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[News]Origin EMs Get Riled and Tells Us to Kiss Their....

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Origin News, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Origin News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Origin EMs get Riled and Tell Us to Kiss Their ...
    ... Blarney Stone!

    Now don't go getting your knickers in a twist! Although this did indeed happen, it's not quite as bad as the title might lead you to believe. So sit back, grab a cold mug, and allow me to tell you exactly what did happen on St. Patrick's Day on Origin.

    Noticing long ago that the EMs wore green robes most of the time, others and I assumed that either there was a strong line of Irish ancestry in this profession or that they just used this wearing of the green as a good excuse to partake of the bubbly. At any rate, we knew that our EMs, Faine Morgan and Molly O'Malley, would surely make this another memorable holiday on our shard, so we were quite excited when they sent out this notice to us: Time to put your Irish on and run with the leprechauns! Come join Molly and meself for some good old fashioned Irish FUN!

    St. Patrick's day finally arrived and Luna was filled with the sounds of tailoring sissors hacking away and dye tubs pouring endlessly, as we all watched our sun dials, anxious to meet up at later in the evening for the Leprechaun Activities. Entering the Luna Bank area that day was like attending an Irish fashion Show, as citizens of Origin paraded around proudly in their new green garbs.


    Arriving at the West Brit Bank, we all awaited anxiously for our EMs to show up to lead on us on this Run with the Leprechauns. Of course we all had different ideas of what this might consist of. We might be running a foot race across the lands with little green men who are chucking mugs of green ale at us all the while, or it could simply be the EMs dressed as Leprechauns forcing us to take dirt naps after they zapped us with green lightening bolts! All we could do was guessafter all, these are Origin EMs, anything was possible!

    Much to our surprise, none of us even remotely came close to guessing what was going to take place that evening. But, it was clear to see that when EM Faine and EM Molly arrived, they were more than a bit miffed about something.

    EM Faine promptly took center stage and began explaining to us what had happened to get them both so riled up.

    The Leprechauns, she said, had worked their little fingers to the bone brewing up a batch of her great, great, great, great, ancestors brew for us, only to have it stolen by thieves. And, as if this wasn't bad enough, they had also taken their Blarney Stone!


    This is just not right, she exclaimed, They have gone too far. ButI have found where they are pretending to hold their little celebration.

    At this point we were all quite aware of what was going to happen next. We were going to go get EM Faine's famous brew and the Blarney Stone back from these ruthless villains!

    EM Faine then opened a gate to where our perpetrators were holding their party and we all followed her in, determined and fearless, willing to do whatever it took to retrieve our party supplies.

    We were meet immediately by a band of green demons, that were just as unwavering to hold onto the precious ale and stone as were to get them back. A terrible fight then ensued and the ground was soon littered with green bodies of every sort.


    The chaos was epic, and the amount of green villains mixed among the green defenders made it nearly impossible to determine friend from foe. In fact at one point, I witnessed, EM Faine in war stance, attempting to attack one of our poor, unsuspecting warriors! (Of course this may have been the amount of ale she had consumed prior that caused this mishap.)


    This posse of callous bandits knew no limits and even attempted to rob us as the conflict raged on.


    Fortunately, our battle was easily won, due in part to the fact that the thieves themselves were quite inebriated by the time we had arrived, and the Blarney Stone was soon found, tucked safely among the dead bodies.

    Our EMs were very proud of our success and promptly gave orders for all of us to kiss the Blarney Stone, explaining that we would then be bestowed with the Luck o The Irish.


    EM Faine then went on to say that the stone was very valuable and needed to be taken back to Britain where it would be safe and could be appreciated. All the while, EM Molly still mesmerized by the total annihilation of the thieves, stood in the corner singing our praises. (Of course this was after she had distributed ale to all of us in celebration, but had been seen consuming the largest portion of it herself!)


    Content with our success, and Blarney Stone in hand, we all traveled back to West Britain Bank where EM Faine ceremoniously placed the Stone on the bank roof in the garden area. By this time, we were all being battered with constant hiccups and chose to make our farewells short and sweet. We then departed feeling quite victorious, insanely proud and very, very drunk! Who could ask for more?


    Disclaimer: Due to the fact that this my first attempt at bringing you news on Origin, I had asked Sara to meet me after the event to answer some questions pertaining to posting. This didn't turn out too well, as she herself had consumed quite a bit of theliquid celebration spirits and was only interested in speaking Irish with the green horses. So if anything is out of context here.blame Sara!!!!



    posted by Crystal Canyon

  2. gunneroforgin

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    May 21, 2008
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    CC this is just too funny. lol. I am sorry I missed the event.