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Gorn tries his hand at smuggling (Fel event)

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by EM Sangria, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. EM Sangria

    EM Sangria UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 25, 2010
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    Queen Dawn was doing (the much hated but had to be done or the kingdom would fall apart or so she was told) paper work at her desk when Jayden Marcus strode in with the attitude of justified righteousness. Queen Dawn groaned inwardly as she set aside her quill and wondered what trouble Maya and Gorn had gotten into this time.

    "Queen Dawn! I beg your pardon at interrupting you, but there is a matter of urgency that needs a moment of your attention" Jayden rattled off as he bowed.

    Queen Dawn hated people bowing to her. Jayden knew this, but just couldn't seem to help himself. "Go on," she said.

    "This note was found at Yew Fel gate." Jayden dropped a grimy, torn, and possibly blood stained note on top of her other paperwork then rubbed his hand fastidiously against his sleeve.

    Wanted: Those who are willing to transport goods from Fel to Tram. Must be able and willing to fight. Meet me at Ter Mur moongate Friday (June 25) at 7:15 pst.


    "He damn well better not be transporting potions! I'm sick to death of potions!" Queen Dawn said then remembered the strange crystal Sherry the Mouse had found a few months earlier. Queen Dawn had an uneasy feeling that in the near future potions would be the least of her worries...

    Jayden unknowingly pulled her back to the here and now, "Harry got those potions, or at least the ingredients, from somewhere. Those mares were nasty!! Harry's supplier could very well be Gorn."

    Queen Dawn didn't think so. Gorn was probably just sending Maya some love letters. Since he had been banished back to Ter Mur, anything he sent to Britannia would have been destroyed or returned. So if he wanted to communicate with Maya, that left only one option - smuggling. But Jayden had one very good argument. Gorn was in a perfect position to get Harry what he needed. If that was true... Oh lord she thought, I'm getting as paranoid as Jayden. "Okay Jayden, what did you have in mind?"

    Jayden grinned....


    The Royal Guard has been summoned to Brit Castle Friday (June 25) at 7:00 pst.

    OOC note to thieves: all items in this event are stealable.
  2. This was by far the worst event ive been to! You asked us to deliver items for you and we do so and then you leave us waiting at the castle for 40 mins to just come back and tell us TY!.

    Wanted: Those who are willing to transport goods from Fel to Tram. Must be able and willing to fight. Meet me at Ter Mur moongate Friday (June 25) at 7:15 pst.

    Several of us were quite upset that we got rewarded with nothing! Did you expect us to be happy! We risked our necks transporting your goods in fel and we made it. All for nothing!
    Then you decide to rage log after we all agreed it was not fair and all you can say was you agree you dropped the ball! Very unprofessional!
  3. I thought this was an extremely fun event. Yes the posting online said meet in Ter Mur, but if you played on Napa and went to any moongate you'd see a lantern saying Brit Castle.

    The Royal Guard has been summoned to Brit Castle Friday (June 25) at 7:00 pst.

    We were told to fortify a fel Shrine because "Smugglers" were attempting to take stuff to Britan. We weren't told which so off we went. Sacrifce had a cool greenish Em gate by it so we stayed put. Then the Reds rolled in. I must have died 6-10times, What a blast! I haven't had that much fun in fel trying to capture a goal in Years. The only problem was that the monsters that spawned were a little glichy (disappearing within seconds). Sangria fixed that problem quickly. After the event was over I witnessed many reds thanking the Em for an Awesome event. I thought it was refreshing to get a bit of adrenaline going trying to stay alive. Almost like the old days except I ressed with all my gear. (Minus pots and such)

    So for Sangria's Solo event without the help of Fio I say well done. And I personally hope there are many more events held in Fel.
  4. first of all the event went wronge from the begining. there was only 6 people at ter mur and we had items to deliver. which was done. 2nd part was once we delivered the items in castle brit to him he told us hed be right back and we all waited there for 40 minutes. wheres the fun there? And there was tons of us there!
    im glad you had fun stealing and dieing but you were one of the very few who did have fun as tons of us were mad at the EM for making us wait at the castle! even the EM said he messed up. messed up with the timing of the delivery, spawn, and at castle brit. so by you saying you had fun . you was one of the very few who did and got rewards out of it. Its kinda to bad he didnt take a moment to address all the people at castle brit to let them know about the fight. instead of telling us all to wait there! as for meeting in termur thats where you accepted the items to deliver them. not to actually start the event. we were all at castle brit from the begining.
  5. furthermore i dont know who you spoke to but all the people ive spoke to at the event all agreed this was by far the worst event ever! there was no communication, timing all off, just badly done! i also spoke to a few reds and they also agreed it was a waste. also didnt make many happy when he Raged logged after so many complained about the event. Seeing as over 20 people complaining this was a terrible event i cant see how you can say this was a great event.
  6. The thing about this event was that the people delivering the goods to the brit castle delivered then untouched by any and received nothing but a stare at the inside of brit castle walls for 40mins. :( very poor executed event.
  7. Agreed. Shame this could of been a great event to but he completly dropped the ball.
  8. PASmountaindew

    PASmountaindew Babbling Loonie
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    Nov 12, 2001
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    OK I think everyone here has re-iterated the same stuff enough times. Time to change the subject.
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