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Near perfect suit

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Dreamz_imported, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. 6 Piece Barbed Armor Set

    70 Physical
    70 Fire
    70 Cold
    70 Poison
    75 Energy

    100% LRC
    21% LMC (Using scrappers and Totem to max out LMC)
    6 Mana Regen (Didn't have enough Seeds of Renewal to hit 12)
    48 Mana Increase

    Int Bonus 4
    DCI 13%
    SDI 10%
    Faster Cast Recovery 3
    Fast Cast 1

    Int Bonus 6
    Enhance Potions 25%
    DCI 13%
    SDI 10%
    Faster Cast Recovery 2

    So tell me what you guys think. This was made to use in conjunction with a Scrappers and a Totem to Max out LMC, Faster Cast Recovery and Faster Casting.

    Currently my Elf has 203 Mana using this suit and that's only with a +15 Stat Scroll.
  2. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    Help a brother out and just tell me your final mods with all armor, jewelry, clothes, talismans and weapons combined. It would save me a lot of math and help me assess your suit!
  3. All 70's/75 resist
    100% LRC
    41% LMC
    8 Mana Regen (Adding to it as I get the Seeds of renewal)
    48 Mana Increase
    Int bonus 10
    DCI 26%
    SDI 45%
    Faster Cast Recover 6
    Faster Casting 2
    Enhance Potions 25%

    All of the above is with the 6 piece suit (leather armor), a Totem of the void, a scrappers, a ring and a bracelet. I am slowly adding onto what I can when I loot the resources (or can afford them).

    I am thinking about dropping the Enhance potions for another faster casting and adding another point to faster cast recovery. I don't believe stratics is right when it says that magery is capped at 2 FC as I can tell a difference in cast speeds using an arcane shield to boost it.

    We tested this suit with respect to the mana increase and regen and I had trouble actually running out of mana at Mel. I was casting like a crazy man and with the exception of switching to flamestricks from other spells, it was difficult dropping to half mana.
  4. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    Sure looks good to me. The only hole I see is the low DCI, which would really hurt in PvP but shouldn't be much of an issue in PvM.

    If you have trouble running out of mana, maybe you have too much? You could sub in more stats or HPR (or anything else you like).
  5. I was thinking pretty much the same thing on the mana. At this point I feel 203 mana is too much.

    I can add in about 4% more DCI if I max out the jewelry, unfortunatly that's about all I can add unless I add in a shield, but then I run into an issue with no free hand for potions in PvP. I would rather not leave it up to UOA to handle disarm, potion, rearm if I don't have to. I can also add in a quiver of infinity to handle the DCI problem which would bump me up by 5%, but that would still leave 10% below max.

    Oh and I am a tamer/mage template or at least that's who will be wearing the suit the most. I play a good bit in Fel and Tram so I guess the DCI issue will be the biggest problem I need ot overcome first.


    After a little thinking, adding in a Arcane Shield would solve the DCI problem and even give me another faster casting.
  6. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    Sweet, and while potions are slightly tougher with a shield you can work it out, with UOA. Plus a mage/tamer probably won't be chugging too much anyway, right? Potions mix better with bandies than spells, imo.
  7. Silverbird

    Silverbird Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 3, 2001
    Likes Received:
    I am already thinking about a similar suit for my mage-tamer. But I am wondering about the usefullness of dci without a mage weapon, no wrestling and no anatomy.
  8. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    Don't forget that everyone has a passive defense equal to (eval + anat)/2 +10. So if you have 120 eval and 0 anat you'll still have 60 weaponskill in terms of defending (70 if you're human). I think DCI would help even in that case.

    Though why would you be without a weaponskill or a MW?
  9. grandpa otis

    grandpa otis Guest

    A noob question plz? If a fair portion of the suits mods are dependant upon the scrappers mods, how does one make use of these mods and carry a mage weapon. Doesn't the scrappers have to be held to be effective?
  10. Taylor

    Taylor Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
    VIP Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Campaign Benefactor Alumni

    Oct 21, 2008
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    DCI won't do much for you without a mage weapon or some kind of mage defense, so I wouldn't worry to much about it if you're using arcane shield and Scrappers.

    Suit looks good. Well done. :)
  11. This suit assumes no mage weapon, although it can easily be modded to accept a mage weapon instead of a scrappers.

    This suit is designed more for general use than PVP. As a mage tamer, Most of my damage is done with either spells or my animal thus the lack of need for a mage weapon as the template I run doesn't allow for tactics or anat which are really needed in my opinion for any real damage output.

    I guess when in PVP one could easily substitute the scrappers and shield for something like a boom stick or swords of prosperity to offset a few of the defense mods. Remember only 15% SDI is allowed in PVP so it would be pointless to try for anything higher.

    So far I haven't had any trouble in Felluca with reds as I ride a dread war horse there and have gotten a little decent at using it in fighting. People may not approve of it, but hey, whatever it takes to stay alive.

    Maybe I shouldn't have had that red bull before I started reading the forums.
  12. Silverbird

    Silverbird Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 3, 2001
    Likes Received:
    While it sounds silly, planning using a scrappers usually will lower the cost of an imbued suit:
    - lmc needs relics for imbuing
    - fc always comes as 100% intensity
    - 1 fcr drops one needed intensity from 100% ( with 2/6 and frc usually only on jewelry)
    To keep costs further low, you need to start before imbuing with another total of 1/5 or if things are getting bad one 1/0 and one 0/3 property. Though imbuing fcr again needs relics.
    If you start with 1/5 jewelry, a scrappers and a pendant you can build up a really nice alround mages suit out of it without spending too much money on it. (If you have, although include a Totem of the Void, reducing the need to imbue more LMC as necessary.)
    Defense as a mage is a template problem or an equipment problem. Theres usually not enough room for wrestling or anatomy in a tamers template. With aboves suits, you have still the chance, to replace the scrappers with a staff of the magi (adds fc 1 + mage weap 0) or to wear a shield and imbue 30 dci onto the jewelry or to use another magesweapon and balance the magery loss from it by imbuing skills onto the jewelry. I suppose for starting with such a suit, it would be ok to only go for a scrappers.
  13. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    What is your template that you don't have room for Wrestle or Anatomy? Taming, Lore, Magery, Eval, what else do you need? You don't really need Vet with Magery or Med with MR items, so you could throw Wrestle in there or even Healing/Anat, maybe Resist if you like.
  14. Silverbird

    Silverbird Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 3, 2001
    Likes Received:
    I am actually having both: vet and med. My tamer is an elf (how surprising) and therefore has no joat-bonus on med or focus.
    - vet gives several stable slots and the ability to res (my) pets.
    - Depending on situation/equipment, med might be necessary. Esspecially if you dont have that high end super equipment. (Luck for example .... it is somewhat hard to fit everything into a suit.)
  15. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    But the OP has too much mana, he can't run out. He could drop some Med or all.

    I understand that Vet is helpful, but with NPC vets now it's not a requirement, IMO. Obviously others might think differently, but if he PvPs it's suicide to go without a defense skill (even with a tamer, I usually ignore pets or confuse them, and kill the tamer, who often panics and runs).
  16. So I've done a bit of thinking.

    Currently my template is


    Vet 120
    Taming 120
    Lore 120
    Magery 105
    Eval 110
    Med 110
    Focus 35

    The focus is because I run too damn fast and end up having to wait around for stamina.

    I will not lose vet only because I like the extra slots, and since I do champ spawns in both trammel and felluca, I can't be without the ability to res the pet. Granted this hurts in PVP and is useless, but I prefer it.

    I have found I can easily run out of mana now if I really push it in PVM, but not in pvp so far. PVP it's near impossible for me to run out since I can't stand around and cast.

    I've switched out my scrappers and shield for a Staff of the Magi for a little fighting damage. I am retooling the ring and bracelet to be the following:

    HCI: 30
    DCI: 30
    SDI: 24
    FC 2
    FCR 6

    The question is, what skill do I want to drop to add another defense skill. What do you guys recommend on this one? Keep in mind I can retool the armor suit as well and plan on dropping some of the mana for other features. I am thinking the following would be better.

    120 Taming
    120 Lore
    120 Vet
    120 Magery
    120 Eval
    120 Defense skill (need help in what I should get)

    The suit will use the Staff of the Magi, So I think the following would suit best:

    70/75 Resists
    100% LRC
    40% LMC (Using the totem of the void and 30% from suit)
    FC 3
    FCR 6
    Mana Regen 12
    Stam Regen 3+
    HP Regen 3+
    HCI: 33%
    DCI: 38%
    SDI: 27%
    Mana Increase: as much as possible to compensate.

    The suit will be a 6 piece leather suit with a Totem of the void, Staff of the Magi, Cloak of Death (have the entire collection), Quiver of Infinity, and of course a ring and bracelet.

    What should I use for the defense skill and should I make any corrections to the suit?

    Remember I PvP and PvM a lot.
  17. Silverbird

    Silverbird Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 3, 2001
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    Staff of the Magi along with 120 magery already gives you 120 defensive skill. (Unless you are disarmed, but thats a pvp-problem. *g* ) It also gives FC1 which means you could open one more slot on your jewelry for something else.
  18. I don't think that the max FC of 2 is accurate. I noticed a difference in the casting time and animations with 3 or 4 FC when compared to 2. I could be crazy, but I cast much slower than possible with just FC2.

    As for the staff, should I drop the meditation for tactics or anatomy, or should I use it for something else like keeping meditation or maybe even necro.