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[News]A Red Velvet Fairy, Naked Archers and a Whiskey Filled Bloody Offals

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Great Lakes News, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Great Lakes News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Valentine Fairgrounds Event ~

    * vintage valentine card *

    <BLOCKQUOTE>Last night was the Valentine Event at the Fairgrounds and a fun filled evening it was.

    A Red Velvet Fairy was in charge of the event and that fairy was so darn tiny and cute, as fairies usually are ( though a few tried to kill the fairy with no luck ).


    The first part of the event was an archery contest. All clothing and jewelry had to be removed for those participating. Needless to say many enjoyed feeling free and clothes free at the fairgrounds, very one with nature like. Those not in the contest stayed clothed like the ever lady-like Lady Silverbrook clad in virginal blue and white.


    The first class was for those that had 100 and over skills with a bow and arrow. Illania of the -Y- guild was the winner of this class and we commend her.


    Below are a few screenshots of the action. Bloody Offals, a well known DC* member for a long time that had a few weeks in -Y- and now has found a final home with the SOB Guild was in need of whiskey during the entire event.
    For those that know Bloody it does not take a day or night at the fairgrounds for him to be in need/want of whiskey.



    The " Heart Class " was for people with no archery skills or below 100. Everyone could be in this contest which was great. Hattori Hanzo also of the -Y- Guild took tops in this class.



    After all that bow and arrow action it was off to the dart board where is was a pairs event. I participated in both events myself and had a grand time but not as good as the dance party going on. Those crazy -Y- winners started a dance party and they could not stop. They danced so long and hard Stabytha could not concentrate on the darts board and she was my partner! Needless to say we were not winners.


    I could not stay to the very end as real life called ( Project Runway ) but I want to thank the Red Velvet Fairy for a good time and......


  2. UncleMeat

    UncleMeat Guest

    Foreskin Competition made it onto Stratics! Nice!