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[Discussion] Practice Weapons

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by ElvishArcher, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. ElvishArcher

    ElvishArcher Guest

    Well, I just returned from a long vacation from UO and have a question.

    Regarding the old Practice Weapons. I forgot I had a full set in one of my chars banks and also noticed they are all full durability except the Bow. It is down to about 10 or so Durability. Now the question, can I repair this item without risk of it being destroyed? Back in the day, things did break when you attempted to repair them so I would hate to break it and destroy a full set. Anyone know if this is advisable to repair it? I want to display it in my castle but not if the durability isn't 100%. That would be like hanging a broken bow above your fireplace mantle... look a little cheap lol.
  2. kray2s

    kray2s Guest

    Buy your self some pof or a fletchers repair deed! it may loose a little of its max durability with a repair deed , but it def wont break. Also it cheaper to buy 1 deed and 1 powder of fort to take it back to max durability than it is to buy however many additional pof u would need.
  3. ElvishArcher

    ElvishArcher Guest

    Thanks man... I was hoping to hear it wouldn't break. I remember back in the day of Silver Vanquishing Weps... God it sucked when you suddenly saw that the repair failed and broke the weapon! Sorry everyone but I actually WISH this was still true though since I feel it would make the economy flatten out a little bit and benefit a TON of people.

    I'll grab a couple Repair Deeds and get it back in shape... I would like to keep the original max durability though so any idea how many shakes of the PoF would do it? I know, hard without knowing exact durability etc on the bow in question, but how much durability gets added per shake of the PoF? Thanks in advance for any answers and its feels good to be back online... my "Vacation" I just returned from was in Iraq so while sure I may have gotten a tan in the sun, it surely was NO fun. All I can say is it sure is good to be home!

    Add this to the fact that my account in game was unpaid for almost an entire year and would you believe my Castle on LA was STILL standing and under my ownership? Talk about a "Welcome Home Present"!:D
  4. Astryl

    Astryl Guest

    Have fun with it after you repair it up. I had about 10 practice bows and enhanced a set with the special woods (heartwood, bloodwood etc). Now I have a wierd set of practice bows. Warn ya tho, I had bad luck with luck... I broke 2 before the last one took. :D
  5. Hobo Sapien

    Hobo Sapien Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Welcome home, and if you haven't figured it out, a POF gives 10 durability per use.
  6. ElvishArcher

    ElvishArcher Guest

    Thanks for the responses everyone! I got my hands on some powder and have gotten the bow back to its original state again... well, it is 1 point less than original durability but I'll live. It's only the Practice Bow and I see those around often enough. If it were the Practice Battle Axe (which I also have and is supposedly pretty darned rare) I would have been a tad more worried :thumbsup: