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[News] Shocking Assassination at Coronation!

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Cymidei Fier, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Cymidei Fier

    Cymidei Fier Guest

    By Lady Mystic Rose

    Gathering Sunday at Lord British’s Castle to witness the coronation of Queen Dawn, many Britannians cheered the new Queen and wished her well. Queen Dawn gave an inspiring speech and humbly accepted the Crown, her title and vowed to virtuously serve Britannia.

    Paladin, Elladan of Trinsic, approached the throne at the behest of Lady Aino Nystad to witness Queen Dawn’s oath to the people of Britannia. The Town Guards presented their arms and stood watch from their posts around the throne. Queen Dawn affirmed pardons for Ricardo and Avery, the disbanding of Lord Casca’s puppet council and dismissed all remaining charges against the independent kingdoms to the delight of the crowd.

    Lady Dawn's Speech:

    "Thank you, Aino Nystad. And thank you all, my brave friends and supporters! It is no easy thing, to accept this burden. But I accept it willingly. And will bear it as best I may. And by the sacred Virtues it is my most heartfelt promise, that though I stand before you all here today, next to the throne of our Lord British, highly dressed and fresh from victory, and to any it may seem the power and riches of this great realm have passed to me only,
    it could not be further from the truth.

    My promise is this, my friends. That the power and riches and glorious majesty of our enduring Kingdom passes to you as well. All of you. All of you that accepted me and offered forgiveness. All of those that awoke me to my ignorance, and against all counsel journeyed with me into the Void.To undergo trial of death and pain against a powerful and unstoppable foe. The the peoples that suffered underneath the onslaught of Casca's evil and misled intentions.

    In this, I am indebted. In this, to my people, it is I, Dawn the Servant of Britannia. And to our enemies that linger still in the shadows, creeping silently along the corners of our fair realm, I am she, Dawn the Queen!

    And my first act, as Queen, as a Servant of the Land, is to hereby declare any and all charges against the Independent Kingdoms dropped! Those leaders whom had alliance with the Throne are invited to rekindle their oaths underneath of a banner of respect and mutual dialogue, if they are so willing.

    To those kingdoms whom desire solely the friendship of the Throne and the understanding of its people, shall have it. And to those whom speak out against the Kingdom and its policies, you may continue to peacefully do so without fear of reprisal. The puppet council formed illegally under Casca will be disbanded and its members be investigated and will face fair trial against charges of conspiracy and treason. A new royal council will be formed in its place in the near future.

    Lady Nystad, it is not unknown to me why you turned from your studies in Moonglow. Casca withheld that which you cherished and had rights to, using it to unwillingly manipulate you into serving him. But no longer. By the highest authority, both your title and estate, along with all assets confiscated by the former council, are to be returned to you, accompanied by all rights that you are entitled to.

    Also, the supposed criminals Avery and Ricardo are to be released immediately and unconditionally. They have been imprisoned unjustly and will no longer suffer needlessly. Let me finally mention that envoys arrived this very morning, flying heralds representing a Queen Zah of the Gargoyles. It appears that our deeds have, not surprisingly, done more than we had anticipated. With the turmoil caused by the destruction of the gem that slew Casca and violently removed the Shadowlords from our plane, a rift has opened into an underworld beneath Fire Island, not far from where we conducted our ritual with the Bell of Courage.

    A sprawling city of gargoyles dwell in this place, and Queen Zah is their leader, and she has requested a meeting with myself acording to proper custom. I will not refuse her. I only ask that those among the Guard that are able to present themselves when the time for the meeting comes to please do so, acting as my personal Honor Guard."

    Near the end of the celebration, a dark and mysterious stranger boldly approached the throne dais. As guards rushed to protect Queen Dawn, a gigantic explosion burst forth. When the cloud dispersed Aino Nystad lay brutally murdered.

    A search by the Town Guards failed to locate the stranger but a search of Lord Blackthorn’s Castle revealed broken crystals and blood in Trubo Saius’ chamber. It is believed that the broken crystals were from the strange necklace that Trubo always wore around his neck. Following the tragic death of Lady Aino Nystad, the Town Guards called an emergency meeting to catch Nystad’s assassin.

    And now for the pictures!

    Queen Dawn's new finery

    The crowd gathers and Lord Elladan cheers the Queen after she gives her oaths.

    A detailed portrait of the mysterious stranger who assassinated Aino Nystad.

    Queen Dawn and her guards accost the stranger.

    The Throne in flames as Lady Nystad leaps in front of Queen Dawn to save her life.

    Lady Nystad's ghost appeared briefly before leaving our realm forever.

    Queen Dawn and the Guards react to the assassination!

    Blood and broken crystals found in Lord Trubo Saius' room at Lord Blackthorn's Castle.

    Emergency town guard meeting following the coronation.
  2. Cymidei Fier

    Cymidei Fier Guest

    Re: [News] Shocking Shocking Assassination at Coronation!

    Added Queen Dawn's Speech :grouphug:
  3. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Re: [News] Shocking Shocking Assassination at Coronation!

    It's a shame that the Coronation's joyous celebration was ruined by the death of one who has been so important recently in our lives.

    I trust that the murderer(s?) will be found and justice will be done to them. We at the Cartel wish nothing but the best for the Queen.

    Might we add that despite today's tragic events, and the jeers and evil insinuations of some of those present at the Coronation today, Queen Dawn not only kept her composure but dealt with affairs swiftly and even-handedly. This, to me, is already a vast improvment compared to Lord Casca.

    I hope the citizens of Baja will be blessed with a ruler who is wise and just, for there is no greater chaos than the complete absence of authority.
  4. Mama Faith

    Mama Faith Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
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    Re: [News] Shocking Shocking Assassination at Coronation!

    I couldn't agree more, SK. Anarchy at it's best, as the case may be. Thank you for the wonderful write up, Cym. Once again, you outdid yourself! I do hope we have a chance to catch the "Suspicious Stranger" because we have some serious arse kicking to administer.
  5. Cymidei Fier

    Cymidei Fier Guest

    Thank you Mama :) BTW my RL Sister Mystic Rose wrote the article, hoping to add her to the news team. I agree with SuperKen too! Find the killer and....:twak: