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[News]Red Herring, Mud Puppy, St. Patty's at MOA

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Great Lakes News, Mar 6, 2010.

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Red Herring, Mud Puppy, St. Patty's at MOA ~

    Lady Lava examines the red herring and mud puppy on her basement floor

    Last week while shopping in the fair city of Zento I noticed several red herring for sale on the vendor of Lord Fish King.
    It has been a long time since this girl has been at sea so I made a note to ask Fish King, Lord Moose or Gem from FCB about this next time I ran into any of them.

    Just a few days after my shopping spree I ran into Lord Fish King at the thursday night auction at MOA. Fish King informed me that the red herring can be fished up in wet areas of the abyss and can be mounted and is also needed for a quest. Not only that he told me of a new mud puppy that exists. Before DJ Scorp had the time to hit the gavel Fish King presented me with both a very heavy red herring and a mud puppy. Thanking him I knew exactly where these smelly new creatures would go in my basement.

    Last week I attended the -Y- auction so this week it was MOA. To my delight the place was all in green in celebration St. Patricks Day.
    I asked DJ Scorp who decorated the place and he seemed not to be interested as the Lakers were playing. He was even unaware of the change in the place, sports can do that to you.


    Arriving early to the auction a few of the regulars were already in the house including Tye Weatherlight, Lady Alice, Dani, Hannah, Lady Dahlia and Sylance Raynes. The Lakers may have been on his mind but DJ Scorp was quick to make note of all the ladies in the house addressing them. Smart man as he knows women like to shop. On the subject of shopping I bid on a few items that night at MOA and won one of them. Briar Rose, Anok Libertine and Lady Silverbrook arrived just before the action started.


    Emerald Ice and Melian assisted DJ and everything ran smoothly as it does at this auction house and has for many years. MOA auction runs wednesday and thursday evenings with gates provided at major banks.​