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Marking in Lost Lands

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Stealth Caster, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Just curious if anyone has any info on why you cannot cast Mark or teleport from Lost lands? If that is the case that sucks.
  2. UncleSham

    UncleSham Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
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    having been on a production shard for a while i am not entirely sure , but id wager siege is the same rules as fel production shards . you cant mark or gate or even recall out of the lost lands (t2a) in fel . so yeah i think this is standard . sorry if you feel it sucks ... thats the way it is ... has been for a few years now.

    mark yourself a rune at the delucia cave entrance outside t2a or mark at the encyclopedia magica recsu recdu point to get to popua (the mage shop north of moonglow)

    if you dont know ... go to the big mage shop north of glow . stand on the altar in the north of the building and say "recsu recdu" you'll pop over to the mage shop in popua from there you can get to any of the hunting spots by boat . to get back go to the mage shop where you landed in popua and say recsu recdu again youll be back in the glow mage shop (recsu takes you one way recdu the other but if you say em both it should ignore the improper word .. and i forget which is which)
  3. We've never been able too. Thats just the way they were created. Actually, in the prodo shards you can gate in and out of the dungeons in Trammel but not in Fellucia or here on Seige.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It's been that way in Felucca lost lands for several years now, since Siege only has Felucca, Ilshenar, Malas and Tokuno why would you expect it to be different?
  5. UncleSham

    UncleSham Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
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    actually ...its not quite "never" ...i have some old runes marked in t2a . i used to go hunt the elementals on ice north ... but it has been many years since that was changed .

    i was doing this on great lakes before trammel and then when i first came to siege 7 years ago . it was a great place to gather gold as i never once saw a red there. (at the time reds couldt go thru towns)

    recently i found some runes . but if you try em now it says you cannot teleport . or location is blocked .. some such nonsence
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Cuz of this mess that they put in the original fel side wonderous Lost Lands !!!

    Originally we never could mark in em anyways..
    but then they permitted it,
    then they removed it...
    and whom would want any one making too rapid an entry nor escape, from these fel side, Champ spawns now would we ?

    They coulda left Delucia, and the original fun overland spawns as more like it all once was, and at least out of the champion spawn mess.

    Meh...I think of the lost lands almost like my UO birthright, preferred it the way it WAS ! [​IMG] *even without recall gate or mark* as originally. *former owner of marble isle home on Ches. and lover of lost lands as they WERE*

    BAh all hail the toilet paper chases that forever fubared up and changed the original wild beauty of the lost lands ! BLEH !

  7. Stealth-Caster is playing the game: Learning all about Siege Perilous.
    You been there, done that!
  8. Tark_Smash

    Tark_Smash Guest

    I wish they would put the monsters back in the lost lands. Tram T2A was much more fun because there was stuff to fight. The only monsters in siege lost lands are the ophidians and the terathans.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I gm'd my archery in the orig lost lands on Knight Errants, friend with me as a mage, he would up his skills on the magical ones, we kept each other alive, I would hit the Knight Errants and that was how my very first archer in UO gm'd archery on their tough hides ! Many a fond trip too, to the cyclops and beyond.

    I tried the tram side, but I just hated it, maybe because it was *a mirror* and they had destroyed what I felt was my *homeland birthright* ... and so for me the carbon copy never cut it for me never will. *ches shard where I began UO, that expansion came out a few mos. after I began playing and won my heart I guess....for it offered so much to DO.

    Even made that Lighthouse like my *home away from home* first time I ever had to page a gm was in the lost lands fell off the sandy shore onto a *non tile tile* took 8 GMs to get me fixed from the abyss of broken sand and water tile way up north there as I was bashing scorpions, *was funny* and many a new player honned their skills on the orcs at the orc fort course they got moved with the savage orc scenario .. but still they shoulda left em where they were or returned em to their rightful place, and the city of the dead all alive with spawn once !

    Ah well Wvryn Isle was fun too etc. etc. they dev. just destroyed it all, in my own eyes never fathomed why they could not leave what was...with what they put in juggle it someway to make what was and what became both there instead of killing what was for what is !

  10. Kat SP

    Kat SP Guest

    I think you'll be surprised at how many entrances/exits and shortcuts there are to the lost lands. Places I never knew existed until I came to Siege. The inability to mark/gate/recall there isn't really an issue.

    The map that QZ posted from Stratics is a good one to use as reference while learning all the spawn locations, entrances, exits and teleporters.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest


    QZ: **


    [/ QUOTE ]

    Wut ??

    I can not help it. [​IMG]

    I can remember riding around in the lost lands on Ches. in awe and wonder when the lost lands were new...and then there upon a hill one day...he looked down at us. Most awesome sight we ever seen, a new creature even new compared to the ones that came with the lost lands. Noble, intelligent, and he was looking *DOWN* at us from atop that hill, sleek pure black with FIRE in his eyes.

    It was the first ever seen Nightmare *spawning* ........and we all were toast ! We just looked at it some tried to flee, some tried to tame it, I figured I would hide and observe it.........it found me too. [​IMG] OoOO

    *fond memory* new creature first time seen the Nightmare spawning there in those lost lands............ah memories..cyclops, titan valley, and all of em and momma ophid was never fond of me ....gm'd tailoring when they had them attack down town Delucia between deaths to her pissy attitude at me. [​IMG] 99.8 OoOO res 99.9 OoOOo Res ...100.00 GM OOoO [​IMG] She hated my guts in downtown Delucia ! Tis why I have an ophidian vet statue in me home..to remind me gming a craft skill back then was no picnic in the park in Delucia at that time. [​IMG] She and I have a *history* of not getting along ...she always crabbing bout something !! hissssssssss lousy aTiTuDe on them momma ophid acting like they are some queen or something. lol [​IMG] Then them old worlders come invade our newbie turf like they pwnd the place..and so clue less they ask us for a gate back to brit minoc skara...when they DID permit gates...and they would come try to pk us then want a darn gate...........you betcha we gated em... to terathan keep area ! HAHA LONG walk to brit or minoc for them *fancy pantser old worlders class of 97* muahhaha class of 98 roxxor'd once we got skillz.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    We probably did somewhere along the way. I do remember seeing the chr. name ya listed first.

    Even if I listed guilds I was in, they too are long long gone. KD Knights of Day. PE *the orig PE, Paragorn Empire *oft fought to defend PaxLair* we were across the bridge from Olag Hai dem orcs...we fought them to defend PaxLair, the Delucian Royal Guard or whatever it was heck I forget now, had lots of newbie reds in it at that time grew very large at one point as a guild, but like any guild that gets too large splits and divisions etc. I was in KD and the Delucian Guard both at same time making em meet for alliance to wtfpwn them *old worlders* had to try to get em to *zerg* up, or soemthing we been newb corpses all the time earlier on, but then they grew so darn big..anyways. Always had ties with PaxLair too, though off and on, since day one nearly but, I just never officially joined em. I was in Order for a while. I was in CoM when factions were new, I can still remember the huge land sea invasion the Shadlowlords pulled on us that one nite...lost all 8 sigils we did. Think back then with that crappy stronghold which was the challenge hense why I joined CoM lousiest airy stronghold they created back then and Shdlds arrows &amp; some spells they cast, just shot thru them back windows ! [​IMG] It was perhaps the best orchestrated massive invasion raid of that many players *once* that I ever got to die in... [​IMG] by sea by land they came enmasse, and thru the airy back of the CoM stronghold.. we DIED ! [​IMG]_ was cool though !

    Post tram KPD guild, Keepers of Dawn still based on Moonglow and my own guild still exists there too, KRM when I log on, we probably did not create till 2001/2 or so though a friend and myself just us kinda guild. Most of my guilds were *knight* types or justice warrior guilds types *remembers bounties* [​IMG]

    So no doubt we would have run into each other somewhere along the way over the ages of time. My first house *a small* was *in a forest west of Minoc* then the 2nd one also a cracker box small, was on Marble Island. Tram land rush came &amp; went in 2000, &amp; all I got was telestormed NO land plot, no house !
  13. <blockquote><hr>

    We've never been able too. Thats just the way they were created. Actually, in the prodo shards you can gate in and out of the dungeons in Trammel but not in Fellucia or here on Seige.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    We were able to before champion spawns. When they stared that they changed Fel t2a. The removed most of the native spawn, moved the Minax base to Fel, removed del as a faction town and replaced it with Vesper, and remove the capability to mark runed in T2A and to gate to or from T2A. These changes took place on Siege and in T2A Fel.