and accepted questions.

    Verdict: Lady Killer.​
  2. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Due to unexpected circumstances I do not possess notes on Part 3.

    Those who participated in the third event should contact me with details concerning their speeches and their stance on issues.
  3. The Slug

    The Slug Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran The Squirrel Empire

    Jun 14, 2008
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    Dagnabbit! I was in part 3! lol. OK I will try to give a summary of Sluggy's speech from an outside observer's viewpoint. Please feel free to add any corrections an/or relevent (or irrelevant I really don't care) information

    Sluggy Freelance :

    Affiliations : Great Horny Toads Guild Leader, Slugs & Talking Fowl Union Member, Supporter of BOK! and chicken fighting

    - Did not want to discuss himself, unconcerned with public perception and popularity

    - Staunch supporter of all Independent Kingdoms as well as "criminal" enterprises (Cartel, K^R) etc), favors Magincian Independence as well

    - is only "kissing cousins" with the Virtues on the best of days, and would "run like hell in the other direction" if forced to face some kind of ultimate evil alone

    - Believes in the High Council only as a tool to unite all Sosarians, including those who reside in the Felucca facet

    - is not anti-Gargoyle as long as he can manage to stay upwind of them

    Verdict : Anti Establishment, Aging Hippy
  4. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
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    Can Valek Typhoon still run for High Council whilst under suspicion of a brutal attack against an Umbrian?

    Apparently Brittania will take just about anyone.

    I knew I should have ran.
  5. Thank you Sluggy for the support!

    And to answer the question: Captain Valek has not been found guilty of this trumped up charge. Magincia stands firm behind his innocence in regard to this matter, of Captain Valek. As Do I.

    Additionally, The Magincian Council firmly believes that the truth of the matter shall come out soon.
  6. Lindae

    Lindae Guest

    *hysterical wheezing sounds* *writes an angry letter*

    Lady, he cut my throat. It was technically murder. There is no ambiguity here. I cannot even drink coffee without leaking now and I will have justice.

    (I apologise for my absence, but I've suddenly found myself without internet; I hope to be back in game and waging war on eveybody by Wednesday at the latest)

  7. *Smiles politely and scribbles a return note* It only counts if you transition into the other world and stay there void of solid form. Since clearly that is not the case, it doesn't count. Additionally, you seem to forget my dear Lord Lindae, that you yourself are responsible for at least one confirmed and confessed to murder and another in which you are the only suspect.

    (Take your time and we look forward to arguing with you more!)
  8. Lindae

    Lindae Guest

    *rages* *falls down* *flops around helplessly*

    *lies there for an hour*

    *gets up and writes another angry letter*

    Attempted murder, then. Either way, it was an aggravated and unprovoked assault on an unarmed, frail, elderly man who could not defend himself. In Umbra, a mortal blow struck upon a member of the undead is considered intent to murder. Your toyboy Valek did not know that I was undead when he butchered me like a farm animal. Therefore, he is a murderer.

    And I would thank you to stop talking about the Tarrant case as if I have already been tried and am halfway to the gallows. Why I am suspected at all, I do not know. A man as obnoxious as Tarrant surely had many enemies. He was an abominable "human being" and I am glad that he's dead, but that doesn't mean that I killed him.
  9. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
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    I had to read this several times to make sense of it. I'm not sure why I'm getting stuck on this line.
  10. Lindae

    Lindae Guest

    I have trouble expressing myself when flustered. Please be kind to me or I will have another seizure.
  11. Quietly Lynne raised an eyebrow. She'd had a lot of conversations the past few days.. week even, in regards to this subject. With every increasing taunt she grew calmer. Taking out her quill, her strokes were even and measured..

    Lord Lindae,

    Allow me first to address that you are and never have been frail unless we are discussing your mind. We all agree that has passed its expiration date.

    Secondly, for someone so incapable of protecting himself your *pets* did a lot of damage. Including your confessed crime of Proserpina's murder. In truth the Magincian council *could* have you drawn and quartered for malicious wounding of one of it's officials. Instead we simply wish you dead.. then perhaps quartered. Liche on a rope could be a new Fad.

    Third, Captain Valek knew exactly what you were as did Lord Lamperouge when they elected to *defend* me on Magincian soil. The only reason you are not permanently dead is because they again elected to allow your loathsome form to slink away. I can assure you, that will not happen again. And so I leave you with one final remark..

    Oblivion is inevitable... Being Umbran I'm sure you understand that. And if not... you will soon enough.

    Lynne Zellinous
    Magincian Loyal"