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I can't post on wow-europe forums

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by poi000, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. poi000

    poi000 Guest

    I've got a guest pass from my step-son, so i downloaded WoW. Love it. Got to Lvl 8 with my Tauren hunter in my first day's play.

    Tried to log on to wow-europe forums to ask a few questions, but it keeps telling me there's no character available. Is this because I've got a guest pass, rather than the full game?
  2. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    My educated guess would be yes. Guest passes or Trial Accounts are very limited on what they can do.

    Example, you cannot trade items to or from a gues account and they are limited in access within the game.

    PM me the link to the addy where you were trying to post and let me try to help. Unless someone knows for sure that you cannot post there on a trial account.

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Did he give you a European or American account code is the important question too
  4. poi000

    poi000 Guest

    He gave me a Euro account pass. I made the mistake of dl'ing the US game, then had to uninstall and go again from the Euro site.
  5. poi000

    poi000 Guest

    I'm on the wow-europe forum now.

    Looks like some hideous lag to add my character from the game onto the forum database.
  6. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    Well, since you live in Europe, and your server is there, at least your game play will not be too laggy. Correct?

  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I live in the UK but have an account on a US server. I've had no noticeable problems connecting or with lag - however I still can't figure out why US and euro servers are separate. It's quite frustrating that, to be able to play with friends on UK servers as well as on US servers I have to pay out for another full game version, account, etc etc.