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[News] Interwoven Destinies

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
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    Oct 9, 2008
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    Interwoven Destinies
    By WarderDragon


    “I cannot stress to you the importance of our mission this evening,” Brackus announced in a clear and commanding voice. “I urge the new recruits, if you are unsure what needs to be done, then follow what Calyndrell and I do.” The Officers watchful eyes shifted from one soldier to the next, scanning their faces for any sign of doubt. Any sign of weakness. There could be no mistakes on this mission, not with the assassination of their Captain-Commander still so fresh in everyone’s mind. Burn him, not with her murderer still out there!

    Nicholas Tarrant paused outside the entrance of the Town Guard Office in Southern New Britain. His eyes flickered to the orange-cloaked men and women arrayed within. Armed men and women, he observed absently. They were perhaps some of the finest soldiers in the land, trained to defend the Capitol of Britannia and its Citizens. It’s Queen. But they had also suffered the loss of someone very dear to them. It was written across their faces. It was evident in the rigidness of each controlled movement. It was visible in the absent looks they gave one another. They did not speak of it. They did not need to. Light have mercy on the Captains murderer, The Knight thought to himself. They certainly would not.


    “When we escort the Queen from the moongate of Britain,” The Guard Officer continued, drawing a line with his finger on the vellum map. “We will head towards the Castle. Calyndrell, you are my most experienced soldier. I want you to lead the way.” Brackus looked up from the parchment, determination in his eyes. “Watch for anything suspicious.”

    The Royal Knight leaned against the wall, his fingers absently traveling over the hilt of his broadsword. Would they find the villain? There was no doubt in his mind. If he knew Calyndrell and Sphinx, they were probably already searching. If Brackus’ display the evening before was any indication, their Officer would tear the City apart if he had to.

    The Town Guards completed their meeting. One by one, emerged from the small brick outpost, halberds clutched tight in their hands. Nicholas watched as Calyndrell and Lethia approached him. They surrounded the Knight, standing at attention.

    Brackus finally emerged from the entrance. “Nicholas,” he asked, murmuring impatiently. “What can I do for you?”

    Nicholas stepped forward. “Do you have a moment?”

    Brackus’ eyes shifted to the sky above. The Queen would soon be arriving. “Can it wait?”

    The Knight’s eyes followed the Guard Officers. “Of course,” he nodded. “But keep an eye out.”

    Brackus still managed a smile. “I always do.” The Guard turned on his heel. “Guards! Forward March!”

    Nicholas watched as the Knights marched away, their bright orange cloaks stirred by a subtle breeze lifting off the sea. “I am going to check the roads,” he murmured quietly, the sound of footsteps approaching him from being. “If you could be prepared at the Castle.”

    “Of course,” Elladan nodded, buckling the serpentine shield on his left arm. “You don’t think he would try to strike again, do you?”

    “I doubt it,” Nicholas replied. “But we shouldn’t take any chances.”


    A couple minutes passed before the Knight arrived at the Blue Portal. Oriana and Brackus were talking amongst themselves when the Gargoyle Queen appeared.


    “We were chosen to escort you to the Castle,” Brackus said respectfully, offering the winged creature a polite bow.

    The Queen seemed to be surveying them. “Aio,” she murmured in an unfamiliar, guttural accent. “Yes.”

    Nicholas wheeled McCloud about, black stallion and shadow-clad rider trotting into the woods. He strained his ears to listen, icy blue eyes searching for anything amiss. He had no doubt that the Town Guards could handle anything that came their way. But they were not the only ones who wanted revenge.


    The Guards formed a ring around Queen Zhah, escorting her north up the West Brittany Road towards New Britain. The Castle, its banners gleaming in the evening sun, loomed in the distance.


    They arrived at Castle Britannia minutes later, shouts and cheers leaping up from the gathered crowd. “Queen Zhah! Queen Zhah!”

    Lord Elladan, Lady Fazhnjell, and Queen Dawn stood on the steps leading into the main palace.

    “Greetings, Great Queen.” Dawn smiled.

    Fazhnjell bowed her head politely. “Ante kodex skrile pri ben esh ver res qui quae.”

    After initial pleasantries were exchanged, The Britannian Queen led her guests to the Royal Council Chamber. The two monarchs took their seats at the center of the great rectangular table, while Britannian courtiers and Independent diplomats seated themselves throughout the corridor.

    The Gargoyle Queen’s eyes scanned the crowd. Humans. These strange and wingless creatures. In Gargoyle Society, the wingless were the workers. The slaves.


    Dawn’s eyes shifted to Queen Zhah. “First,” she announced in a calm, harmonious voice. “Thank you, Great Queen, for agreeing to this meeting.” She turned in her seat to face the Gargoyle. “I trust my Guards showed you the proper respect.”

    “They were most,” Zhah paused a moment, as though searching for the word. “Satisfactory?”

    Dawn nodded. The Britannian Queen asked about her journey, but even Queens are prone to awkward silences.

    “A few words,” Zhah finally announced after a long moment. “We are uncertain of the circumstance…that led to the opening of our world again.” She seemed uncomfortable with the alien language.

    “Well,” Dawn laughed nervously. “That may have been partially our doing.”

    “Yet,” The Gargoyle Queen smiled. “My people have taken it as a sign of hope.”

    “Have they now?” Dawn asked in surprise.

    “Sper…” Zhah frowned, again searching for the proper Britannian syllables. “Hope has been a rare commodity for the Gargoyle in recent times.”

    “But the people that have visited your lands tell me of many new and wondrous things to be discovered.”

    “Do they tell you about the people being driven from their own lands,” Zhah asked flatly. “Taking refuge?...”

    Dawn blinked. “No,” she answered. “They do not.”

    “The Gargoyles seek an alliance with the humans. Though our troubles might seem distant now, our worlds are connected.” Zhah looked her fellow Queen up and down. “Word has reached me about the one they call Casca.”

    “Yes,” Dawn murmured. “Casca.”

    “From what I understand,” Zhah breathed. “Gargoyles are fortunate that I am meeting you rather than him.”

    “They spoke truth,” Dawn answered. “Casca was a false king in the service of demonic masters. And with him gone we seek to move forward, though it seems the shadows continue to dog us.”

    Duchess Wildstar murmured something about seeking a platter for Casca’s head..


    “I understand that you will not ally blindly,” Zhah rose from her chair. “But there is much to be gained. I wish to offer a gesture of…friendship.”

    And with that, The Gargoyle Queen asked that a portal be opened back to Britain moongate.


    When they arrived, she approached the ancient blue gateway, a spell wreathed upon her lips. “Un Or Us,” she hummed in a deep voice, raising her hands into the air.


    The gate began to shift colors. Black. Green. Black. Green. The air crackled.

    “It is done.”

    The Gate faded into its normal, blue hue.

    “You linked us?” Dawn asked in surprise.

    The Gargoyle Queen nodded. “You may test it,” she announced with a haughty grin. “It is safe, I assure you.”

    Dawn stepped cautiously towards the gate. The colors shifted. A strange, bright, bustling city stood on the other of the magical door. She stepped through. They watched as Dawn moved, her head shifting back and fourth. Awe in her eyes. And then she returned.

    “Your realm!...” The Britannian Queen breathed, momentarily lost for words. “I thank you, Queen Zhah.”

    Zhah grinned. “With that, I shall return to my realm.”

    Dawn nodded, approaching the Gargoyle. “Such a charitable act,” she offered a sincere smile. “I am sure my people will remember when they enter your kingdom. We will keep your generosity in mind when we confer upon an alliance.”


    Zhah smiled. “Welcome to Tel Mur. Amo-lem!”

  2. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
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    Hail Folks,

    A most excellent report. Tension filled the air, mixed with Hope and excitement at the Royal visit of the Queen of the Gargoyles, Queen Zhah.

    Thankfully, and almost against all Hope, the visit was a great success.

    Let the search for the assassin who tried to kill our Queen, and who did kill Lady Aino Nystad continue unabated.

    May Justice visit the killer soon. And may better days grace our lands.

    Elladan of Trinsic
  3. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
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    Lord Alfred is one of our town guards?! Is it the same Lord Alfred that was in E/S?

    I guess I'm the only one who thinks it's odd that Queen Zhah came without an escort?

    ~a wingless one~
  4. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    I offered my services, but I guess I am too expensive for her tastes.

    Actually, Alaris Sinjara (sp?) arrived in New Britain shortly before the event and seemed to be keeping an eye out for her Queen.
  5. Pitt_baja

    Pitt_baja Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2009
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    Looks like there's a ConChickenSpiracy going on in those pics.

    wonder who that was;)