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(RP) Just a spoonfull of sugar...

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Noble Beast, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Noble Beast

    Noble Beast Journeyman
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    Oct 10, 2009
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    Selene placed the sweet treats on the Tray of Travesty with care; everything must be perfect for this particular scene. She glided up the stairs with elegant ease. She donned her most winning smile. She had asked Claudia to list her reasons for unpreparedness concerning the Magincian Rebellion; this would be the test of the careful conditioning that Selene had so painstakingly persevered for the past few weeks.

    Cole-Kat was beside Claudia in bed, reciting her adventure with Ta'lin while braiding her mother's long bitter chestnut colored hair. When Selene entered the bedchamber, Katrina closed her mouth and smirked at Selene.

    Pretending not to notice her granddaughter's defiance, Selene placed the tray of desserts into Claudia's lap. "Eat these and then you can continue to rest up. Did you finish the list?"

    Claudia handed the parchment to her mother and chose a raspberry tart for her first taste of real food. The Fasting Vow she had taken at Empath Abbey and then the sickness had left her weak and groggy. How long have I been in bed? she wondered.

    Selene scanned the list, grateful that Nicholas Tarrant's name was not present. "Why is Lynne Zellinous the first name on this list?" Selene could not hide her disgust but she quickly recovered and continued in a more pleasant tone. "She is the cause of this conflict. Her new attitude is one of arrogance and selfishness, not peace. Your affection and loyalty towards her is misplaced. Please listen to reason and preserve HearthFire Village."

    Claudia said nothing and chose a coca fudge square as her next edible.

    Katrina continued to smirk, still braiding Claudia's hair.

    Selene continued. "Fig is one of the oldest members of the Pack of Wolf Woods: do not forget that they were originally wolves. He is territory minded. His status as ally & friend will be jeopardized if we side with the Rebels of Magincia. Ta'lin will go with the majority and he does not have it in him to hate; he will respect our decision, either way. Fern..." Selene shrugged, "Who knows what a creature like that thinks. Lord Elladan would be seriously grieved if we chose the Rebellion's cause."

    Selene stopped reading the list of names when she came to the next - WildStar. She knew that Claudia's great admiration and affection for the Duchess of the Kingdom of Dawn might be enough to break Claudia's conditioning. She must choose her words carefully. " The Duchess will choose neutrality, as she always does."

    Claudia began to blink and wobble. Katrina glared at Selene, knowing that the sweets had been BlackRock-imbued too.

    Selene smiled sweetly at her progeny while she took the tray and placed it on the elvin wash-basin. "Alright..." she began. "Before you doze off again, Claudia. I want to tell you that the gold for our prosperous village does not come from your daemon hunting; it comes from our BlackRock Trade with Umbra. We are poised to prop-up Lindae into their Patriarchal Senate, if he so chooses; we can offer a safe haven for the gypsies in our village; and I have the Vampire Cabal in Doom safely within my grasp. We have worked many long years to get to this point. Please ponder these points while you rest."

    Selene watched as her daughter slipped into sleep and her granddaughter trembled in fear. Katrina knew that when this scene was over, a punishment would follow.

    War will come. Lynne will make sure of that! HearthFire must be prepared.
    Selene thought as Claudia drifted into slumber. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Katrina bolt out of the room. To Dar's Tamer Temple, no doubt.

    Lady Cleopatra Selene cackled.

    [For the lead-up stories, go here: http://vboards.stratics.com/hooded-crow-inn-%5Bfiction%5D/256813-prisoners-war-familias.html ]
  2. Noble Beast

    Noble Beast Journeyman
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    Oct 10, 2009
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    Awakenings, above and below.

    Claudia awoke and knew exactly what she must do: become The Thorn and protect what she cherishes - The Rose that is her family.

    Katrina Cole, daughter of King Colinius of the Blue Glade, was sleeping in the bed. Gently, she awoke Trina with her usual morning greeting by kissing her babe on the forehead to awaken her third eye. When Cole-Kat blinked out of her dream, Claudia said, "Go to Dar & do not return until I send for you."

    Katrina bolted out of the house.

    Claudia entered the Reading Room, Uba Ptah Mun was waiting. "Where is mother?" Claudia inquired.

    "To Magincian Tokuno Vendor." Uba stated.

    "Go to your Guild & do not return to.." Claudia trailed off, fondly remembering Lynne, Circe, and lost Valek. "...this Isle until I summon you."

    Uba hugged Claudia with long-standing affection. Claudia's nursemaid and midwife left the house.

    ShadeStar was recling on her bed stroking the Oracle Seppo's Robe.

    "Go to the Pack." Claudia teared up remembering Shadow Kass and Zethan. " Fig will honor your neutrality, if you choose that. You always know when to return"

    ShadeStar watched her employer descend the stairs while she thought of what to pack.

    Claudia nodded to Dru in the kitchen. For years Claudia's mother had considered Dru to be an embarrassment; Claudia only thought of Dru with love. "Will you stay with me for this fight?" Claudia was almost pleading.

    Dru did not stopped working. "You may question yourself and the whole world, for all I care, but never disrespect me by doubting me."

    Claudia exhaled and smiled, her courage was set. She picked the peaches from her grove. These trees are the legacy of Shadow Kass & Lord Zethan. Claudia thought as she placed the fruit into her backpack. And then she said, "Britain Mint" She bought a candle from the Britain Provisioner and proceeded to Aino Nystad's Memorial.
  3. Noble Beast

    Noble Beast Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 10, 2009
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    Something is a'foot

    Claudia left Empath Abbey cleansed. Anne, The Keeper of the Flame, had heard her confession.

    Home, Claudia thought. Within a heartbeat, the divine light transported her to HearthFire Village. Her acolyte, Lauriel, was waiting for her at the TownShip Banner. They smiled at one another while entering the Temple.

    Lauriel said nothing while ascending the stairs into the Gathering Hall.

    "I hope that she forgave me for breaking mother's foot. Selene needed taming. I had to make her housebound to rekindle her love for craft. Has she finished the clothing for the Magincian Vendors at Zento?"

    Lauriel nodded.

    "Good." Claudia sat with relief on the Rustic Bench. All of the construction has made me tired. Toni temporarily moving the M!S Archery Range to HearthFire until the Skara Buttes can get fixed (with Elladan's Blessing). Rayne the LumberJack returning home, Temple construction & preparation, ceremonies, Bane War veterans (thought lost or dead) are returning to the Alliance, Lumarians, ...

    Lauriel watched her Lady slip into a mental spiral inward. She had a pitcher of Crystalline BlackRock WellWater ready to refresh her Regent Priestess.

    Claudia gulped the water eagerly, & grateful for a break from her thoughts.

    "Thank you," Claudia smiled at her Kindle Keeper. "The Amazons wish is what really disturbs me." Claudia shivered. "Do I dare risk that much just for political recognition?" Claudia shook her head. "I must seek advice from The Duchess WildStar." Ta'lin, Fig, Elladan, and Fern must not learn of this. James & Lance will be discreet, I trust those lads. I must find Bucko. The Magincians have the most to gain. Surely Lynne will see that. Where is Valek? And Trilin? I will need them. I will hold the Dark Tower in my pocket, for now. I believe that the Vampire Cabal is being dominated by Proserpina & Nicholas.

    While her thoughts were racing, Claudia had habitually wound up at Aino Nystad's Memorial.

    "Hail & Happy New Year to you, Lady Aino Nystad!

    While at Empathy Abbey, I plotted. The Amazons want Avalon. HearthFire can claim it as a territory.

    I hope to build a navy along with Magincia.

    Felucca is lawless, other than Might vs Right. I want take advantage of that. We wish the Citizens of Avalon no harm, only growth. We can buy those citizens in that ruined, neglected little town, if there are any left to oppose us.

    I hope to handle this with the same discretion, tact, and grace that you & Queen Dawn embodied,"

    *Letters sealed in wax with a small piece of BlackRock within the wax*

    Hail friends & allies, or future ones! HearthFire is planning an invasion of Felucca's Avalon. Might is right in those lands, & the Royal High Council follows the example of King British in this manner (clearing demonstrated in their neglect of the people in the Old Lands riddled with graves). I have a desire to prop-up that once great Kingdom by extending the bounty of HearthFire Village to it's dead soil. I will need allies in friendship, gold, favors, etc...

    Please use discretion in this matter. My political stance is precarious due to our BlackRock Trade. Your warnings, cautions, time, and feelings on this matter are most welcomed!

    Lady Claudia Drusilla, Regent Priestess of HearthFire's Order of the Thorn.

    *Letters delivered by the Sphinx Hybrid to: The Duchess WildStar, Queen Sheiba, Lynne Zelinous. Toni Fierce, Bucko, Lord James & Lance, Katrina D'Antres of Lumaria, Valek, Circe, and...Super Ken.*
  4. WildStar

    WildStar UO Baja News Reporter
    Reporter Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Campaign Benefactor BRPA

    May 12, 2008
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    *serious expressions on the faces of the Royal Council while they compose the following letter*

    Lady Claudia Drusilla,

    Perhaps you may not be aware of it, but the Kingdom of Dawn has long held the City of Avalon under its' protection until the day that the citizens are able to protect themselves again. Lady WildStar, Grand Duchess and Regent, spoke before Casca at his council several years on behalf of Avalon. We strongly advise you to not take the action described in your letter. If you choice to disregard this advise, we regret to inform you that we will be force defend the citizens of Avalon and engage in battle with your forces. We do not wish take this action and hope that another solution can be found in regards to Avalon.

    The Kingdom of Dawn Royal Council

    *added shortly before the letter is sealed for delivery*

    P.S. Claudia, I hope you do not follow through, as I feel that the result would not be in the best interest of the Citizens of Avalon, Dawn and Hearthfire. WildStar
  5. Noble Beast

    Noble Beast Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 10, 2009
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    *reply letter sent to WildStar*

    To The Grand Duchess & Regent of The Kingdom of Dawn, WildStar,

    Once again you have saved me from ignorance; I fear that some of my foes thought to outwit me - I give thanks that I have friends, like you, who are able to balance my rashness. I would like to assure you & The Kingdom of Dawn's Royal Council that I have dismissed all notions of overtaking Avalon, now that I know of its political protections. As you know, I have not allowed the sale of BlackRock to the citizens of Dawn from HearthFire; it is illegal in your Kingdom, and I would not jeopardize our relationship (professional or personal). Thank you for your patience, time, and forgiveness; something told me to contact you personally, but outside pressures got the better of me and I did not heed my instincts.

    Please accept my apologies for any ill-feelings that may have been aroused between us during my ignorant inquiry & this letter.

    Best wishes & deepest regret,

    Lady Claudia Drusilla, Regent Priestess of HearthFire's Order of the Thorn


  6. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
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    May 22, 2008
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    *crumples and throws strongly worded letter into nearby fireplace*