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[Trading] Looking to trade warcraft account for UO account

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by zenmonk35, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. zenmonk35

    zenmonk35 Guest

    I played UO about 10 years ago when it was new.I played for 2 years then moved on to everquest,etc. I played warcraft for about 2 years and quit at the beginning of last year right when burning crusades came out.I do have BC and an alliance dwarf hunter lvl 70. I have many high lvl characters such as a 60 elf priest,60 tauran shaman (horde),60 human pally,and various gold, items.I have some rares on my hunter and priest but no complete epic sets or anything.I play on Lake Superior 99% of the time and I'm looking for either an account with a keep or castle if possible.If you dont want to give up your account in case you ever come back to UO then I understand.We could just swap high end items and keep or bigger for my wow account.Let me know if anyone is interested in leaving UO for warcraft.Might as well start off strong in the game.I have no intention of ever going back to WOW,even though I did for UO heh.Thanks for reading and contact me if interested.MSN messenger is papasmurf35@hotmail.com or send me message on here.Thanks for reading.