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[News][EM Event] Nexus Spirit: The Investigation

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Lake Superior News, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Lake Superior News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Posted to the EM news site;​

    A change atmosphere occurred which forced Dawn and the Royal Guard to investigate. They sent many search parties however none came back. A full force investigation was to be done.
    The Royal guard examiner led the group into battle at Fire Dungeon. They noticed an increase of monsters to the usual, and that there were stronger with more demonic forces at hand.
    They reached near the end of the second level when they noticed strange projections of monsters that were from another realm. After investigation it would seem they were not actually in existence however they were giving their power to feed a strange and mysterious rift. To put an end to all the monsters gathering the Royal Examiner attempted to raise his blade and be able to vanquish the portal. Things didn’t go according to plan. He was encased in dark energy and paralyzed. Slowly he was drawn into the portal and vanished. The guards quickly ran to attempt to pull him out, or travel with him to keep him safe. All attempts failed.
    After a short period of time Nimrad the Alchemist appeared before the group and asked for his friend Tilver, A high mage, how was seen at the crime however no one knows if he was killed or not… Nimrad states that Tilver was the one responsible for the portal and was only trying to prove him innocent of the claims he had against him.
    Dawn quickly arrested Nimrad and held him for questioning and for his own “protection” until more information about this event can take place.

    Dawn and the guard continue their search for Tilver the High Mage unless other information is brought up to his where about and his position in all of this. Information has been establish on how to activate the portal in fire and will be investigated. Their hope is to find the Guard Examiner, or clues to where to find him. Sealing the portal and capturing any suspicious characters is still in effect. Full force can be used if need be.

    (Lord British Castle at 8PM Eastern 7 PM Central Sunday the 21 of February 2010)

    For those that know not, the EM site is here


  2. Crysta

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    May 12, 2008
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    Just an "hour and a half to go" warning. More like hour + 20 now though.