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[News]Campfire Tales and Stories Night Takes a Strange Turn

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Catskills News, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Catskills News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Last evening I had the honor of joining both EM Nathael and EM Kasaven along with many others for a nice quiet time listening to campfire tales and stories (or at least that's what I thought when I arrived.). The group had gathered around the campfire that sits right outside the EM Rewards Hall in Malas and enjoyed some lighthearted banter in the shadowy dark of a woods on an warm summers evening. The flames from the fire illuminating the small area as we waited for Nathael to decide to time was right to start the tales.

    Nathael asked if anyone was willing to share a story of their own before he told his. Rotep and Va'lis Razele both chimed in stating they each had a tale to share with everyone. After a few minutes of jokes gone wild about axes, acid vomit, crazed attacking deer and wild fires the group got settled down enough for Rotep to tell his tale.
    The Tale of Jimmy a mischievous lad who loved to pull pranks on everyone around him. Till a elderly gentleman named Jangle Bones whom was known for his pranks in his youth decided to teach Jimmy a lesson. So he planned a elaborate joke involving Jimmy tripping face first into a pie. Only thing is Jangles prank went hideously wrong and Jimmy ended up scarred from injuries incurred during the prank. The tale then went on to escalate to murder and deadly haunting before it came to its end. Leaving Wild to guess the moral must have been. That small pranks can get escalated into serious attacks., but Rotep said it really was Don't abuse pie. Though EM Nathael referred to the tale as the story of Jim and the Face Stabbing.
    Next up was Va'lis Razele and most everyone who knows him can guess what his tale was about Blackrock. He told the story of a man who wanted power and saw blackrock as his way of achieving it. From trying to force the rock to bend to his will to seeking out wisps in the hope of learning their secrets. Va'Lis then tossed a piece of Blackrock on the ground and chanted the words to cast the Armageddon spell causing a giant explosion that blew poor EM Nathael up into the trees.
    At long last it was EM Nathaels turn to share his tale with us. I know I personally had waited all evening to see what kind of story weaver our new EM was. So I leaned a bit forward and watched and listened to him. He pointed at the book he was holding. The same one he had carried the night before at the RBG meeting. He then said As you can see, this is The Tale of Tobias and Razzle. Natheal then flipped open the book and took a deep breath. Followed by clearing his throat and taking a small sip of water before he spoke again.

    EM Nathaels told an enthralling tale of a poor boy named Tobias who lived in a underground hideaway who befriended a common brown rat and named him Razzle. The boy and the rat, who enjoyed riding on the boys shoulder, were inseparable for years and a strong bond grew between them. Like most great stories tragedy struck and the rat became ill and died, causing Tobias to become a shell of the happy person he was before. Till he rediscovered a book titled Magic Lessons Volume One" along with a rucksack of discarded withered reagents he had found in Trinsic years before and has put away and forgot he had in his possession.

    Wanting to bring back to life his rat friend Razzle he studied the book and thought he found a way to do it. As Nathael read the words of power from the book a swarm of ratmen, spiders and snakes appeared out of the thin air around the story enthralled group and attacked us. Most of the listeners were quick to grab arms and fire off spells at the new threat, as soon as one foe was slain another one seemed to just appear to replace it. Many brave listeners fell in battle only to have returned to reengage the magically spawned horde. The battle lasted for quite a while before no more foes were to be found in the area to slay.
    After the last monster fell the party gathered around the fire once again and Nathael acted like he was surprised of what just happened. He questioned if he should keep reading the tale or just toss the book straight into the fire. He asked the gathered people what they thought he should do, and most everyone asked him to continue with the story.

    So Nathael once again started reading the story to the gathered people making it a point not to reread the part that had caused the spawn of monsters. He read of Tobias coming to an decision to sneak into Trinsic and steal a more advanced spellbook from the Encyclopedia Magicka shop. Breaking into the shop through a window Tobias found the book he was looking for Magic Lessons - Volume Four, Advanced Edition. Along with that he also found a small pouch of reagents that he took too. Taking the tome back to just outside his lair Tobias ignored the warnings in the front of the book and dug for the powerful spell he wanted to return his beloved friend back to him. He found the spell he thought would do it and started to cast it. Unfortunately Tobias Ignoring the directions on how many reagents to use and overdid one of them. Once again Nathael read the magic words Tobias had found in the book out loud and more monsters spawned around the listening group.

    The difference this time was the assemblage was ready for a fight with many having gone and gotten their pets just in case. While others had friends join us just in case this would happen again. It was a quick and very bloody battle but once again The story listeners won the day.

    Everyone now wanted to know what happened to Tobias so EM Nathael was encouraged to finish the tale. When he found his place in the book again Nathael read that Tobias had summoned the denizens in the story just like the assembly of people around the campfire had just fought. Tobias in fear had retreated into his hideaway and worried about what trouble the creatures he caused to spawn would make. In anger over what he had done Tobias ripped pages out of the book till he saw a spell on one page that gave him an idea. He would become a rat just like his long lost friend. At this point Nathael didn't want to read the words of power from the book, but the gathered group pushed him to read them in hopes of more combat. So he read the words and unexpectedly transformed into a rat himself. EM Kasaven quickly took control of the situation because all poor Nathael could do was squeak at everyone.

    Kasaven picked up the dropped book and finished reading the book to the gathered people in the hopes of finding a way to return Nathael to his former human form, but there was no clue there. That's when Kasaven realized the clues to return him to his former self were in the story itself. Kasaven then remembered that there was a type of wand found at the Encyclopedia Magika, in Trinsic that could return Nathael to his former self. Everyone then gated to Trinsic and found Merlu the mage in the magic shop, where he was questioned about the wand. We wanted a wand of transformation but he informed us that they were out of stock. He did suggest we go to the Sorcerers Delight in Northern Britain, and seek out Cann the Mage.

    Once again the party gated to Britain and searched down Cann who informed us that the new wands had not been inventoried yet and were in the upstairs of the shop. Everyone rushed up the stairs and found the needed wands in a box on an table along with a book telling how to use them.

    Everyone then returned to the campfire where Nathael the rat waited for help. Everyone motioned their wands and said the chant to return him back into his human form. EM Nathael was grateful to everyone for helping him become human again and thanked all those who took part in it.

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    The evening was a lot of fun. I'm glad I was able to make it and I look forward to seeing what more our EM's have in store for us. Welcome to Catskills EM Nathael. The was a fine story you wove for us. :thumbup1: