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Pacific Info Guide [under construction]

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Guest, Apr 4, 2006.

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    Hello and Welcome to the Pacific Shard!

    This post is designed to help anyone new to the Pacific Shard! If you have anything you'd like to see added to this, please PM me (Magdalene) the suggestions.

    Some popular hot spots for locating other guilds:

    The City of Skara Brae- Both the Trammel and the Felucca facets are popular spots for role-playing guilds. The Felucca facet tends to cater to the more evil role-playing guilds and some of the 'underground' of Pacific. On the Trammel facet, it is also the home of the official Pacific Community Center and also the closest town to the Royal Guard Headquarters. Inside the display case you'll find a gem that is used to predict impending shard events. If the gem is red, it means there is will be a EM event within four hours. If the gem is green, it means there is no EM event scheduled for the next few hours. If there is no gem, it means there is a EM event that is happening right then.



    Britain and Yew Felucca Moongates - These are hot spots for not only PvP guilds but for thieving guilds as well. On most evenings you can find PvP in these two spots, usually the classic battle of blue vs. red.

    Luna Bank - This is a popular bank for BoD collectors and merchant guilds to use regularly. If you are interested in joining a merchant's guild or mall, this is a good location to scout possibilities at.

    The City of Bucaneer's Den, Felucca - Another popular PvP location, it is an area that is often fought over for control by the major red and blue guilds. Due to the lack of a guard zone, it does tend to offer the most freedom of role-playing as well for non-highlighted guilds and some of the more PvP oriented role-playing guilds are sometimes found there as well.

    The Doom Gauntlet - If you are looking for a great guild to enjoy some good old fashioned hunting with, there are almost always some great choices in the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is home to a lot of wonderful well rounded guilds who do a little bit of everything including PvP, PvM and role-playing.

    West Britain Bank [WBB], Trammel - This popular location acts as both a player bazaar and a hangout spot for both trammel and felucca guilds. Some of the faction guilds take a break from their warring here, so if factions is what you are interested in keep an eye open for the telltale colored warhorses. You can shout about seeking to join a guild, but take extreme care about guilds that respond as some may be seeking to take advantage of you once on the stone. On the opposite hand, all guilds should use caution about joining unknown players to their stones, especially when they are openly advertising their availability.
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