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(RP) New Era to the Realm with a new Jhelom Governor (R.A.S)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS


    Jan 19, 2014
    Likes Received:
    **A loud noise of a horse coming to its halt is heard and the sound of a metal armour clashing**
    **Messenger comes running into Drake & Kalimana's House, in the Guild Village of Kalimar**

    ....Holding his chest, panting like his life depended on it and sweat pouring from his face like a waterfall....
    ...The horse looking like it had been ridden to nearly death, laid collapsed in the floor...
    Holding on his right hand, could clearly been seen a letter containing the King's seal,
    The messenger urgently ran towards Drake, bowed and handed the letter in extreme urgency.

    ''Dear Sire Lord Drake IronHeart, please read this letter and accompany me to Jhelom, I have been ordered to escort you there inmediatly, we have a long way to go and no time to lose...''

    Drake, quickly gathered his armour and belongings, he still didn't know what the letter said....
    Could the King be in Danger? He thought to himself.... but why Me to defend him?
    He called his Stable Master to gear up his horse, while he quickly sharpened his sword......

    Off both they shot, quick as lightning, galloping through vast lands and rivers....
    Drake still wondering what the letter said ordered a halt, after many hours riding.
    He carefully broke the Kings's seal, expectant to know what this letter contained and why such urgency to be delivered....

    The letter only stated, nothing of much use to know what was going on:

    ''Dear Drake,

    I summon you immediately you to Jhelom, Our realm is in danger and in need of help.

    King Blackthorn''

    Having just read this Drake, takes hold of the messenger, wondering if this is a vile trick from our king or if our great King has finally come to sense in the nomination of Drake towards Governor of Jhelom after the last Council du Roi meeting....
    The messenger answers that he dosn't know more than what he had been told that was to escort him quick, the realms enemies are everywhere so everything is kept in need to know basis....

    They quick set off again, in even more urgency to reach Jhelom and the King.

    Upon arriving to Jhelom, the King is already standing by the City Stone with his personal guard, unarmed.
    This re-leaves Drake of any suspicion that the King might be planning anything wrong.

    Drake and The King greet each other and get straight to strong talk....

    Drake, I have summoned you here because we are in need of a Governor in Jhelom, and you seem to have the backing and blessing of many Noble Lords and Miladies of the realm. The last Council meeting just showed me what the realm needs, so I the King appoint you from now on the Governor of Jhelom, do the job right and make me proud. Please don't make me regret this opportunity I am giving you....

    Drake looked at the King in Joy and swore his fidelity and promised not to fail, although he was new to all this political stuff, he will try to make the best of his time in term and improve the output and help that Jhelom could afford to give. He had lots of big plans in mind which he shared with the King.

    For once, Drake, felt like he was bonding a bit with the King, and he was happy to see this kinner side of the King and was more in reason to maybe defend the king if the time arised. At the end of the day the King appointed him, wasnt the people....

    The King urged of his worked to be done in the Kingdom, and asked to be excused to go take care of the situations. Drake, was happy to see the King go, he had finally been instanted, now was time to explore the city and speak to fellow governors... and offer his help as new Governor of Jhelom.
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  2. Minerva Foxglove

    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 19, 2008
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    Congrats Drake, im sure you will be worthy and catch up fast!
  3. Aragorn

    Aragorn Journeyman

    Jan 16, 2013
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    Congratulations Drake You will represent the kingdom well as a fellow Governor

    Governor- New Magincia
  4. Aurelius

    Aurelius Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Congratulations to our newest Governor - interesting time to take on the job, with Magincia apparently attacked and some levels of discontent with the current monarchy slowly building up... ;)