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[News] The King's gold caravan arrives in Trinsic

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Caledor Moonrise, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. According to reliable sources, $300,000 of the $480,000 of the King's gold placed on the caravan from Britain arrived safely to be banked in Trinsic.



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    PAS Royal Guard


    As I arrived last evening to aid the transporting of gold from Britain to Trinsic, I was impressed with the gathering of devoted members of the People's Army of Sonoma, who wished to support King David's desire to move his gold to a better location.

    Many of us were dismayed at the rumors that even yet another hostile enemy may be attempting to remove that gold from our treasury. It was a mixed blessing to learn that FL intended to protect us up to the first bridge, but then no longer. I was attacked by COP before the first bridge, but my unicorn ran swiftly, and my packie somehow managed to follow.

    Alas, after we passed that milestone we were sorely attacked on all sides by enemies. Our King was struck by some kind of paralysis which prevented him from moving, as were many others. Those of us in the field were determined our efforts should not be in vain.

    After dying ingloriously to a severe attack, I decided I would try to make my way back to my packie. I shed a few tears to see the valiant creature dead by the road. I said a quiet prayer of thanks for the creature's devotion. But wait--the gold was still on the packie! I removed the gold and carried it off to the bushes beside the road.

    Now I was hearing that many other dedicated PAS were doing the same--running back and retrieving the gold. Several of us rallied and began the task of continuing on to Trinsic carrying the gold we recovered. Some of us died again to hostiles , but we carried on until every single gold piece that could be recovered was in the bank.

    Many thanks to all who were able to get on and assist with our efforts--among them Tarie, Ariel Joy, Rock Star, Soshana, Garrett, Arya, the unknown stranger who we rezzed who then helped named Grigorious, and everyone who continued fighting to keep the enemy occupied while we finished our mission. I know several of our people were incapacitated by events beyond their control....but nevertheless, we carried on the best we could.

    Altogether we recovered 193,400 gold pieces , which is almost the load of 5 of the packies we set out with. I will return the recovered gold to King David this evening.

    Well done, everyone

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    PAS Templar


    Ok, so Ayra and I both died once.. BTW thats a new record for Garrett. Only one death for playing the full event. Then me and Arya ran back to Soshana, about where the guard shacks where, were she had piled up gold. Me and Ayra was able to move another 45k to the bank via the road..

    But it looks like we moved nearly 300k for the evening.. Not sure how much KD gave out tonite, but I call that a success..

    Then again, if we moved no gold, we had a lot of fun , and having fun is a success, so this is bonus points

    Once again, Garrett only died once... This is a new record for me

    Sorry about repeating that, but its nice to be moving super slow..

    Thanks to everyone that showed up.. looking forward to the next one..
    Gonna bring 4 packies then..

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    Hey Kd and all, I must say that event was so much fun! And hats off to Fl for the esscort I kinda felt like Miss teen South Carolina being escorted to a new land. needless to say i think i got the runt of the litter packy, the darn thing got stuck in a house, on a tree, and kept trying to find water. although i made through my ******** packy took one for the team. I had to kill him and loot um to make it back alive. i hope we do this event soon it was really a great time. and many of PAS did an awsome job not only protecting but just playing as a team. Thanks

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Above are posts at the PAS forum about the event and the fun they had.

    I missed the event myself that evening, been up early that day and was tired, so I laid down for a few zzzz, thinking when the mrs gets home I get up and rush over to NJ to join the fun, but alas the wife and daughter did not return home as I expected, [shopping for Trevor's Birthday gifts] and when they did get in I was to late to join the fun in the caravan.