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[Selling] Leaving UO, selling following items

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Lilweezybaby, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. Lilweezybaby

    Lilweezybaby Guest

    Time has come for me to leave UO :( ... just not for me anymore...lists will come as fast as i can get them up, all items are on atlantic shard;

    Tamer Disco Mage suit:
    100 LRC, 70/61/70/70/69, med, +38 disco, +10 music, +12 mage, +27 taming, +5 animal lore (92 total + skills), I also used a basic scrappers and vesper chaos shield with this suit for casting speed for minor heals on the run, I loved this suit because I am a procrastinator and lazy for skills lol (Elves Only suit)

    PvP Necro Mage Suit:
    100 lrc, 38 lmc, dci 35, mr 7, 67/70/64/70/70 (outta form), 67/65/64/70/70(vamp form), 70/70/64/70/70 (wraith), Suit holds a MR 1 scrappers and uses totem of void

    Various Event Items such as:
    • Tons of AoS cloth/ dyed backpacks
    • Cloaks of corruption/ Threads of Life, Thought, Fate
    • Tons of Invasion Colored Armors/matching kryss including popular Blood Red
    • “member of the royal britannian guard” sash not the one from turn ins, this is original color purple for Atlantic shard
    • 10 gossamer, venom sac, spider web deeds,
    • Happy new year pumpkin
    • Planesheilds/Planeswords/ 100 pt spring cleaning tickets
    • Berzerker’s scythe
    • Various “cursed” artifacts
    • Ranger Armor Set, various set pieces
    • Ophidian rations, slippery snake skins
    • Snake Skin Boots
    • Rubble; bed pieces, burnt tree, fallen log, vines with flowers, corner mid sized wall
    • Purple stuffy horse, pink stuffy bear

    More to come, just getting tired

    ICQ - 81244095 or post reply here if interested in anything