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[News]EM Halloween Dungeon Crawl a Ghoulish Success

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Catskills News, Oct 31, 2010.

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Saturday evening (October 30th. 2010) EM Kasaven and EM Barnaby summoned the players of the Catskills shard to the EM Hall in Britain for a special Halloween event. Queen Dawn had received reports that in two of the anti-virtues dungeons had strange armies gathering in them, and she desired to have these armies wiped out before they could cause problems for the fine citizens of the land. Dawn called on the people to assist her in clearing these dungeons of the threat. Her plan was to attack both locations at the same time so that none of these denizens of the dark places could escape.
    Kasaven explained that two magical gates had been placed and the members of the queens gathered forces had their choice of which one they wanted to go through. One gate would take you to Felucca and the other to Trammel. When he felt everyone understood and was ready Kasaven opened a gate to the location of where the two gates awaited everyone.
    This reporter followed the group that took the Trammel gate and found everyone gathered at the entrance to the dungeon Deceit. Coming in the entrance you were greeted by a sight of pure carnage as the forces of both sides clashed for control. The queens' forces fighting for a foothold so they could move on into the dungeon and the undead trying their best to hold the entranceway.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Slowly over time the queens volunteer troops pushed both the normal undead and the special army back and started moving down levels. Slaying anything that dared to challenge them as they advanced clearing every room they found. It was a long and bloody battle every step of the way but the army fought all the way to the very last room before declaring the job done.
    Everyone then returned to the EM Hall to share the news of the victory and see if anyone had found anything new and different. It was found out there that the Felucca force had also won out, and much faster than the Trammel force. A few people recovered pieces of armor with dried blood on them. (There were five pieces all together that made a suit. Though there was no headwear.) Plus many were spotted carrying new lanterns that they recovered from some of the undead monsters. (5 of these lanterns were in Felucca and five to ten in Trammel. There were also two different types of Lanterns.)

    EM Kasaven then asked if everyone was up to killing one more thing. Most of the crowd gave an enthusiastic yes so Kasaven arranged for Neira to be placed in the dungeon that was just cleared and opened a gate for those who wanted to kill it. The group rushed through the gate and made quick work of the monster, before returning back to the EM Hall to thank Kasaven and Barnaby for such a fun evening.

    (On a side note Kasaven mentioned that the Fall Festival will be continuing this week with such events such as a race, pet show, PvM contest, PvP contest and a story night. So keep checking here or at the EM's Page for more information.)