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New Player On Siege

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by DarthBane, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. DarthBane

    DarthBane Guest

    Hi, I am a old player that quit and has come back.

    I have been playing since 98 but have quit numerous times, due to real life issues and playing other games.

    I can't stay away for some reason, and have decided to play siege since things seems to be a little like the way it was when I first started when things actually meant something to people and can't be insured so there is no risk when dieing.

    I basically quit playing a lot when tram came out, but still played on and off, left my account on most of the time. but used all my vet rewards on Lake Superior my main shard I played so I don't have any right now. it says my account is 107 months old so I should be getting one soon I think.

    I am basically looking for people to play with and PVP with.

    I am not a whiner and I don't care if I die, thats why I want to play here is to have risk and play the old way, I expect to get looted fully when I die, so I have no problems with it and expect it, thats part of the rewards for the kill. BTW, I am a old man, 37, so take it easy on me, my reflexes are not as fast on me, lol

    I play fairly and take nothing personally, it is just a game, I also only have 1 account. so I won't have a bunch of other characters. So i will be a vendor buyer, the way it should be.

    Sorry for the long introduction, if anyone is looking for another person to play along with, look me up. Btw, i use the old 2d client, I hate the new one.

    I have icq yahoo, and msn, so if you want to contact me that way thats cool,
    i do have vent, if anyone wants to get together that way.

    ICQ 10021875
    MSN [email protected]
    yahoo is kenjericho

    Looking forward to a lot of dieing and fun.

    Good times to all.
  2. kelmo

    kelmo Old and in the way
    Professional Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Dread Lord

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
  3. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jan 5, 2001
    Likes Received:
    hi. I'm not a pvper, I'm one of the vendor owners you'll likely be buying from. There's a list in a sticky at the top.

    On this shard, 37 is not old. Not at all! Some of us are grandparents.
    The vast majority of uo players, on all shards, still use 2D.
    Read the stickies at the top, maybe join NEW for your first month (as many of us have done before you) while you're training read here, get a feel for who people are and how they think, then maybe make an informed decision on applying for a guild.

    One last warning. If Haha offers to send you a link, DON'T FOLLOW IT!
  4. archite666

    archite666 Guest

    SHAME ON YOU PETRA! taking advantage of a new player! How dare you!

    Welcome darth, i'm cash, friend to everyone. Id like to correct the abomination listed above and inform you that HaHas links are generally very helpful information any UO player should look at and Petra here, is the neighborhood bully who doest like other players to be informed about current topics so that she may take advantage of them

    Also that thing about her pvp skills is such a lie, shes one of the biggest gimp PKS on the shard, and when she says you will be buying from her vendor, she means you will be buying your stuff from her vendor after she ganks you.

    I mean just look, her name is Petra Fyde, which taken from the state most crafters find themselfs in as shes racing towards them.

    I'm gonna have HaHa send you a link talking in depth about her many evil deeds, make sure you check it out.

    Bottem line dont her.
  5. HaHa

    HaHa Guest

    Way ahead of ya bro.
  6. Welcome back to UO and welcome to Siege. Petra is right; you are young compared to many of us here so we are slower than you. But we have a great time playing nonetheless. Many of us have played for years on other shards only to become bored to tears by the devolution of gaming community there. I also suggest that you join NEW and get to know your way around before joining another guild. Send me an ICQ if you need assistance.

    Branwyn of Errol- Eldress of Silverwood- Gilfane
  7. Speedy Orkit

    Speedy Orkit Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Welcome(back) sir.

    If you need any help, NEW will give you a hand and I have a soft spot for new Siegers, so drop me a line for some scratch or some equipment.
  8. archite666

    archite666 Guest

    Yes if you need money, or as I call it, "stuff to trade for blow" let me know.
  9. HaHa

    HaHa Guest

    dont you mean "... for a blow?"
  10. Hoffs

    Hoffs Gilfane Keeper of the Hall
    Stratics Veteran Gilfane

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Welcome back and good luck in your adventures.
  11. Welcome to Siege and NEW DarthBane.
  12. kelmo

    kelmo Old and in the way
    Professional Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Dread Lord

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
  13. archite666

    archite666 Guest

    No thats what happens AFTER I run out of money
  14. QueenZen

    QueenZen Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 28, 2000
    Likes Received:
    37 old ??? LOL LOL LOL

    I have 3 kids in their early 30s so.................. OLD is more closer to folks my age...but then ..... as the saying goes I guess one is as old as they feel soo depite my age... I aint that old yet then. Not till they hire me to be a Walmart Door Greeter and so far they keep tellin me to come back in a few more years......:D

    Welcome to Siege 'youngster' :)
    I have 2.5 crafters here, and also a stealther chr. which no one sees here.
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