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In and around Stonekeep, Yew.

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Guardsmen Militia, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Various pictures and tidbits of information regarding the recent activities of The Guardsmen Militia and some of the people of Yew.


    As the heatwave in Yew finally passes it's time to recap and recount the activites in Yew this month.

    • A new store has opened
    • A new gateway was constructed in Stonekeep.
    • Three new games were invented, in life-size!
    • A charity organisation has been set up for those who found themselves in need of aid after the heat-wave and subsequent fires.
    • A Templar was found crucified in the center of Stonekeep.
    • Two beautiful weddings took place.
    • A prisoner and many jailors were found murdered inside Yew jails.
    • A bout of unexplained illness hit many of the citizens, healers are still struggling to catch up with the backlog of complaints.
    • A caravan collapsed by the solen holes, trapping a man and unfortunately kiling him.
    • Extra funds were raised and many beasts across the lands fell at the hands of the Militia through countless patrols and hunts.
    • We unfortunately lost yet another Mill after further bouts of forrest fires spread to it, rendering the building unuseable.
    • A man was found believed to have been pecked to death by chickens.

    Unfortunately it would be impossible for us to picture and detail everything that has happened in Yew this month but if you'd like to know more please visit our forums where our notice board in particular is filled with details of our shenanigans.