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"Insurance bug" question for Devs - - -

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Revenant2, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Revenant2

    Revenant2 Guest

    This was posted in a different thread:

    Is this how it works? If so, do all GMs know to check such a thing if they are paged for help?

    I've seen an incident where someone had a piece of armor disappear due to apparent "insurance bug". Then, 3 days later, this person died in combat and only then, finally, did the item appear on the corpse. It seems possible that the item was stuck in the "ghost backpack" for those 3 days perhaps?

    What's the deal, how does this whole thing really work?

    I've observed a person operating a 3rd party app (a non-allowed one) and when the person died, the insured and blessed items appeared to be sitting in the player backpack (the player backpack is not normally visible when the person is dead). So, this is odd.
  2. AesSedai

    AesSedai Guest

    - ... Unless the player in Trammel is a member of the thief's guild; if I understand what you're saying correctly.
  3. Revenant2

    Revenant2 Guest

    I mean that when you die, your own backpack normally closes and you can't see anything that might be in it when you are in that "dead" state. All you see is grey-hued screen graphics and your paperdoll looking all ghosty. Your backpack is closed upon death and not openable again until you're alive.
  4. Erekose

    Erekose Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 23, 2008
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    To this date I've yet to see the devs even admit there IS an insurance bug, despite the fact that we all know it exists.
  5. Doomsday Dragon

    Doomsday Dragon Visitor

    Jun 11, 2008
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    Really because as I remember they found that vendors with insured items for sale were causing some if not all of the issues with insured items going to the corpse on death rather than back into your backpack.

    This is also why you can no longer place items for sale on your vendor if they are insured.

    You should go back and look at some of the previous publish notes because it wasn't all that long ago this was looked into and vendors corrected.

    But as far as I know the problem was with insured items not blessed.

    As for personal experience with this I can tell you blessed items are general the most reliable not to be lost during a death. I know this because every time I ever dropped a suit or item that was insured the blessed items stayed. And I did drop things a whole lot over the years things that were insured while I still had plenty of cash in the bank.
  6. Wallenstein

    Wallenstein Guest

    I came across a form of insurance bug yesterday.

    I gained ownership of a UO account and was going through the belongings inside of the account's house. I came across a pair of leggings that were "Insured" and took them out of the metal chest they were in and equipped them with my thief. All the while the leggings were marked as "Insured" and I did have Auto Renew Item Insurance enabled, but when I died they became uninsured.. None of my other items did, but the leggings I took from the chest were uninsured when I resurrected.

    I think the problem lies within retrieving insured items from a storage container of some sort and equipping them right off the bat.. Doing this will cancel the insurance after one death, regardless of whether or not the Auto Renew is enabled.

    Taking an item from a chest (for example) and uninsuring it, then re-insuring it, will solve this problem.. so go figure.
  7. A previous poster has it correct. The insurance bug has to do with selling insured items on vendors. Thats why you cant sell insured items on vendors anymore.
  8. burnttrees

    burnttrees Guest

    this may be considered a long shot but all things bought on the vendors that where insured where insured by another player and "maybe" some items .ie the pair taken out of the box insured by someone else was again insured by someone else maybe that is the reason why somethings don't return as they are where insured by someone else and not the player wearing them

    sadly this would require a developer to look into to verify if its the real cause of the problems
  9. Well if that was how it was working. Then every players who has a vendor that sells insured stuff. There would be many reports of items just magically appearing in people packs if the insured item went back to the persons pack that insured it. It was just a bug in the coding that had a conflict between vendors and insurance. They fixed it now. However anything that has been sold already that was insured will still be bugged until new owner uninsures it and reinsures it. Plus anything that was insured on vendors when the fixed it will still be bugged. Or the simple solution is to do what I do. Dont buy from player vendor cause all you get is an overpriced item which you could have probebly gotten yourself if you werent soo lazy.
  10. Olahorand

    Olahorand Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 27, 2004
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    How would this explain, that I can change insured stuff between my chars on different accounts and usually not have the problem?
  11. Revenant2

    Revenant2 Guest


    There was one insurance bug that they fixed by not allowing items on vendors to have insurance applied to them as they sit on the vendor. I did not see where the exact process was explained but they were able to duplicate it.

    Some other "insurance bug" may still be out there, as people have still been reporting dropping their items. We'll see as time goes on if somehow this old bug is working it's way out of the system, or something, or if the losing of items continues, who knows.

    Mainly I was wondering what really happens when the player dies? A report of a "ghost backpack" being part of a lost-item story got my attention, considering what I'd seen with the items in the player backpack while the player was running around dead.
  12. Doomsday Dragon

    Doomsday Dragon Visitor

    Jun 11, 2008
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    This was the case it just didn't happen every time an item that was insured was bought and worn it was a random happening related to the vendors and that is why it took so long to track down and correct. It did not however return the items lost to the previous owner. I started re insuring everything I bought and stopped losing items.

    As for the "ghost backpack" you still have a backpack even while dead and that pack still contains your items that were insured or blessed before dieing and you can have the pack open even as your dead some times because of errors in the game. I rezzed once with a weapon still in my hand explain that one lol. I really wanted to duplicate that again but it was a random happening and to this day has never happened to me a second time. Anyhow the point is that when you die all kinds of crazy stuff can and will happen at random.
  13. well its been around for years and they cant seem to figure it out so good luck lol i have lost loads due to this and i would have mass gold in my bank and i am sure i know how to insure items by now due to fact i have been here since day one lol