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For Sale/Price Check

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior Trade' started by Old Man of UO, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I posted this on Traders Hall, no response yet, probably just a slow day.

    I need help pricing jewelry for my vendor on LS... I have no idea especially with faction changes and new items available. I have a lot of jewelery (500+) many with properties like these:

    Eval +5
    Wrestling +11
    DCI +9
    LMC +3
    LRC +20

    Magery +11
    HCI +11
    SDI +10

    DEX +5
    FC/FCR 1/3
    LRC +12

    Resist Spells +12
    Int +4
    HCI +11
    DCI +13
    SDI +3

    Wrest +11
    SDI +9
    FC +2
    LMC +8
    LRC +16

    Lots of HCI/DCI jewelry with archery, mace, swords and what not. I've used most and changed templates so I no longer need them. All of these I've found while hunting.
    What's good and what's not? Any pricing guides out there for jewelry?