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Legion of Myth - {US, Order, RP, RvR}

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by MaxLiao, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. MaxLiao

    MaxLiao Guest

    Legion of Myth is a canon based role-play guild; some would call us role-play light. We believe in the spirit of the game and try to adhere to canon and lore as much as practical, while maintaining the ability to positively RvR (and PvE). Through the game GUI text chat we tend to remain in character; however, we use VoIP (out of character) for combat communications.

    Although, as a guild, we are entering WAR smaller and later than typical, we do have a former track record of guilds in both PvP and PvE games.

    We are not looking to be a million members strong. We are looking to grow to a manageable size – whatever that happens to be – of hardcore, casual, and role-players who like to grow and succeeded as a team.

    You can read all about Legion of Myth on our web page: http://www.legionofmyth.com.
    You are also welcome to visit us on our forums: http://www.legionofmyth.com/harbinger.

  2. MaxLiao

    MaxLiao Guest

    I guess I never got back to this to update it. :blushing:

    For any who may be interested, we are on the Ostermark server.