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[NEWS] Versions 2.1537.0.0 and (in Test Center 3 only)

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Guest, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Sims Online Versions 2.1537.0.0 and

    This version has been released to Test Center 3 ONLY on December 13 and 14, 2007 .


    Upload chairs: See <span style="color: #78a515"><span style="color: #0000ff">http://tso-e.com/blog/?p=497</span></span>
    [*]Searches: Fixed
    [*]Lot View: Fixed
    [*]EA Store: Specific to EA only. Access to rare and beautiful things, plus it behaves like a store and motive-less lot.
    [*]Cost to increase lost size: Reduced by a factor of 10.


    <span class="post"><span style="color: #000000">To report bugs in this version, please post </span><u><span style="color: #0000ff"><span style="color: #000000">here</span></span></u><span style="color: #000000">.</span></span><span style="color: #000000"> </span><span class="post">

    <span style="color: #000000">To report disconnection and crash issues only with this version please choose one of the following: </span></span>

    <span style="color: #000000">Knowledgebase:

    1. </span><u><span style="color: #0000ff"><span style="color: #000000">http://eatech.custhelp.com</span></span></u>

    <span style="color: #000000">2. Click on &quot;Technical Support&quot;

    3. Select your platform from the drop down menu

    4. Product: Select &quot;The Sims Online&quot; in the drop down menu

    5. Category: Select from the drop down menu which area you would like to search.

    6. Search Text: Enter a keyword search for what your particular issue is. If you don't get it at first, keep trying a couple times with different version of the issue in keyword form.

    7. Click on &quot;Search&quot;


    1. </span><u><span style="color: #0000ff"><span style="color: #000000">http://eatech.custhelp.com</span></span></u>

    <span style="color: #000000">2. Click on &quot;Technical Support&quot;

    3. Click on the &quot;Ask a Question&quot; tab

    4. Fill out the information needed and feel free to explain as much as you can about your particular issue, because the more information we get the easier it is for us to help resolve your issue.

    5. Click on &quot;Submit Question&quot; </span>
  2. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    I hope the bug is fixed where we don't need to reload to see custom chairs.