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Let's talk about what we'd like to see on the KR Pets gump

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by imported_Sarphus, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Just so we're all talking about the same thing here...

    The Pets gump is the display that shows the healthbars of all your pets. There are currently a few bugs in the EA version of this gump, which I plan to fix. I am also looking for any ideas that other people have of how the gump could be more useful for them. The EA version of the gump is pretty good, though.

    Bugs I plan to fix:
    1. Sometimes when you run off screen from your pets they will vanish from the gump
    2. If you mount an ethy after the gump is loaded, it will display the ethie's healthbar
    3. As you add pets to the gump, the background grows faster than the width of the pet healthbars. In other words, with 5 pets in the gump, the background black area is a lot larger than the healthbars it houses (fixed this one already)

    Other things I currently plan to do:
    1. I want to have the pets gump display all non-etherial pets whether they're mounted or not
    2. I want to (if possible) add an enable/disable flag on pet renaming. I'm constantly renaming my pets by accident when I try to click them. I know I can disable it, but it may be difficult to enable/disable it without loading a different custom UI... when I disable pet renaming, I just load the default gump if I need to rename a pet lol

    Please post any other ideas you have on how to improve the gump
  2. Looks like the pets gump isn't nearly as much of a hot button issue as the animal lore gump. I think this is a testament to how good of a job the devs did on this one.