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heading back in for a month

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by eolsunder, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. eolsunder

    eolsunder Guest

    hey all i'm going to be jumping back in for about a month sometime in march/april, not because i'm playing again, i really haven't thought of UO since i left, but because i have a ton of items stocked away on my characters i figure i can hook up with the guild and maybe have some event to give stuff away, like maybe fill xmas box's up with goodies and have reds chase people through fel to kill them and loot.

    who knows. Sorry i won't be coming back, but i'll be able to say hi to everyone who's still left. Got tons of things we can give away, hundreds of millions of gold, high end runic weapons, rubble, tons of rares, arties, etc.

    But just happened to be staying at a hotel and got on reading the stratic forums, and thought.. man, i got tons of things some of the other players could be using having fun, no reason to have it stashed away. So i'll be doing a TOTAL account cleaning when i get back in. So i'll jump back in, play around with everyone for a bit, then before i delete everything (or give my account away to someone, they can probably have alot of fun with the characters), we can have some sort of events or weekend fun, maybe even a fel housing IDOC where everyone can fight it out for a house full of chests with who-knows-what in them.

    I think we could have a very fun fel IDOC if people knew there was 100,000,000 gold stashed away in the house LOL.

    chat with ya soon.
  2. Damia TMC

    Damia TMC Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
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    EOL, we miss you!!!!! Change your mind and come stay a while.
  3. eolsunder

    eolsunder Guest

    hehe na, i'll be about a few weeks but really i've lost the interest, and nothing really has changed in years, so no regained interest. The few things i actually liked doing were nerfed, so that kinda messed it up also.

    I left what, last summer? Haven't missed it one bit, sadly. I remember a time i used to call in sick to work just to get up at 5am for daily rares LOL. Or what ever time the server came up.

    Man, been almost a year already wow. But i was bored at the hotel and just read forums for a while, and decided to check back in here, then realized that some people left could due with the items i have stocked away. I have some cool ideas on what we can do. Some events, finishing with a nice fel house drop complete with dragons, reds, raids, and tons of treasure loot chests.

    A bunch of guild stealthers running around fel dropping gift boxes and checks LOL. Maybe a treasure hunt for trammel people, who knows. We can chat about it later.

    Oh also read about Lady Phoenix, sad story its tough to lose some good people. Don't know how long ago that was. but, well i'll give a shout out when i get in and say hi.

    hehe i was trying to remember my other stratic account names, i could only think of this one, its so new i only have like 40 posts LOL my others have thousands. Wish i could remember those..
  4. Synclaire

    Synclaire Guest

    :gee:ooo man! Im certain u dont remember me- but I DO remember u- from Catskills even! lol I played there a few yrs before coming to Legends. Apparently, same as u. Irony is kinda funny, eh? :/ I hate u lost interest as u were one o the Power Players. One of the Big guys I aspired to be. U were an inspiration there as much as u are on the shard u left most recently. *cheers to u* I hope against probability that u are re-infected with the UO Virus!:spider:
  5. DevilsOwn

    DevilsOwn Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 27, 2003
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    yah, Eol was always one of those people that I watched just cause it's always so much fun to watch someone that actually knows what they're doing :D

    bank the good stuffs, ya just never know
  6. eolsunder

    eolsunder Guest

    hehe ah catskills that was a while ago. Well, never was a "power player" really, maybe a "power trader" .. i couldn't pvp worth a dang. My brain works too slow. Slow fingers also.. mmm i'm poisoned.. wheres that "cure" button.. F3? darn, no thats quick heal.. oops oooOOOOOoooo..

    Na, already had everything stored for a year just in case i come back, but i have no more urge to play UO full time anymore. Just the few days i've been back i've done a few things.. went "damn, this is STILL boring. "

    The game is what i call too "freeshard" now. its filled with junk, more pixel junk being added every day, more powerful items, more powerful pixel item junk. And like many freeshards that give you all the arties and powerful things at the start, gets boring. There are people walking around chatting about how they use 2 people to kill peerless.. Oh, lets solo the DF.. Its silly. And now i come back and see even MORE powerful items, talismans, spellbooks, and more junk LOL its so lame.

    So yes, i'm done the UO calling has left permently. So its time to give away all the stuff stored about so some people can have some fun. They seem to be dropping like flies.

    But the TMC guild and alliances will have some sort of event in a few weeks just before my month expires. I'm packing all my items into Gift and treasure boxes that we can use for the events to make giving them out easier. I can give you some hints on what we will be doing hopefully.

    1) Trammel treasure hunt. Not sure where, but probably in a city or big area with minimal monster spawn. Basically you'll be running through towns trying to find treasure chests, and we might have a "clue" hunt that will take you to a final clue spot where more treasure chests will be given out to who ever finds the spot.

    2) Fel Idoc. Basically i'm going to make up a 18x18 Fel house loaded up with locked treasure chests with about 200 weight each. I'll probably include items to keep any house placement from popping right up (barrels, etc). Then i'll drop the house and everyone can free fight and loot the chests and try and get away with what they can. And I mean FILLED with chests, some with junk inside, some with some good loot.

    3) Maybe i'll have some guild stealth members go into fel and fel champ areas or a designated area and stealth about dropping checks, and maybe gift boxes. Would be a delimina for a red player.. do i just follow around this TMC guy and pick up the checks, or kill him to see what his treasure box contains..... Or pick up the checks THEN kill him.

    Maybe we can include some other guild events in there also, such as if someone is having a auction, etc. We will see. Still a few weeks of worth left before we will start to plan it out. But it will probably happen the first week of April, or early in the 2nd. Just keep an eye out.
  7. Water Barrels don't block any more.

    You can't place a house at an IDOC anymore, it now has something like a 15-20 minute delay b4 you can place any kind of plot where the IDOC fel, my suggestion is to place it in an area that only an 18x18 can fit in and no other houses can fit outside that 18x18 zone that way no one will be able to place for at least the timer. By the time the timer goes all the good stuff should be gone.
  8. Omnicron

    Omnicron Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Dec 14, 1999
    Likes Received:
    Ya EOL i feel ya brotha. I was thinking about making a comeback. So I logged on my account walked around for awhile, did a few things and said, this game still sucks. New items, more crap. I have zero desire to play uo now. I just lurk these forums to give my self something to do when my kids are napping.
  9. Beddo

    Beddo Guest

    There really isn't much else out there that comes close to UO for depth. I've reach "end game" in most other MMOs in a matter of months. I do miss the UOR days, but I have to settle for what they offer currently.

    It's getting warmer so I need a hobby while I'm not riding or working which resulted in my return.

    Now EOL, about your stuff...?

    I checked for you last night and you were offline. I will ask around the Luna bank for tamers that are willing to part with a beetle.

    Take care.
  10. Omnicron

    Omnicron Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Dec 14, 1999
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    Isnt there allot of new trammie stuffs to do?