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Help With Beginner Job

Discussion in 'TirNua Stratics Forums' started by Sonshyne, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Sonshyne

    Sonshyne Guest

    Hi, I tried getting a job and the first job that is available is the bin pusher. However, I was only able to push two bins, but not able to proceed any further b/c I couldn't see the path to walk on. The path was hidden by the walls. I tried clicking on the walls, but there doesn't seem to be any actions there. Could somebody please help? Thanks!
  2. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    There is an icon graphic on your control panel (a corner wall with an arrow, next to the i, for lot information) that will lower the walls, which you should do as soon as you land on the job lot.

    Sometimes you will also need to rotate the screen (the two arrow icons) to see all of the moves.

    Hope this helps. :)

  3. Sonshyne

    Sonshyne Guest

    Thanks Gilly! That does help a lot. :)
  4. Sonshyne

    Sonshyne Guest

    Hi again, I'm now trying the intermediate job in the bin pushing one. I got to the first switch and tried clicking the switch (controller I think) and clicked on (the only choice), but the wall or barrier didn't go down and I couldn't proceed. How do I complete that course? I have the walls toggled down. Thanks!

    Here is a pic of what is happening.


    I've done the third job and succeeded at it, but as you can see by where I have the white circle, the barrier is not going down on this one. On the third job (room management) the barriers go down as soon as I get there, but on the back breaker one, they don't or at least the one doesn't go down no matter what I click on.
  5. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    If you look in the picture, you will see a bin between you and the blue breaker switch. You need to move that bin one more time, to the wall, in line with the other green bins. That you can stand directly in front of the breaker to work it.
    Click on the breaker and two options appear, ON and OFF. Chose one and here will be an animation of you throwing the switch.
    Once you cross the door, the OFF tile will close the door again.

    Hope this helps. :)