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(RP) HLP Guild to the rescue of one of their own...(R.A.S)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS


    Jan 19, 2014
    Likes Received:
    *Takes the Royal Event Scroll out from Guild Archives chest*

    Dear Guild Event Scroll,
    Night of the dark wolf, 2nd Crescent of the Moon,

    Today the day seemed to start full of optimism and happiness to the Guild, the Guild has been growing very fast steadily and some of the realm's higher lords are being very generous to my upcoming guildies, by equipping them with fighting and warmongering gear. Many of them are showing a lot of promise in their fields of skills and will become great legends. I have already been able to unite the bright, intelligent and fierce minds of very good soldiers and mages, and the guild seems to be taking a true stance in helping our young community to grow and form in the Virtues of Britannia. Many of whom last week were just Younglings, are this week showing me great prowess and dedication to the realm. I have been out in a few scavenges and Treasure Hunts mainly with Madam Mim and other guild members and is proving very lucrative for the guild. Just about as we were getting ready to go for another Treasure Hunt last night, I heard the voice of one of my Guildies in my mind (Lucifer) was calling for help, as his body had been trapped in a Dungeon after a surprise attack by the evil foes got him and pinned him down and he wasn't able to fend them off and fight back in time. I was there with Madam Mim and Lord Elgaar, I told them about the situation and we all headed to the rescue of our fellow member with our Greater Dragons behind us. I think we was a in a bit of a surprise to see the response he had got and all the support that arrived to his aim. We managed to portal into where his body was and managed to recover it for him, will slaying the evil foes that had taken his life.....

    A moment of clarity and relax..... that soon changed....

    Once he got all his stuff and we had slain all the foes, in an instance, we found ourselves surrounded by more foe that we could fend off, I then order a tactical retreat, as we have had soo much death, killing all that evil foe that nice night, and I wasn't going to risk the life of any of my Guildies. So we all pulled out and went for a nice relaxed drink to the Guild House to think the next Guild hunt and take into account the limitations of others... Although on another note, one of the guildies informed me he has opened a pub, so know we have a bar to go too instead of the guild house to level out and relax.

    Hope the guild expansion, stays this way, I am looking with very hopeful eyes to the future....
    Time to meet Drake Ironheart, my sweet husband and tell him about the things happening these days...

    Kalimana Zuya,
    Leader of the HLP Guild