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Is this wishful thinking ?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Belmarduk, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Belmarduk

    Belmarduk Guest

    From a different thread:

    My VISION for UO is for EA/Mythic to build a REAL 3D version of UO.

    Warhammer Online and KR both use the same Gamebryo engine. So they can reuse all of the underlying non-graphical KR code, redesign Warhammer's 3D interface with UO specific menus, and redo the artwork in 3D.

    That would be a Killer MMO. Proven Depth + Playability with Stunning Graphics.

    Now that would make me reactivate my subscription
    <font color="red"> immediantley </font> and I know of about 12 people myself offhand who would start UO again....


    I think this would be wishful thinking [​IMG] *sigh*
  2. <font color=red> immediantley</font color=red>



    Emphatically "half-way" ...??? or in an Extremely "average" manner ?

    I think this would be wishful thinking [​IMG] *sigh*


    Extremely "average".