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[News] Find Mowdly!

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Brytt, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 16, 2004
    Likes Received:
    In Lord British's throne room, the Gargoyle, Beh-Lem, once again appeared to address crowds, the results of a week's studying disclosed:


    Beh-lem: Hail Citizens!
    Beh-lem: I have called you together tonight
    Beh-lem: Because I have recieved information
    Beh-lem: on the 2nd piece of the map
    Beh-lem: I have studied the one fragment
    Beh-lem: but..not yet am I able to recognize where it is
    Beh-lem: It is very important
    Beh-lem: that we find all 4 fragments
    Beh-lem: You fought well and bravely
    Beh-lem: in finding the first piece
    Beh-lem: and I know you shall work together again
    Beh-lem: to find the second fragment
    Beh-lem: Once again, I ask you to investigate
    Beh-lem: and find the whereabouts
    Beh-lem: of the second person holding the Fragment
    Beh-lem: I was told that the Thiefmaster is the one to ask once again
    Beh-lem: He has learned the name
    Beh-lem: 'of the one..and it is Mowdly
    Beh-lem: Seek out the Thiefmaster in Brit Sewers
    Beh-lem: yes
    Beh-lem: Mowdly
    Beh-lem: and sucess will be ours again
    Beh-lem: Report your findings
    Beh-lem: as you did before
    Beh-lem: So that we can keep records of the investigations by you
    Beh-lem: Go now..and seek the Thiefmaster
    Beh-lem: and ask for his help once more
    Beh-lem: We meet again
    Beh-lem: I will send word
    Beh-lem: Of the next date we meet
    Beh-lem: Safe journeys to you
    Beh-lem: and be careful as you seek.


    Return to the Thief Master in the Britain Sewers, citizens! (Hint: Follow the left wall.) Persuade him to reveal the location of Mowdly so that the second of four map fragments may be found, which together reveal a way to avoid the impending disaster awaiting Britannia.

    Report your findings to the Event Moderators through the Baja EM Website Contact Form in order to receive thief notoriety points. Please include your characters name and any guild affiliation.

    Be careful, adventurers. And:

    FIND [​IMG]