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[Fishing] Do Not re-deed yer Mudpuppies and Red Herrings

Discussion in 'UO Fishing and Treasure Hunting' started by Urk of LS, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Urk of LS

    Urk of LS Guest

    I just lost my Mudpuppy to redeeding it, It turned into a bigfish. Just wanted to put the word out.
  2. Thank you, for those of us that have yet to catch these rare fish in the underworld can you tell us if you need fishing skills and also where to catch them? Or can any character fish them up on the quest? Any Pictures would be a big help!
  3. Urk of LS

    Urk of LS Guest

    Its Late now, I'll get on it tomorrow.
  4. Urk of LS

    Urk of LS Guest

    OK this is likely to be a bit lenghty and bear with me this is also my first time reporting but here we go..

    As far as I know anyone can take the fish quest but you need to be a GM fisherman to catch the 2 new fish.

    There are 2 fishing spots that I have found

    The first spot is just south of the Goblin area near where the trap thingy is and just past the Undead.


    Be aware of the dangers of this spot.


    And it has a Very Fast Respawn Rate


    It took me 5 Casts to land the Red Herring (even then it was small Only 11 Stones)


    Also here I threw 5 Aquarium nets and got

    1 Minoc Blue
    2 Makoto Courtesan Fish
    1 Jellyfish
    1 Golden Broad Tail

    So it seems that its Normal Fishing stuff without Whitepearls and Sea Serps.

    Continued in Next Post.
  5. Urk of LS

    Urk of LS Guest

    The Second spot I found was a bit east of the first.

    Some dangers to be aware of, The Tangling Roots will grab you and teleport you to them, and they HURT !!.


    After then its just a short run to the Second Spot.


    I fished here for a bit and caught the usual stuff no Herrings or Mud Puppies.

    One Final Note:


  6. Thanks! Do let us know where the other one is, cannot wait for my fisher to get access there, but funds are tight so have to wait till end of the month.
  7. Urk of LS

    Urk of LS Guest

    Which Other one? Few dyas ago I got both of the fish at both fishing locations that I had found. the first fishing spot is located south of the first goblin area you run into, the second fishing spot is located east of the first fishing spot and west of the Secong Goblin group. You can fish off the bridge for the second spot. I am still looking to see if there is a third spot.
  8. ahh thanks !
  9. Lord Crowen

    Lord Crowen Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 19, 2009
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    There is a much better spot without any pesky spawn.... In the room with the undeads and the 2 teleporters and the hidden door to the experimental room take the south teleporter. You'll arrive in a secluded area at the shore without any monsters.
  10. Lorddog

    Lorddog Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 25, 2004
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    as a gar you can fly back here but I saw no point to it. I teleported around alittle but found nothing. I can fish it up but the undead teleporter place is the best

  11. falseprophet

    falseprophet Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 29, 2004
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    I was able to fish up some red herring at the font of fortune. but was unable to get any mudpuppies before I got the no bites messages