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New BOD Reward Price List (Publish 50 and beyond).

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Basara, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    The old sticky was years old, but was getting way out of date (as well as overly long).

    1. When replying with prices, do so only with ones you have seen or have been quoted (or would sell yours for, if you don't use them to graft personally).
    2. Give your shard - Prices on Lake Austin (where I spend my time) are very different from those on Atlantic (one of the most-populated US shards), in many cases. And, of course, prices on SP would be way different than either.
    3. By this point, we can assume prices are for a vendor in Luna. If the prices you quote are lower than average for your shard because they are for some other location (Zento, Britain or Yew Gate, or even Felluca vendors), state so and why.
    4. The New Haven Mining Quest and Smith Quest reward tools are included due to their similarity to the BOD rewards.

    I'll start with some prices from Lake Austin, for some of the lesser stuff, and we can expand on it for the valuable stuff from there.

    Sturdy Shovel / Pickaxe: Typically left on ground or sold back to the NPC, especially the 150-use ones. If one has a customer for them, probably 2 or 3 times the value of an NPC-sold normal tool.
    Gargoyle Pickaxe: Some leave on ground. Many others keep. On shards like LA with active Garg pick users, can sell for as much as 2k to the right buyer, in bulk, but sales are best arranged as bulk sales, with a known customer, rather than a vendor.
    Prospectors Tool: 100-1000, if one has found a market for them. Also likely to be left on the ground.

    New Haven Mining Quest tool - Jacob's Pickaxe: 5000 (mostly for smelting when under 95 mining skill)
    New Haven Smith Quest tool -

    Leather Mining Gloves (+1): Typically left on the ground or sold back.
    Studded Mining Gloves (+3): Typically left on the ground or sold back.
    Ringmail Mining Gloves (+5): Typically left on the ground or sold back, but does have some value to the right customer. 1k normal resists, 5-10k if enhanced (typically with Verite or Valorite). Color typically does NOT reflect the material, though they come naturally as the colors of all the ore types (while actually made of iron).

    Powder Of Fortification 70-80k (and probably dropping).

    Dull Copper Anvil
    Shadow Anvil
    Copper Anvil
    Bronze Anvil
    Gold Anvil
    Agapite Anvil
    Verite Anvil
    Valorite Anvil

    Dull Copper Runic Hammer
    Shadow Runic Hammer
    Copper Runic Hammer
    Bronze Runic Hammer
    Gold Runic Hammer
    Agapite Runic Hammer
    Verite Runic Hammer
    Valorite Runic Hammer

    Ancient Smith Hammer (+10)
    Ancient Smith Hammer (+15)
    Ancient Smith Hammer (+30)
    Ancient Smith Hammer (+60)

    Blacksmithy Power Scroll (+5) 0; typically left on ground
    Blacksmithy Power Scroll (+10) 0; typically left on ground
    Blacksmithy Power Scroll (+15) 25k
    Blacksmithy Power Scroll (+20) 100-200k