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PC on uber chiv warrior suit.

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by dum3886, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. dum3886

    dum3886 Guest

    Considering quitting so wondering the ball park value of this suit

    individual pieces will not be named only the final stats.

    80/98/61/71/63 resist
    This can be bumped to
    69/103/66/76/68 using reflect magic/reactive armour (non gm inscribe)
    This makes this suit an vampire anti corpseskin suit... -40 resist will knock it down to 63.. above the 60 requirement for pvp threshold. Adjustments to armour can be made as discussed below

    3 fc (4 if using a weapon)
    5 fcr
    45 hci
    31 dci
    40 lmc
    +10 mana
    +15 health
    +20 str
    +5 stamina

    This suit includes all armour/quiver/quiver. NO talisman/ robe/ NO WEAPON Uses a shield. therefore option of changing armour for even better and use a totem of void thus leggings and gloves may be replaced with even better armour.

    My character is a chiv/necro thus i use the +15 skill talisman.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Add up the value of the artifacts then add 30mil to that total. This should give you a ballpark guess.
  3. dum3886

    dum3886 Guest

    lol eww think that suit uses 2 arties haha worth 23mill in total haaha...