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[News]The Lost Wars of Homare-Jima

Discussion in 'Ethereal Void Imperium' started by Merik, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    The lost wars of Homare-Jima
    December 12, 2012
    By: Merik

    Homare-Jima the island of honor but is it also the island of Blood and Chaos? While skimming through the archives I have stumbled upon what appears to be long and forgotten wars waged on this island, which even reached into the heart of Felucca.....


    These wars were waged by those who are now part of Zedland City, Cimmerians Pass and The city of Kijustsu Anei Village. Some of these skirmishes even reached into the Northern territory of PaxLair city, located in the Felucca facet.

    Why these battles occurred is not accurately recorded in the archives; however I have contacted those who lived through these chaotic times. We shall first take a closer look at the SHOT, X, !C!, AKB, OkuB and TFP battles.


    Many years ago the Empresses of Homare-Jima passed away, leaving the island open to be claimed by those who commanded the most powerful forces. The first to claim the island was the guild of SHOT from the city of Zedland. Shot quickly defeated the forces of the Blue Guard and captured the Palace of Homare-Jima, which no longer exists…but that part shall be told in time.

    After securing the island for a few weeks the SHOT guild was challenged by one of the most powerful Felucca guilds at the time. The guild famously known by one single letter….{X}. The X guild and SHOT forces battled for what seemed like hours but in the end the SHOT was ultimately defeated and the island was now under control of the {X} guild.


    The {X} guild held the island for the longest out of any group even after challenges from those living on the island. Unable to defeat them the government located on the island turned to a man they did not quite understand.


    The Legendary Ed McManus was contacted to help take on the powerful forces of {X} and ultimately recapture the island. After a massive bloody battle the island was recaptured but instead of allowing those they felt inferior to control the island they took control.

    While under the control of Lord Ed Mcmanus and the !C! guild they made their power known to those living on the island. Inhabitants not recognizing their control were burned alive in their homes.


    The wars over the Island of home-Jima came to an end once the palace of Homare-Jima was burned to the ground by Lord Ed Mcmanus but the bloody battled opened many doors for those who took part to work together years and years down the road.

    One does wonder if these former rivals will rekindle their flame of war in the further on the island, in the Ethereal Void Imperium Capital City of Kijustsu Anei Village.


    Moving along to the PaxOku and DMG war.... I have been informed that under the PaxOku Viceroyship of Lord Gareth, the PaxOku citizens and Blue Guard were sent to defend the areas of Northern PaxLair city, where the deadly Damage Inc guild was stationed.


    These battle forces were under the command of General Oda Nobunga and Captain Sarberius Lightenburg of the Blue Guard. War was declared upon DMG guild after Dutchess VanHorn, the Viceroy of PaxLair city had come under attack!!!

    The forces quickly moved through the meadow area of PaxLair city, reaching their final destination in Northern PaxLair city. There the siege of the DMG stronghold began. This siege took many hours due to DMGs great tactics of defense but in the end the Blue Guard was victorious in taking over the stronghold and winning the war.


    After the DMG and PaxOku war, another war formed during the time the short lived township of Nudu which resided in the City of PaxOku. Those living on the island were once again challenged by a powerful force known as the Okimotos.


    The Okimotos commanded the forces of Ninjas, Samuries, Wolves and Yamadons. The focal point of these attacks was along the Northern side of Nudu and PaxOku City. The reason behind these attack are sketchy at best but one could assume that they were for territory.


    During this time those who now reside on the island of Homare-Jima were a rapidly growing community. What was once a simple outpost of a few buildings, quickly grew into a full city with two villages growing inside of it.

    The village of Nudu did not remain but the village of Kijustsu Anei did. Over the course of the next few years Kijustsu Anei Village would grow in the Southern area of Homare-Jima and become independent.


    Even after its independence the village did not stop there. It grew larger and has now become a city and the Capital of the Ethereal Void Imperium. The city of Kijustsu Anei Village and the City of PaxOku now co-exists along side each other and forever changed the history of the island.

    These wars and conflicts paved the way for many of these entities to now work together and co-exist not only with each other but in some cases within each other. War may cause destruction but by being able to view this history it has taught me, that from the ashes new and great things can be created.