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Macro to cut Dark Father bones?

Discussion in 'UO Enhanced Client Discussion' started by Thangorodrim, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Thangorodrim

    Thangorodrim Guest

    Does someone know how to do this?

    I don't know the macro system very well, but I cannot find one that would do this, even if the pile is targeted.


  2. I tired this in KR and could never get it to work. The problem I think is that the bones change properties each time you cut them and you have to cut them 3 times, so last object/target didn't work for me. I haven't tried to make this macro though with the enhanced client.
  3. Radix

    Radix Guest

    Mmm, it would be a nice macro, in KR most times i did not see the bones, never thought making a macro. But in SA... have you tried the loot and skin macro? something like:

    target nearest/next object + use dagger (target current) [REPEAT 3] + target nearest/next (again)...?

    Maybe it works, any case, cutting bones one time would downgrade enough the level of the spawning mob for not being dangerous, rottings and lichlords, only that will be a huge help ^^
    SA macros works with generic objects, the macro choose next objet of that type... at least with some items.
    Have to try things.

    P.D: dispel weapons dont work with these spawning undead, right? never worked for me.
  4. Fink

    Fink Guest

    I would use target nearest, then manually repeat the sequence say 5 times with target next.
  5. *scratches head*

    How would that target the bones instead of the nearest enemy?
  6. Thangorodrim

    Thangorodrim Guest


    The macro seems to work.... but only once per SA session. No matter what I do after switching targets once the macro silently fails.

    I encountered the exact same issue shortly after on my crafter when applying powder to an item, so I think there might be a bug involved.

    I will update if I can find an appropriate solution, which I define as one click per pile.
  7. There is something Fink said in the thread about the Halloween Macro that might help... I had the same problem with my original Trick-Or-Treat Macro, that it would only work once. Try setting the target first, then the actions.

  8. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Sorry, that's in reference to object, not enemy, friendly or mobile.

    Target Nearest Object
    Use Dagger (Target Current)
    Target Next Object
    Use Dagger (Target Current)
    Target Next Object
    Use Dagger (Target Current)
    Target Next Object
    Use Dagger (Target Current)
    Target Next Object
    Use Dagger (Target Current)

    It starts with the one you're standing on, then moves onto the next, next, next.. similar to how the trick or treat macro works. If you just use Target Next Object on repeat it'll keep going through the visible objects regardless of whether you can reach them or not and won't ever retry them failed ones.
  9. Cool Beans! I can't wait to try this one and surprise my guildies on how quickly bone cutting can be done!! :thumbup1:

    p.s. Pretty sure you only have to cut them 3 times, not 5. Correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Three times each? Then I would have this after the target line:

    Dagger (Current Target)
    Dagger (Current Target)
    Dagger (Current Target)
  11. Radix

    Radix Guest

    By the way, after Fink great statement and thoughts, i brainstormed a few things about some difficult macros.
    i re-made yesterday my stress-provo macro, that macro works but veeeeery slow, or did not work at all, i only removed a wait for target, and now it works 100% and fast as quicklightning, it's marvellous i only need to get close to 2 mobs without target and in 0.2 seconds they both are fighting each other :D (i was in need of this macro)

    If you people want my stress-provo macro i can post later. (although now it looks quite obvious...)
    I am going to make a macro to provo 15 mobs on a stored champion!!! :D

    Dont know if my macro was busted by some patch weeks ago or yesterday i did touch the right spot of the action-chain, but thinking like Fink said, first Target-then action, helps a lot!
    (Specially with 2 targets macros)

    Fink for president!! xD
  12. What is your Macro and does the stored target work for champs after it respawns?

    And, we already have a Fink for president...
  13. Radix

    Radix Guest

    sorry man, i am very busy lately coming back home very late, and the weekend was very tiring! Tried a little a boss macro in the faery champ area (lot of allies to provo) fighting versus harbinger, but things go wild and forgot everything, one thing i saw its there is not a use stored target feature in the macro system, and you cant use stored target in the provocation icon becouse the stored must be the second target (and most bosses cannot be the first target of provocation), using a 2 targets macro dont makes thing easier, wonder how can be done... :p
    also i tried dragging the macro to a hotbar, but can't use stored target (and how you specify that would the stored be the second one,
    maybe with last target (with champ in current selection)

    anyway i seriously doubt any stored can be so smart to remind your last type of target, after all my Healpet stored macro can't remind who is my pet after loggin of stabling off, it's a macro you have to re-target all days (one time), or at beginning of the fight.

    Not 100% sure becouse i am speaking of memory, but my stress provo macro for provoking the nearest enemy chasing you on to next, is something like:
    target NEAREST enemy | provocation (current) | wait for target | target NEXT enemy | cursor target current (the triggering one, last one have to check at home later)

    It works quite fine and ultra fast (is a life saver). Think can fail if you have currently targetted the nearest, thought 1 time failed due to this, still beta ;) Is there any way to un-target in a macro-chain? (something like hit esc), surely a previous target self works, but i would like to keep the chain as clean and efficient as possible.