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Organic Tree

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by craze49, May 23, 2009.


Which Organic Gag Track Should I Get?

  1. Trap

  2. Throw

  3. Drop

  1. craze49

    craze49 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 10, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Now that I am maxed gags, I was wondering what gag track I should plant. What are your guys opinions.
    Throw: Medium-High damage organic pie kills a 5 orgainc cake kills a lured 11 organic wedding cake kills row of lured 11s
    Drop: Very powerfull cruiser. Piano requiers less damage for a 12
    Trap: organic door kills a 7 organic tracks kills a row of 12s
  2. alisagrace86

    alisagrace86 Guest

    i say trap because you want something not easy to get back like throw is. and trap has perfect accuracy so to me it made sense
  3. loadexfa

    loadexfa Guest

    I know it may be a bit boring (no exciting finishing move) but my preference is lure because it increases the chance to hit and that level 7 has saved my butt on many occasions so I like to have it handy.

  4. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
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    Well considering he's lureless, that may pose to be difficult. ;)

    Trap or drop depending on which you use more. Like was said above.. the cake is easy to get back, so why not use one that's more fun?
  5. ZippyW

    ZippyW Guest

    After over a year of playing, I recently pulled my organic cake and planted trap. I wish I had done that at the beginning. Like above, cake and squirt are easy enough to get back, but being able to use that organic trap is great, especially in the CEO fight.
  6. Exactly! Why use gone thats simple to get, so use the train or toontanic. My toontanic is my planted gag, and on the pig his trap is planted, so go for the harder gag to get back.

    Lol at josh's post, i think he said he was lureless
  7. I like trap because train helps with a row of 12's.
  8. loadexfa

    loadexfa Guest

    Yeah, the lureless note is in the sig. I can't imagine being lureless so my eyes managed to not see that. :)

  9. Precious has organic trap, all my other toons have orgainc throw. I love throw. I understand about the trap and drop, esp drop, being harder to get back, but in the DA it is great. You have one lure, one trap door the skele, one piano it, what does the fourth do? Why take out the 11 on the end with its organic cake!! I will never plant anything but throw (except for a new toon), even thinking about pulling up trap on Precious! Oh, and Josh just THINKS he has organic lure.....it has been throw for quite a while now!! Just kidding but I do keep threatening! :D
  10. loadexfa

    loadexfa Guest

    Eeek! Well in my case it doesn't matter I don't play often enough and my trees are always dead. But if I was playing I would have organic lure. Maybe organic trap on the other main toon so I could use the train often.

  11. I have seen that most ubers have organic lure because the trees make it hIt the cogs better than non organic lure but that may just be my uber friends that have it planted. Sometimes it is toon up or throw, but it really dosnt matter, as long as the ube dosnr die it dosnt matter! Sometimes lure could work out better if its planted but if the lure misses, so dosnt the train...........oh well..
  12. craze49

    craze49 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 10, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Ok guys. Thanks for the information. I think I'm going to dig up my throw and plant trap
  13. krisski

    krisski Guest

    With my largest toon (who is trapless) I planted drop. My next largest will plant trap when she gets them all. The others will probably plant other gags, and I'm going to suggest to Toontown that my toon family should be able to share harvesting. I don' t expect my new toon to be able to pick a geyser tree of course, but I think we should be able to share. We do all live on the same estate after all.
  14. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    Good choice! I had trap planted on both of my higher toons but when I moved Squeaker over to another account, I switched him to organic cake. I had never used it before but loved it with little Catter and figured my hubby would too (of course I was right!). He plays differently than I do so doesn't use the train too often and I find it fairly easy to keep it in stock. But he does love using all of the throw gags, so I guess it will always be personal preference. As far as the lure, I do plant lure to help it max and then I dig it up and plant something more fun. The kitten (McWolf) will always have trap planted, just how it has to be. :D
  15. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    Except for lure and squirt ive got all the gags organic on one toon or the other.

    To me which gag track is the most improved with going organic is the question. I even have sound on two toons that i play most of the time as a team and that helps running smaller toons thru da or mints.

    I've got organic trap on one toon but except for the train i'm not sure which of the other gags jump up to get a higher level cog.

    I know with throw a cake will get a unlured 9 and a lured 11(i know the placement in some places can make a diff such as a da office). So ive got the power of a tnt times 3. How quick the diff gag tracks come back i guess i dont look at much. I just change toons LOL
  16. p070zll

    p070zll Guest

    Throw is best option. very usefull to have birthdaycake with 110 damage points as this will be useful on level 11 cogs in lawbot hq when maxing you lawbot suit.