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PRAH Christmas Auction 12/20 7:00 EST

Discussion in 'UO Legends Trade' started by PRAH, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. PRAH

    PRAH Guest

    We hope to see you all there! There will be some good buys, rare items and fun and games.

    Scrappers (100k)
    5 Enhanced Shields (20k)
    20 Piece Luck Set (20k)
    20 Piece Medable Resist Set (20k)
    20 Piece Enhance LRC (25k_)
    Buddy Token (1m)
    3 Swords Alacrity Scrolls (450k)
    Token of Passage + (100k)
    5 Heritage Togens (750k)
    Chrystal Ball/Prize Ticket (300k)
    Full Ranger Suit (400k)
    2 Chrystal balls (1mil)
    Blessed Shadowlords Shirt (150k)
    4 Tactics Srl of Alacrity (500k)
    Cloaks and Threads (500)
    Totem of the Void (700)
    Scrappers w Mods (500)
    "Green" Wizard Hat (500k)
    2 Halloween Bats (no min)
    Water Bucket (rare) (1mil)
    8k Ginsing (5k)
    Scrappers (100k)
    4 Minor Arties (1m)
    Novo Bleue Jewel Set (10m)
    Skinned Deer (500k)
    Glass (rare) (2mil)1
    Statue Maker (4mil)
    Jackels Collar (6mil)
    11 kegs of Conflaguration Potions (20k)
    55 various Alacrity Scrolls (60mil)
    War Mace (1.5 mil)
    Titans Hammer (5mil)
    Map of Known World (55k)
    Nocturne Earrings (150k)
    Mouse Statue - Hole Deed (250k)
    Various Smith and Fletcher Runics (300k)
    Rideable Polar Bear (2mil)
    3 AOS Roses (750k)
    Dirt Patch (500k)
    37 Runic hammers (500k)
    Holiday Time Piece (500l_
    4 Soulstone Frags (2mil)
  2. Uriah Heep

    Uriah Heep Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 26, 2008
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    Oh! *shocked look*

    Accidently hit the reply button, I really wasn't trying to bump this back to top!