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Mage wep damage

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Rand Al, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Rand Al

    Rand Al Guest

    in one day of fighting it took 240 points off my wep plus 185 worth of durability. Every time a spell of your hits something its like hitting it with your weapon so you eq some monsters or poison field in a fight every tick kills your weapon anyone else think this is dumb?
  2. mutau

    mutau Guest

    maybe not that fast, but it should take damage like a dexxer weapon. was there a tweak ingame with the last patch that makes it break faster?
  3. Rand Al

    Rand Al Guest

    doesn't take mine long and its not like i am using it to hit people with it took damage when i hit ppl or i got hit so why add spell casting damage to it. dexers don't have spell casting damage. And yea it is real fast if your hitting 12 m and 15 spawn with poison fields
  4. mutau

    mutau Guest

    there was a very active thread on whether or not spellbooks should take damage or have durabilities. I votes YES. but maybe the devs looked at that and thought to try it or did the formula diff?