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Hybrid Tamers

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Phaedra of DG, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Hello, I am curious to see what type of different templates people have created with taming template, if so please post you template, level of skill, and what you mainly use the character for. I'd appreciate it :)
  2. Turdnugget

    Turdnugget Guest

    Spawning/PvP/Peerless tamer/archer.

    115 Lore
    105 Taming (110 eventually)
    100 Vet
    100 Archery (120 w/hunters)
    90 Tactics
    105 Chivalry ( Consecrate, EoE, Divine,Cleanse, Remove Curse, Close Wounds,Holy Light for lower end spawn)

    Still don't have my other skill decided yet. Probably Bushido so i'm more effecting damage output wise. And another way to heal with Confidence.

    I use this character for the reasons stated above. I do well in all aspects. Usually am top damager vs. most if not all champions (Rikktor is a little tougher for me)

    PvP, I rock most anyone's socks as long as they don't 'speed' away or it's a lot vs. a few, and i'm one of the few.

    I love this template. I tried out a swords/parry combo so it was easier to stay close to vet and not take as much damage. Went back to archery for PvP purposes. It was just too hard to get people dismounted having to use melee skill up close to dismount.

    My tamer isn't PvP first, it's PvM first, the skills just help for when we get raided =)

    I don't use a GD, I prefer my beetle/mare combo.

    I rely on at least 2 if not 3 FC chiv heals + potions.
  3. Wolfman

    Wolfman Seasoned Veteran
    Governor Stratics Veteran Gilfane

    May 18, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Very similar to my template....which shard do you play?
  4. Wetherlocke

    Wetherlocke Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 29, 2008
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    I'm just curious... if you weren't concerned with PvP, how would this template change? I'm creating a couple new tamers, and one I want to be a warrior hybrid. Archery's always been my favorite combat skill, but I was never sure of its effectiveness as a tamer (like you said... needing to be close to vet). So if you were taking your character to non-Fel facets only (Doom, Trammel Peerless, Ilshenar champs), what template would you run?
  5. Diomedes Artega

    Diomedes Artega Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 9, 2008
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    An archer/tamer is quite effective for your PvM needs. I recommend either magery or invisibility items though for when you get in a tight situation.

    Additionally, I wouldn't use any pet that is going to have you on your feet. Ideally, something you can ride as needed or to get away when you get in trouble...if you are, on foot.
  6. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    This template is one I tried on TC, but never finished on a production shard. It's intended purely for PvM and is intended for working with smaller pets.

    100 taming
    100 lore
    100 vet
    120 swords
    100 tactics
    100 necromancy
    100 chivalry

    The plan was to grab a pack of hell hounds, frenzied ostards or a beetle/bake combo (need more taming/lore for the beetle) and use myself as a tank, with vampire embrace and good weapons for healing. I used soul seeker for my TC testing. The beetle/bake made good sidekicks for the big hunts against area effect wielding opponents, like Sir Patrick or the Bedlam Necromancers, which were the biggest creatures I tried to kill.

    Even untrained, a pack destroyed most opponents and I didn't have to ressurect them very often since I was the tank. The damage I did, while good, paled in comparison to a pack's damage output. It's a great way to make a lot of gold quickly.
  7. taming
    swords 120

    fun class, my favorite was to ride a unicorn for the cures or a swampie for the DR, and then use a rune beetle or hiryu!
  8. Tamais

    Tamais Lake Austin Reporter
    Reporter Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Editor Campaign Patron

    May 13, 2008
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    Lessa is a peace/tamer
    taming 120
    vet 120
    lore 120
    music 120
    peace 120
    magic 100
    rest in meditation

    all real skill.
    She does champs, peerless with a group. haven't tried soloing with her. She is brave or stupid enough to pretty much try any thing. Mostly use my pup, greater dragon, or mare/beetle.
  9. Sweety

    Sweety Guest


    Taming 120
    Lore 120
    Mage 110
    Evalint 110
    Med 110
    Magery 105
    Vet 120

    I usually just tame on this chr... i have tame/lore/vet maxed out for stable slots
    When i do go out hunting i use a cu to take dmg, heal with vet, and cast spells on monster
  10. T-Hunting

    100........Lock Picking
  11. Diomedes Artega

    Diomedes Artega Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 9, 2008
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    What kind of cures does the unicorn do? Cure spell on you or itself?
  12. uoBuoY

    uoBuoY Guest

    On the char
  13. athlon

    athlon Guest

    I just switched to a tamer/necro template, and it is possibly the most dominant template in the game and very fun to use.

    An Uber Greater Dragon (elite resists and HP) tanking spawn while you position your necro just behind the dragon and spam wither is the most devestating combo in the game.

    Now put a couple necros behind this Greater Dragon, and you can clear a champ spawn in 5 seconds (not quite, but it is unbeleivable if played correctly).

    To give you can idea, the tokonum champ spawn, when the lesser hiryu's and revenant lions spawn - 5-10 will target my dragon and i will be behind withering for 50-60 damage a pop to lesser hiryus and 35-40 to revenant lions - literally 300-500 points of damage total every 2-3 secs and all dead in 20 secs or so. An elite dragon will survive this with about 100 HP left.

    The skill involved is mainly 'positioning' which is harder than many think with a tamer. You dont want something chomping on you or the drags dead when you run, and if you dont run off and ivis, your dead too.

    Fun template though.
  14. RichDC

    RichDC Guest


    Fits pretty much every combat need!!!PvM either sit behind a Cu (no need to vet) or GD and whack away with honour engaged lightning strikes PvP same +dread mare, beetle/mare/bake. good fun template!!!
  15. Turdnugget

    Turdnugget Guest

    Wolfman, I play Baja.

    Wether, if I wasn't concerned about PvP i'd add bushido + raise skills higher. I still have room to add bushido or meditation. Still deciding what I want more =)

    Archery up close due to having to vet isn't bad at all. I've got at least 2FC at all times so Closing Wounds isn't really an issue. When I was running 4 FC it was a joke how easy it was to keep myself healed + the pet(s) healed.

    For doing non-Fel champs/Doom/Peerless it's pretty simple. The only downfall of not having magery and having to be close to vet is the Tokuno spawn with the champ's AoE poison spell. I haven't done any other Peerless w/my tamer other than Lady Mel. She isn't really a problem, just gotta use a GD or beetle + something else if there is a GD to tank and be careful of her withers as that can make her target you. Whenver i've done it, i've had other mages/tamers help heal my pet while I sit at a distance and plink away with my bow + bushido Lightnight Strike. Rikktor is a little difficult too due to his AoE earthquake but it's easily healed through. As for the other Peerless i'm not sure.

    Any other ilsh spawn is rather simple with the template I run. I do mass damage with my beetle/mare combo. I use mare so I can hop on and ride if need be. Especially when my beetle hits the Corrupt Armor special.

    As a human I can get into wraith form for a little extra mana leech so I can continue to spam LS if I want.

    Doom is rather simple as well, minus the DF. I haven't solo'd the DF on a tamer or any other chr for that matter. But i'm eventually going to make a sampire for that.

    Chivalry is great due to the Impaler's mortal wound. Just gotta be paying attention to when one of the bosses turns on you, run away, and wait for pet to take agro or use an invis potion.

    I love this template. Great for PvP/PvM.
  16. Turdnugget

    Turdnugget Guest

    Farsight, how did that template fair as far as defense? And why do you have chiv so high? I can see for lower end spawns at champ spawns for Holy Light... but what's the benefit for a sampire-esque tamer?
  17. VorteXPete

    VorteXPete Guest

    Here's my 2 tamers that i use alot

    Human tamer
    105 Magery
    120 Lore
    120 Taming
    120 Vet
    120 Disco
    120 Peace
    120 music
    I Use jewels to get this many points

    Elf Tamer

    115 Lore
    115 Taming
    115 Vet
    80 Magery
    100 Hiding
    120 Stealth
    85 ninjitsu
    90 Herding

    Just enough ninja to go to Llama form for fast runnin, i find this temp very fun and usefull and just pvm with it
  18. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Honestly, if I could fit parry on the template, I would try it that way, but that would require some significant skill gain items. But healing is still easily handled by life leech in most cases. I couldn't kill the paragon balrons, but that was more because my pack of ostards was completely untrained and couldn't hit the side of a barn than a weakness in just having vamp form and 120 swords.

    I used high chivalry for two reasons. The first was that higher chivalry does increase your chance of curing yourself with cleanse by fire. Since the only times you'll get poisoned is by very high level poison, then a good chance of curing it is a plus.

    But the real reason I used high chivalry was that I was only testing the possibilities. Therefore I just picked easy numbers for all the skills and went for it.
  19. thamantii

    thamantii Guest

    I've just recently switched my template around to this ... still kinda building it up a bit.

    120 Tame
    120 Lore
    100 Vet
    120 Magery
    120 Eval
    110 Med
    120 Spellweaving

    I have a lot of jewelry needs and if the case calls i can pretty much keep all these stats except tame / lore (i keep just enough to control my pets 99% of the time) and have a 1400+ luck suit on. It's a lot of fun. I mainly just go out and kill stuff...pvm a lot.
  20. kaio

    kaio Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 2, 2008
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    I have 2 tamers, one for pvm, and one for pvp
    120 music
    120 disco
    100 taming
    100 vet
    100 lore
    85 magery
    100 meditation

    110 magery
    120 eval
    120 wrestling
    100 resist
    100 medi
    110 taming
    110 lore
  21. I have an oldish fashion stealth tamer spellweaver

    105 Lore
    105 Taming
    100 Hide
    115 spellweaving
    100 Stealth
    100 Vet
    95 Archery

    I also have 95 Ninja on a stone that I use when I need stealth speed. I havnt used this char much since I have been back (been back about 3 weeks after a 2 year break) but I remember it used to be good at peerless.

    If anyone has any play tips for this char, I would be most appreciative.

    For my main loot farmer I use the ole' standard
    120 lore, tame, vet, music, peace
    100 magery
    20 hide (am elf for mana bonus and those lovely cu's)

    I have started a new char with 50 disco that I am training for the tamer (gotta love area peace, but even at 2x120 peace doesnt seem to do much).
  22. Seismic

    Seismic Guest

    I have a goal to run the Doom gauntlet by myself, when others aren't in.

    Just started this template with adv char on top of my old pure bard:

    110 Taming
    110 Lore
    100 Vet
    120 Music
    120 Provo
    100 Magery
    65 Med

    Would like to get some +skill items, drop med and switch with 120 disco ... but my luck suit will take a significant hit. Maybe I wouldn't need all that "broken" luck anyhow??

    If not, I'll use soulstones to swap out either of the 3 bard skills since I've trained them all to 120 :).
  23. Turdnugget

    Turdnugget Guest

    Well Seismic, with regards to luck you could always do what some ppl do... bring a luck suit with you, when the monster is dead or near dead, swap that one on before you open the corpse.

    Luck is kinda like Bigfoot... people claim to have seen him... some say it's a myth. Some claim that you have to wear luck the whole time, some claim you can just put it on at the end when you open the corpse.

    I know that getting arties now is different and you accumulate 'points' for each boss kill.

    What you could do, to free up some points... Depending what your real/lore/taming is... you've always got a few talismans to choose from to get +10 points.

    Mark of Travesty to get another +20
    Tome of Lost Knowledge for 15 magery
    Jewels (if these aren't already taken for something else)
    Drop vet to 90 and use enhanced bandages (acts as though it's 100vet)
    Leave Discord at 90, get a pair of +30 discord jewels, swap on to discord, then take off and throw other jewels back on.

    That will give you some more play in skill...

    However, for Doom, I do like having chiv on my tamer so that I can Remove Curse for the impaler who likes to moral wound your pet.

    You could always do what i've thought for soloing Doom... for all the regular bosses, just any regular tamer template... then for the DF, have my sampire logged there to solo the DF. Then log sampire once done... go back to tamer etc etc...
  24. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Is it only me that never has to worry abou the mortal strike from impalers?

    Seriously i think in my last 10 trips...one time have i not been able to just carry on vetting...normally it says hes mortaled...i cant cast heals...but can vet through.
  25. Turdnugget

    Turdnugget Guest

    Dunno...I've always had my pets mortaled... so I've always had chiv on my template. And it helps for myself if targeted as well.
  26. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
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    I've always just used vet lol. I haven't tried the remove curse tali, but I'm sure someone said they worked vs mortal? I'm tempted to try making a doom only tamer from one of my tamer nooblets though, if I can knuckle down to train her though.

    Something like:

    110 Tame
    110 lore
    110 vet
    100 Archery (+ hunters when I get one)
    100 Tactics
    100 Bushido
    90 Chiv

    Though I still love my stealther for high end dangerous areas:

    120 Tame
    120 Lore
    120 Vet
    100 Mage
    100 Hiding
    100 Eval/Herding
    60 Stealth

    Not uber damage output there, but unless I screw up she never dies.

  27. Turdnugget

    Turdnugget Guest

    Wenchkin, i've thought of a similar Doom only tamer template... but with swords instead w/sampire weapon.

    That way being up close to heal with vet, you can hit a lot faster as well, keeping yourself alive. Pet of choice would be a cu sidhe for it's healing purposes... less to vet it then too. That and it's got realy high cold for when doing the DF and it's getting wither spammed by the DF/spawn it can hold it off better. That and with swords you can use a whirlwind weapon and take care of spawn a lot quicker.
  28. Wenchkin

    Wenchkin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 16, 2008
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    Well at least swords is cheaper to train lol. I remember having 4 archers at one point, never again :D That's a tempting suggestion too.