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[News]Pitbull Bouncer at -Y- Auction, April Fools, & Squirrel Search Date Moved

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Great Lakes News, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Great Lakes News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    *Lady Lava sending greetings from her Luna estate*

    <BLOCKQUOTE>The -Y- Guild held their monthly auction this past tuesday which I attended. Savannah was at her high speed auctioning and was assisted by Krisandra and Samantha. Gates were provided by Manx.


    The house was filled with -Y- members which is the norm for this auction house. It is nice to see a guild that really supports itself on many levels. Needless to say the house was filled with many other patrons, Hannah, Alina, Lady Kathrina, Lord Akera, Evista, Tiny Tim, Sir Joe, Dead Guy, and my favorite, Pickle, to name a few.

    Akera made this comment during the auction, " It's hard to find rares or items I don't already have as a 12 year vet in game".
    I can relate to this comment as I am sure many older players can also. The fact that we still attend auctions really speaks of community.

    There was no hanky panky going on at this auction. Mistakin Death who is the "pitbull bouncer" was banning, threatening and reprimanding anyone that got a little out of line. This auction house is all business until it comes to trivia time.


    Below are a few screenshots of the pitbull bouncer in action! I was afraid to even adjust my foundation garments, lol.





    Someone did get banned that night.

    I also made it to one of the MOA auctions this week where Melian was large and in charge. It was a mini auction as there was a Easter Egg Hunt planned. Leave it to MOA to celebrate the season, any season in style. Logging in to attend the auction I soon realized a April Fools joke was being played on me in the form of a very blue avatar, which I liked very much by the way.

    * A group gathering at MOA of April Fools avatars including Uncle Ben, Marduk, Bahila, Mikita, Darigaaz and Lady Lava*

    Also I would like to let our readers know that the Squirrel Search event I posted about earlier this week from EM Elizabella has been moved to monday from noon to midnight.

    For those that celebrate Easter I hope it is a blessed fun one.

    Fondly, Lady Lava