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Great Lakes Rare's Fest Updated

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by TandaBSK, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. TandaBSK

    TandaBSK Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
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    Great Lakes Bid Revised:
    So as NOT to Hijack Baja's proposal post I reworked the dates based on my discussion with Altheas. I'd like to get a lock on dates (barring natural disaster, the end of UO or whatever other out of our control event that might alter it). I myself am NOT a rare's collector... I'm auction house staff but I do realize that transfer fees, bankrolling such a pixel addiction and gathering enough super nice pixel candy takes time. Majestic Oaks Auction has a long and I like to think honored spot in the UO realm. January to May is a few months space of time, above all we want this event to be secure & memorable.

    IF consensus is that you'd ALL rather see this event moved to maybe June (though this one would end 5 days short of June 1st) We'd be happy to move it back to say June 4th through the 10th. ( I want to avoid ending on Father's day, family for many would conflict)

    May 21st through May 27th 2012

    Rare’s fest Great Lakes Proposal:

    Host: Majestic Oaks Auction House
    Dates: May 21st to May 27th (with pre event for the May 19 & May 20 travel days)
    Vendor house: Majestic Oaks Auction Castle on Artic Isle (Owner is Pratt)
    Majestic Oaks Pub on Artic Isle behind the castle (if needed, Owner is Melian)
    Auction house: Majestic Oaks Auction at the Buc’s Den Portal, Vesper End
    Auction Dates: Thursday May 24th, Saturday May 26th and Sunday May 27th
    Majestic Oaks Auction House staff: GM: Pratt, Managers: DJ Scorp, Emerald Ice, Melian,
    Co-owners: Pratt, DJ, Emmy*, Melian*, Princess Melody*, Logan*, Ethereal, Illyana Strange*, Grigory (these are the only folks who have access to items submitted for sale, but this list can be reduced at will by Pratt)
    Other members and support staff: Just a Girl, Lola, Elektra, FlapJack, Chelle (is training as auctioneer at this writing, not yet co-owner)
    Guild Roster: the vast majority of other members in guild are alts to one or more of the active members, Nemo and a few others are legacy founders of the guild and rarely log in. * Indicate staff who worked the last GL rare’s fest at Majestic Oaks.
    MOA staff will be in uniforms with guild tags on display, items can only be accepted AT THE AUCTION HOUSE and in the PIT

    May 19th and 20th (Saturday & Sunday) It is anticipated that off shard travelers will be using this weekend to pack and travel to Great Lakes, to set up vendors, get a lay of the land etc.

    Saturday May 19th (Noon to 4 pm. CST) Volunteer Staff at the Vendor house & Auction House
    (6 pm. CST to 10 pm. CST) Volunteer Staff at the Vendor house & Auction House
    Sunday May 20th (Noon CST to around 4 pm.) Volunteer Staff at the Vendor House & Auction House
    (6 p.m. CST to 10 pm. CST) Volunteer Staff at the Vendor House & Auction House
    Sunday May 20th 8 pm. CST will be a brief mini event at the castle to welcome those to the shard who are there and distribute runebooks. There will be a teleporter link between the Castle and the Auction house for the convenience of sellers and shoppers.
    Our EM’s have offered to establish a temporary gate for the course of the event; at this writing I am uncertain where best to locate this gate.
    Also the Majestic Oaks Banner will transport between Luna Banner Park (out the south gate) and the auction house.
    To set up vendors, accept submissions for auction, two times are slotted to allow for alternate time zones. I know a few folks at the last one were England etc. My icq and email address will be available to arrange appointments.
    Vendors will all be rent free! Please pay attention to the setup, renewal 1 week rentals. We are at first going to limit to 1 vendor per seller and then work from there. No price limits for items as fees for sale come out of your pocket. Vendors may contact me via stratics forum, MOA's site, email or icq.

    Monday, May 21st: “Night at the Museum” event Guided tour of Great Lakes Museums, sites, vendor houses

    Tuesday, May 22nd: EM event night (Tuesday is typically UO Fiction event night)

    Wednesday, May 23rd: (Great Lakes Role players)

    Thursday, May 24th: Majestic Oaks Auction, 8 p.m. CST start time (Trivia & Mystery Chest)

    Friday, May 25th: Fishing Council of Britannia Net Toss (working on setting up)

    Saturday, May 26th: Rare’s Fest Auction, 8 p.m. CST start time, payouts from sales, (Trivia)

    Sunday, May 27th: Rare’s Fest Auction, 1 p.m. CST start time, payouts from sales, (Trivia)

    Monday, Memorial Day, May 28th: Wrap up payouts from auction and Tuesday May 29th

    Icq Melian @ 294-317-507
  2. neptune1369

    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 23, 2009
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    sounds good if you need some help let me know
  3. TandaBSK

    TandaBSK Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
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    Any thoughts or feedback June 18, 2012 to June 24, 2012 is that better than May for Great Lakes?