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Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Lord Gareth, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    We know we won't be able to get to them all. As items come in they will be added. Anyone who works at the auction their items will be done last. Public submissions will be done first.

    Whispering Rose Icculus
    Whispering Rose Daveo
    Whispering Rose Sloth
    Whispering Rose Ferris
    Whispering Rose Mystikal
    Whispering Rose HAWK
    Whispering Rose Billy Bob
    Whispering Rose Tricky
    Whispering Rose Cryoxon
    Rose Of Trinsic
    Llama Statue
    Gargoyle Statue
    Fire Elemental Statue
    Dragon Statue
    Zombie Statue
    Ogre Statue
    Demon Statue (Bronze Color)
    Troll Statue
    Dragon Statue (Bronze Color)
    Lich Statue
    Demon Statue Statue
    Lady of the Snow Museum Of Vesper
    G'Thunk The Troll Museum Of Vesper
    Golem Museum Of Vesper
    Exodus Overseer Museum Of Vesper
    Monsterous Interred Grizzle Maggots
    Solen Queen Museum Of Vesper
    Solen Queen Museum Of Vesper
    Golden Robe +3% Physical
    Dark Grey Cloak +3% Physical
    Deed For a Stone Ankh
    Deed For a Stone Ankh
    Ethereal ostard
    Ethereal Llama
    Ethereal Beetle
    Special Dye Tub
    Leather Dye Tub
    Furniture Dye Tub
    Tokuno Painting Set LvL 6&5
    Tragic Remains Of The Travesty (Large circle)
    Scroll Of Alacrity Wrestling
    Scroll Of Alacrity Bushido
    Talisman of The Fey (Cu Sidhe Form)
    Talsiman Of Wildfire Removal (Vermin Slayer) -Owned By No One
    Imprisoned Dog
    Scrpper's Compendium
    Dragon Slayer
    SDI 25%
    LMC 10%
    Heritage Token
    Heritage Token
    Heritage Token
    Heritage Token
    Heritage Token
    Heritage Token
    Heritage Token
    Heritage Token
    Soulstone Fragment
    Soulstone Fragment
    Crystal Token
    Crystal Token
    Thorvald's Medallion
    Brightsight Lenses
    Brightsight Lenses
    Tainted Mushroom
    Soul Seeker
    Heart Of The Lion
    The Redeemer
    Robe Of The Eclipse (Human wearable)
    Mischief Maker
    Night Reaper
    Faerie Fire
    Alchemist's Bauble
    Alchemist's Bauble
    Valorite order Shield
    RPD - 10%
    HCI 11%
    Phy 5%
    Cold 3%
    Poison 3%
    Energy 3%
    Lower Requirements 10%
    Bronze Shield
    Durability 60%
    Spell Channeling
    DCI 9%
    Cold 1%
    Bracelet Invis
    Charges 31
    Animal Taming +5
    FCR 2
    FC 1
    DIC 9%
    Cold 5%
    Music +3
    HCI 5%
    FC 1
    Lrc 16%
    DIC 22%
    Animal Taming +11
    Dex +7
    HCI 10%
    FC 1
    Phy 7%
    175 Diamonds Necklace
    Fur Facing East (light Color)
    Fur Facing East (light Color)
    Fur Facing East (light Color)
    Fur Facing East (light Color)
    Fur Facing East (light Color)
    Lamp Post (2) orange Tokuno Color
    Swods Display LvL 8
    Woman Statue facing SE
    Map Of The Known World
    Totem of The Void
    Kasa Of The Raj-In
    Ancient Urn of Yeijiro
    HCI 10%
    LRC 13%
    DI 21%
    Phy 6%
    Vet +12
    Stealth +9
    Enhance Pot 10%
    Lrc 10%
    Poison 9%
    Dread Flute
    Snowy Scene Of Ethereal Fortress
    Snowy Scene Of Citadel
    Snowy Scene Of Lakeshire
    Deed For A Sleigh
    Personal Bless Deed For Mondain
    Tall Potted Tree
    Tall Potted Tree
    Potted Tree
    Flower Pot (weed)
    Flower Pot (Foxglove)
    Flower Pot (Foxglove)
    Flower Pot (Foxglove)
    Flower Pot (Foxglove)
    Flower Pot (Foxglove)
    Hooded Shroud Of Shadows
    Statue Of A Dauntless Explorer
    Candelabra Of Souls (Luna White)
    Shadow Dancer Leggings (Cursed)
    Newbie Clothing Set (Shirt, Kilt, Shoes)
    Power Ophidian Bardiche
    A Crook (Practice Weapon)
    Metal Box
    16 Corruption
    10 Muculent
    4 Scourge
    16 Putrefaction
    5 Blight
    Blessed Statue (Spring Decor)
    Blessed Statue (Spring Decor)
    Rose Of Trinsic
    Robe (AOS Blue) Wreiden
    Ancient Samurai Helm
    Daemon Statue
    Dragon Statue
    An Old Necklace and Ring
    Essence Of battle
    Wooden Steed & Rope
    Bramble Coat
    150 Luck
    25% RFD
    15% DCI
    Dragon Statue
    Deed For A Stone Ank
    Aos Rose (Blue) Lord Fury
    Aos Rose (Blue) Heaven Leigh
    Rose Of Trinsic
    Soulstone Fragment
    Soulstone Fragment
    Soulstone Fragment
    Soulstone Fragment
    Soulstone Fragment
    Soulstone Fragment
    Book Of Truth? (2)
    Book Of Truth? (2)
    Disturbing Portrait
    Heritage Token
    Heritage Token
    Felucca Moonstone
    Felucca Moonstone
    Felucca Moonstone
    Orange ingots
    Shield Of invulnerability
    Sentinel's Guard Shield
    Black Dye Tub
    Leather Dye Tub
    Rune Book Dye Tub
    Special Dye Tub
    Planeshield and Planesword
    100% Poison Kryss
    Dragon's End
    Spined Bone Legs (Blue)

    Thats right were giving away 15,000,000 GOLD!!!!!! Were not doing Trivia were just THROWING IT OUT! The Savages have no need for GOLD and think its worth as much as a bark fragment from a tree. So we are throwing away 15,000,000 WORTH OF GOLD ON THE GROUND!!!!!

    We will also run our Lotto and the Normal Trivia to win even MORE GOLD!!! Were giving away almost 25,0000,000 in GOLD ON TUESDAY 8PM EST!!!!

    (As you know the auction house is a non profit auction house and any gold made by the auction house is given out for free to its customers. Well we got an over stock and it needs to be GIVEN AWAY)

    PaxKratOkuC auction house has been taken over by the vile Niva The Savage, Sinhi and Sinthe. They will be in pure character as much as possible. This will prove to be a very interesting auction.

    For this occasion SOME items will be sold for the following

    Tribal Berries
    Savage Masks

    Yes Berries and Savage masks you HAVE TO PAY WITH THEM! So if you bid 50 Tribal masks on a potted plant you HAVE to pay 50 tribal masks by the next day.

    Most items will be bid on with gold but some special items will be opened for 5 tribal berries or Masks.

    Few items up for grabs.

    Flower Pot - 20 Tribal Berries Open
    Demon Statue 5 Savage Masks Open
    2 Roses 10 Tribal Berries Open